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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


For those who do not want to check the boring commercials, please download the game within the Free version (there will be a release note), you can enjoy the game at the time.
Please download the «Broken of Darkness» game and have a try.
Its description:
The force of the ancient evil spirits is over, but the town is still full of danger. Young heroes, you must go to the Hope Continent and face the ancient evil spirit Lord of Darkness. Broken of Darkness is a Roguelite team action strategy game with a lot of randomly generated content.
1.Go on a quest to seek the Hope Continent.
2. Defeat the ancient evil spirits of Hope Continent.
3. Defeat the Lord of Darkness of the ancient evil spirits.
4. Save the town, the heroes will have to go back home in a timely manner.
5. Players must be familiar with the boss monster and the equipments to be more powerful.
6. Set the map and equipment, and the game is ready to play.
7. Enjoy the thrill of treasure hunting and battle.
8. The more you play, the more powerful you will become.
9.The game is still in the beginning, you can fight wild beasts.
10. Enjoy the sounds and contents of the game, and enjoy the game.
Fight evil spirits, establish the home,
and choose the right heroes to be your partner.
The more powerful a hero is, the more valuable it is.
You can have up to seven heroes with unique attributes.
With the help of the 21 heroes, you can form a strong team and fight.
When you meet, it is inevitable that there will be a teamfight.
Have a new experience in the teambuilding.
The combat is mainly 4 classes: the offense, defense, infiltration, and flexibility.
The offense can be used by the 6 heroes in the lineup.
There are 3 offensive items: the Sword, shield, and the Staff.
1. Sword: low strength, but high magic damage;
2. Shield: high defense, but low strength and magic damage;
3. Staff: high strength, but low defense and magic damage.
The 3 heroes in the lineup can attack the heroes directly with the 3 items.
When dealing with the enemies, you need to use the defend mode.
When using the Sword or Staff, you can use 3 equipments at once.
When using the Shield, you can


Features Key:

  • Lives in a 3D environment, that can be rotated freely in 3D (x, y, z axis)
    • Fireballs created by controlling the mouse’s pointer
    • Absorption of some balls, so that other balls cannot be created
  • 3D mouse cursor
  • Mouse movement
  • Destroying the game
  • Mouse cursor drag


Keyboard Control Game

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