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0434 — New Super Mario Bros (U).nds ‘LINK’ 🔋

0434 — New Super Mario Bros (U).nds ‘LINK’ 🔋

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0434 — New Super Mario Bros (U).nds

the gamepad is used as a 1st-person camera during the game, looking at mario from above. it can be used to check out any secret area or player’s status, and helps you see where enemies or items are after a jump. the map screen during gameplay can also be displayed on the gamepad. it also serves as a menu to access the items and graphics. holding the r triggers mario’s palm.

the game includes the same number of star coins as super mario world and super mario bros. 3 . as with all of the other games in the series, finding them requires exploration, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies that do not always appear on the map. fortunately, the map displays the numbers of star coins that have yet to be found in various locations. all four worlds can be played in the game’s solo storyline mode, which unlocks extra star coins as you progress through the stages. also, the game’s multiplayer functions can be used for up to four players in one-on-one vs. matches and four-player two-on-two cooperative play.

new super mario bros. comes packaged in a silver wii u style case with a gold super mario icon on the front, and a matte black gamepad design. there’s a sticker on the front of the back flap, showing the game’s version, and the year of release (2006). the case contains enough room to house the game and gamepad, and folds to about one-third the size. a gold leaf papercraft of the mario mushroom cap is included in the instruction booklet, along with a completed, one-sided poster, showing mario posing next to the gamepad. the back flap includes a sticker about the development and production of the game. it’s an interesting pamphlet that sheds light on some interesting ins-and-outs of the game’s development process. the instruction booklet is comprised of a shiny red pamphlet with a black and white nintendo logo on the cover, and a matte black cover with red-lettered black text.

here’s a feel good moment. i bought new super mario bros. u on launch day, and while i was playing it i went through the title sequence and the mario festival and saw all of the cosplay contests and whatnot. obviously, seeing that i had not actually finished my first run through the game, i decided to jump in and play around with the coins and get the one million star coins, which gave me the special extra coin (for yoshi) — the first in the series. then, i was going through my memories of the game i had already played and i realized i had a power mushroom in a previous run — and i had failed to save it. oh well, no matter, i’ll use it in this next run, i decide. i launch back into the title sequence and the game begins. at which point i get a three star mushroom for yoshi, and i’m able to save the game. so, i had not finished my run but i was able to save the game. not good, not good at all. i let go of my controller and suddenly i hear the snes theme once more (the only time it’s been in the nintendo 3ds title sequence so far). i pick up the controllers and go back to playing my game, and when the five star segment comes up, i have a three star powerup.
right. the objective is to make the player die, but it can be done in many different ways. the player starts out with no lives, but mario’s jetpack can be used as the player wishes. for example, if the player falls down a pit, they can jump as soon as they touch the pit’s bottom. likewise, if mario is about to jump over a coin that leads to danger, mario can crouch as soon as the player taps the spacebar. if the player shoots the fireballs that are on the screen, then when a fireball hits mario’s ship it can burst. (you can also blow the fireballs up for a stronger burst.) mario can also explode, causing a series of coins to blow upwards to the top of the screen, or mario can blow the coins up into a ring on the ground. and the levels? i believe that the designers create basic rooms, then fill them with various objects to make the world more interesting. to create the first level, the designers «poked» out one side of a room. then they thought, «well, if i put some stuff in here, i don’t want the player to be able to walk all the way around.» so they put a wall in the doorway to confine the player to a specific area. when the game was designed, we thought that it would be cool to have things like the following included in the game: a dog that chases players, a giant robot that follows the player around, an ant farm, a pendulum that throws coins, a snowball that covers the screen, and so on. (you can also define rooms in new super mario bros. wii, but when i did that, the only place to jump was the stage’s background.) for example, you can set the player’s objective to run through the dog’s territory, then hide behind the barrel. from there, you can look through the barrel to see the dog’s area. then you can jump on the dog’s territory or use the barrel as cover. the other thing i like about level design is that you can make objects on top of the world move when you tap on them. i designed the platforming in new super mario bros. wii to be so that the player would have to move a lot to go into the next room. i thought that there would be a place where the player would get exhausted from jumping from one place to another. i believe that the world needs to be so that the player sees the level’s concept and feels like they’re in a different world, and so that they’re both scared and anxious to run from danger. otherwise, there wouldn’t be a sense of being in a level. another approach to level design involves «poking» out a goal area. however, the designers have to think carefully about how to make players’ movements interesting, while not making the game feel too easy. for example, in new super mario bros. wii, you have to move quickly to go into the next area, so we decided to make the leaderboard area a goal. another example is in new super mario bros. u, where you can break the blocks by tapping, which is a rhythm-game mechanic.


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