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9 Monkeys Of Shaolin — Digital Artbook keygen.exe Activation Code With Keygen [March-2022]



A game made by me (and only me).
Me and my sister both started to play and became inspired to make this game.
It was inspired by such games as “Samorost”, “Dear Esther”, “The Stanley Parable” and “Rogue Legacy”.
It contains a story with some quirks here and there.
and of course the main goal: ARP!
(as i mentioned, it was made by me and only by me)

Cameoing with the black eye in my art
I was not 100% satisfied with the colors of the game, so i decided to go for a brighter and more bluer version of the black eye in my art as it was already a big part of the 2nd character.
As it was just changing the characters color, i didn’t have to change the colors on the rest of the game as it would’ve been done by editing the codes.

The sequel is still being worked on. The main aspect of the sequel is to increase the variety of the levels.
For instance, unlike the first chapter where there is only one level, there will be a few levels that i made with the use of vectors and a few others done in a retro-alike style.
And as for the art, i plan to make the character a bit more interesting

Hey Guys!
Thank you for all the feedback 🙂
Last time i made the game, i had ideas i hadn’t thought of yet.
So i decided to do some changes.

The first thing i did was adding more enemy types.
At the end of the chapter 1 you will fight an enemy that will follow you to fight you later on.
Another new enemy that will appear is the boss.
To add a bit of variation to the boss fight, he will use different weapons every time you fight him.

Another change i added to the game was tweaking the enemies to be able to attack you a bit more.
You will notice the new character in the link above will make sense now 🙂

And finally, i spent some time adding some features to the boss.
You will be able to throw and pick up weapons or items when you defeat him.
You can also equip yourself with a shield and a helmet

Thank you again for the feedback!
As always, i’m on twitter

Archive — 4th of


9 Monkeys Of Shaolin — Digital Artbook Features Key:

  • IFR with CAT 1A/1B
  • Precision approach path
  • OEM included: BAe 146 GW, Embraer 190 MW, and Bombardier Q400


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