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* You can use many features of Photoshop to create electronic scrapbook pages. In this chapter, we go through common Photoshop techniques in detail. Other chapters explore different Photoshop tools.
* We show you how to create and share scrapbook pages online and offline. Chapter 4 explains how to upload a page to the Internet.
* We show you how to create and print a hard copy of your pages.
* We explain how to customize a page using Layer Styles. You can create custom type treatments, line styles, and shadows using Layer Styles. We teach you how to apply styles to multiple objects in a graphic or page.
* We show you how to make custom paper templates to apply to your images.
* You can output images to several different formats, including JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Chapter 3 explains how to do so.
* We show you how to convert images to and from graphics format.


Photoshop can create RAW files and is an effective way to fine-tune color or to lighten or darken images. But depending on the camera and image program that captured the original image, your camera may provide a JPEG or TIFF. If a RAW image was captured, you can use a program like Aperture or Lightroom to save the original RAW file to Photoshop. Photoshop offers many tools to convert a RAW image to a JPEG image and save it as a new image, so you can keep working in Photoshop on the original file and retouch it with other Adobe Creative Suite tools.

The Design Layer

The layer system in Photoshop enables you to apply one or more editable objects (called layers) to a single image. You can manipulate each layer individually, combine them into a single object, and change the blending mode to one of the mix modes that we discuss later in this chapter.

Layers are the building blocks of any Photoshop project. You can combine and manipulate layers in various ways to create the overall look of a graphic.

Layers come in three varieties:

The Background layer

This layer is a generic setting for all the pixels in an image. The Background is visible by default, but it can be made transparent to let you see the background behind it. The Background layer can be deleted to reveal the rest of the image.

The Layer 0 layer

Layer 0 is one of many layers in the Layers palette. Just as in other programs, Photoshop allows you to apply layers

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Let’s check out some of the most important features in Photoshop Elements.

You can click here to learn more about the Photoshop Elements 10 version.

1. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Here we will discuss about the most important features that each user will be using in Adobe Photoshop.

1) Crop

The easiest way to edit a picture is to crop it. Most people need to crop their pictures to show only their favorite subjects or to change their perspective. Cropping photos is really important in order to make them appealing for a particular purpose.

Adobe Photoshop Elements has the Crop feature and it can be used to remove unwanted areas or to show only what we want to highlight.

Open it with Photo, or go to Edit > Crop.

1) Select Area

As we can see, there are two options in crop — Grid and Lasso. Lasso (straight line) is the easiest to use and it is suitable for small images such as boxes or wallpapers.

Hold Shift and click on the shape you want to copy.

You can also double-click on the shape you want to copy.

You can click on any point and drag it to make a new shape.

In the Grid mode, you will need to draw a rectangle or a square.

2) Adjust Edge (Photo)

Adjust Edge, or (ASP.NET Framework) is a feature that allows us to modify the display of an image’s outline or to add shadows or reflections to our photos.

There are numerous options available in this menu that will help you to adjust your photo.

1) Straighten

Straighten (Photo) is an option that is used to make your image straight or to modify your camera.

If your camera is set in the wrong position or the camera lens has been dirty, this function will correct that for you.

2) Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Flip Diagonal

These options help you flip your picture right side up, or right side down, or rotate your picture by 90 degrees.

3) Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Anti-Clockwise, Rotate Anti-Diagonal

These options let you rotate the photo anti-clockwise, clockwise, or a 90-degree rotation.

To rotate your image anti-clockwise, hold down Ctrl (Option) and click and drag a

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2020:

DirectX®: DirectX® 8.0 or later
CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
Hard Disk Space: 400 MB
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