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For the sake of simplicity, I omit the steps in the following paragraphs that are all available in the Layers panel. In this book, I cover layers in the Image Layers panel after the next several paragraphs.

7. **Double-click the foreground color box to turn it into a color swatch, as shown inFigure 2-11.**

From the Layers panel, click the Background Color box, enter a color name in the Color box, and then click OK.

The color you specified appears as the Background Color of the layer. You can click this box any time you want to change the layer’s background color.

8. **Click the little padlock and select OK from the padlock menu.**

A green check mark appears in the little padlock box, indicating that the layer is locked, making editing it risky. If you accidentally click the padlock and select Layers from the padlock menu and see the Layers are Read Only check box, click OK to clear the check box.

9. **Open the Layers panel, as shown inFigure 2-12.**

The Layers panel has an area for layers that enable you to track all the colors and effects on the layers. Layers are arranged by type in the panel and listed

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This article covers everything about Photoshop Elements that you need to know. It’s a thorough guide to the most important aspects of the program, from simple graphics editing to advanced photo retouching. There are also screenshots of all the menu items and new features. By the end of the article, you should be able to unlock your inner artist and start using Photoshop Elements to create amazing photos and graphics for Facebook, your blog, and your Instagram feed.

You can also check out: How to Draw with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Table of contents

1. What is Photoshop Elements?

Before you begin, you should know that Photoshop Elements is an alternative to traditional Photoshop. It contains all of the features from the professional version. However, it has fewer features and a simpler user interface.

You can learn everything you need to know about Photoshop Elements right on their website, so this guide focuses mostly on things that make Photoshop Elements unique.

2. What’s the difference between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop?

This question comes up frequently, and for this reason, we’ll cover it as part of this guide.

Both programs have the same tools for creating graphics and photography. However, Photoshop has all of the features, while Photoshop Elements only has the features it makes sense to include.

The most important difference is the editing options. Elements has fewer options than Photoshop, so you’ll use fewer tools and less controls, which makes the entire process easier and less complicated.

Photoshop Elements is completely different from Photoshop, and if you want to learn everything you need to know about Photoshop Elements, we suggest checking out Photoshop for more advanced editing options.

3. How do I download and install Photoshop Elements?

You can download a trial version of Photoshop Elements for Windows and macOS from the official website, and you can also find the download links on the product’s page.

You can install the software in four different ways. You can either get Photoshop Elements directly, you can obtain a subscription to get an automatic license, you can download a free trial, or you can download Photoshop Elements and Adobe Creative Cloud (ACS).

Alternatively, you can buy a full version of Photoshop Elements instead.

4. What versions of Photoshop Elements are available?

In addition to the free version, you can download the following versions of Photoshop Elements for Windows and macOS:

Core: 12.1 and 13.0 (2019 version)

Master Collection: 13

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Birgitt Jónsdóttir

Birgitt Jónsdóttir (born 19 March 1998) is an Icelandic model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Iceland 2018. As Miss Iceland 2018, she represented her country at Miss World 2018 on 22 November 2018.


Miss Iceland 2018
At 21 years old, Jónsdóttir was crowned Miss Iceland 2018 in 2017.

The pageant was held on 14 September at the Tivoli Reykjavik Main Stage.

Miss World 2018
During the official Miss World 2018 casting on 3 December 2018 in London, England, Jónsdóttir was announced as one of the official eight semifinalists of the pageant.


External links
Official Miss Iceland website
Official Miss World website

Category:Living people
Category:1998 births
Category:Miss World 2018 delegates
Birgitt Johannsdottir
Birgitt Johannsdottir
Birgitt Johannsdottir
Category:Icelandic beauty pageant winners1997 United States House of Representatives election in Washington

The United States House of Representatives election in Washington, 1997 was held on Tuesday, November 3, 1997 for Washington’s 8 congressional districts. Republicans retained control of the 7th and 8th districts, the first time since 1939 that the party retained one of the districts.


See also
United States House of Representatives elections, 1996


External links
Washington State Auditor
Report on 1996 Primary elections from the Washington Secretary of State

Washington (state)
Category:November 1997 events in the United Statespackage question2075_mixed_game_payoff;

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* 简单的钱包游戏,一个条件是通过一个指定的勾选清单来组成能力数组的总览。
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What’s New In?


How can I confirm the version of R installed?

I am working on a large project in R, but I have a problem when people install R in their local system. For example, someone who install R in their laptop changed the R version from 3.1.1 to 3.2.1 and the R version in the project is 3.1.1, but run error occurs. How can I find which R version is installed in the local and then run the project properly?
Update 1:
I am using this one to install R in local system.
nano R.R

echo $3 > $OUTFILE


chmod +x $OUTFILE

exec > $OUTFILE
chmod +x $OUTFILE


If you’ve just installed R in some location, you can run the following:
R -v

To get R version information.
If you want to get the version of R that you have installed in the directory /path/to/R, you can use the following:
R -e «cat(‘$PACKAGE_VERSION’, sep = »)»


You can use Rscript to ensure the correct version is being used (you also get some other neat benefits from Rscript over plain R).
Rscript -e «cat(‘$PACKAGE_VERSION’, sep = »)»

After putting that in a script, chmod +x thescript then you just call it from any command prompt. The -e parameter is for evaluating code. This is useful if you plan to use some option of Rscript or you plan to use some R function that should only be used for specific versions.
The reason you have this problem is when you install R through CRAN, R is placed in the default path as /usr/local/bin/R. When you run R from that directory, R will run the script you have in /usr/local/bin/R. This is not the only directory that the script is in. You could run Rscript in another directory.
For some people, they just use /usr/bin/R in the shell directly. The Rscript can be annoying because it’s so easy to get things wrong.

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2):

How to Play:
Download and Install the Client
Log in via EVE Cloud and select “Download to your computer”
Select “EVE UI Client” from the top
Click on the “Installed” tab at the bottom of the left pane
Click on the checkbox next to “EVE UI Client”
Accept the EULA by clicking on “I accept”
If you are prompted for an update, download and install it.
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