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The Eudora-cross platform version of NachosMail and NachosNewsMail is now available. Click
here to download Eudora for Palm OS 5.0 and/or the J2ME version of this distribution.

NachosNewsMail is a news/email program which can be used to automatically download articles from the Internet and subsequently process them. NachosNewsMail supports RSS 1.0/1.1/1.2, ATOM, and rssi18 (rSSi) standard feeds.

RSS 2.0 will be supported later and is experimental at the moment.

The other available programs include: NachosMail Lite which is an email program without a database, Nachos News which is a stand-alone RSS aggregator, Nachos NewsMail which is a visual and intuitive news/email client, NachosSpam which is a spammotest, Nachos News Script which is an RSS news generator and Nachos Calendar which is a calendar client.

NachosNetsync is a web browser for PDA users (such as the Palm Treo). The browser has been ported to an Palm Treo and is available as Nachos Netsync.

NachosNetsync is still in beta, and features are somewhat limited. The current release includes a simple Web browser that is capable of allowing users to browse the world-wide-web from the palm of their hand. Web pages are displayed by using a graphical interface. Key features include:

You can start-up NachosNetsync as an alternative ‘root browser’ when the PDAs screen saver is used, and in Windows/Mac platform, the Start-up Screen saver. You can also specify the home screen. However, some minor issues still need to be resolved.

In the NachosNetsync source code, there are no configuration files, but a configuration file has been added to the ‘Netsync’ folder. Please follow the following steps to change the configuration.

Configuration Item


Nachos Netsync

Config File Name:


Confirm to save the modification of the configuration file? [Yes] [No]

Config File Path:


Host Address:

Port Number:

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We are looking for an able WEB DEVELOPER with experience in creating rich internet applications to provide extensive support for our clients sites, on an ongoing basis.
Client sites are present in most of the countries.
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…This project is to create simple ios app that will work with ios 11.
In this project you will design and implement login screen and login functionality for ios 11.
We are looking for someone who has the following skills:
— Master for Swift (Swift programming language)
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The website should have a link from a search on Google, to give me a lead.
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…some of them for regular courses). All the info is on the website.
3. Receive a paid invoice (one per full month + deposit + 1 month payment reminder)
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…some of them for regular courses). All the info is on the website.
3. Receive a paid invoice (one per full month + deposit + 1 month payment reminder)
4. Pay the invoice (say «approved» when done, invoicing updates will

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System Requirements For Achiever:

HD Graphic Card:
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (64-bit)
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ATI X1600 (RV516) or better
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AMD Sempron 2 GHz or better
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If you do not have one of these processors, we recommend using the 32-bit version of the game.


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