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Additional Information

Name AIdol
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.66 / 5 ( 6543 votes )
Update (10 days ago)




While the game remains a work-in-progress, it is already produced to the standard of more than $300k worth of games.
Main Features

Your space saga begins…

On a small mission, your crew is taken captive by an alien race. With only a small vessel, you head on to a unknown planet, hoping to be rescued. But as you make your way through the dilapidated space vessels and ancient ruins, you encounter several new and mysterious races that will test your ship and crew’s abilities. Will you be able to withstand the calamities of space or can you fight your way out alive?

Unique story – 11 chapters

Each chapter begins with a simple quest from the captain to fix a problem, but as your mission progresses, you will experience several events that will change the crew and vessel dynamics. Decisions regarding crew actions and strategy will change how your game progresses and how far you can go.

Tons of content – 30+ hours of gameplay

Every world in the game has a fully explorable environment, secret rooms, special items, and amazing creatures. Almost every ship has at least 3 upgrade options, and it is possible to equip your vessel with up to 20 different weapons and armor.

Optimized for modders – detailed level format, scripting, and map editor

This game has been designed with modding in mind. Each level is designed to be easy to load and understand, yet flexible enough to allow you to customize almost every aspect of the game. There is also a fully detailed Lua scripting interface.

Story —


Hi, this is the developer diary from the upcoming space sim game named Interstellaria.

The game is currently in alpha and is still a work-in-progress. We are currently working on finishing the campaign and releasing the game to the public in the second half of this year.


Q: Hi, is this game a game of Total War, similar to Antichamber?

A: No, Interstellaria has many things in common with classic games like WarCraft or Starcraft, such as strategic importance of crew and level design. The game is in development for pc and tablet (ios and android) and there are no console plans for now.

Q: Does Interstellaria’s graphics have DirectX 12 support?

A: Yes, there are NO DirectX 12 features in the game. The


Additional Information

Name AIdol
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.66 / 5 ( 6543 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Features Key:

  • It’s a fun, relaxing and easy to learn game
  • Co-operative
  • Single player
  • Predicates, operators and functions
  • Demo episodes provided
  • Vocabulary activation
  • Tricky puzzles
  • No reference with the game and a lot of information in other sections
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    Celestial Flora Ice Time is a new dungeon RPG game set on a fantasy world, starring in a story of the young girl, who lost her parents and decided to reach her best friends.
    The story takes place with a group of 3 magical girls searching to save a former lady from the dark tree of evil, and meet 4 familiar monsters to help.
    A dungeon RPG game in which you collect weapons, fight against monsters, and save some souls, as well as a story rich in emotions and the people you meet in the game!
    In order to activate the dungeon, you have to complete some challenges to get a special key, then you can talk to each character and enter the dungeon.
    Game Features:
    ■ As a dungeon RPG game, you can collect weapons that increase your stats to fight against enemies. You can collect 9 different weapons with a variety of stats, in order to level up your characters and complete the game smoothly.
    ■ Storyline: As a story of 3 young girls searching to find her best friends.
    ■ In order to play the dungeon, you have to complete several challenges to get a special key. With that key, you can talk to each character and enter the dungeon.
    ■ In the game, you can fight against monsters, collect weapons, and save some souls.
    ■ As you explore dungeons, you can meet 4 familiar monsters to fight against.
    ■ There is 2 different game modes in this game.
    (Normal and Arcade mode)
    ■ You can get high scores as you pass through puzzles that will be added in each update.
    ■ You can also use the custom paint in the game, like changing the attack animations and character models.
    ■ Achievements: More achievements will be added after the complete of our development.
    ■ Our Theme Song:
    (Let’s play a song that appeared in this game!)
    Celestial Flora Ice Time will be released as soon as possible.
    ■ Important note!
    [1] This game is entirely free to download. It can be played offline.
    [2] Please note that all in-game assets such as weapons, monsters, etc. are all free to download.
    [3] Please note that it is not possible to share any


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    * Choosing difficulties will make the level harder or easier.
    * The default controls will make the level easy.
    * Selecting a different controller will make the level easier.
    * Choosing the Mouse mode will make the level easy.
    * Choosing the Keyboard mode will make the level easier.
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    System Requirements For AIdol:

    Sony® PlayStation®4 system (manufacturer model number
    “PS4 system”)
    PlayStation®Plus membership (sold separately)
    Wii U™ GamePad controller
    Software subject to license (us.playstation.com/softwarelicense). Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service & playstationnetwork.com/privacy-policy).
    © 2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.


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