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125363, г. Москва, ул. Новопоселковая,

д. 6, кор. 217, офис 606



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Architecture in the 21st Century: A Comparative Analysis of Europe and the United States.

Selection of the first graduate architecture students of the country during the period of the French Revolution, France, has been published by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Paris. It contains descriptive preface of architecture in 17th century, and accounts of over forty students.
The first volume of the publication contains the selected students who had taught at the Royal Academy of Architecture between 1781 and 1789.

Architecture in the 21st Century: A Comparative Analysis of Europe and the United States.

Uruguayan architect Carlos Bressane along with several Brazilian students were the creators of this three volume work. The first volume was published in 2014 and the second one will be published in 2016.
Carlos Bressane is an academic, author and architect based in Montevideo, Uruguay. He graduated in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires in the late 1970’s, and then joined the architecture firm Torres & Asociados, where he worked and participated in projects in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

Monterrey university geology faculty

Professor Mario Sahnoun, dean of the Faculty of Geosciences (UDC, Monterrey Campus), told the press that the faculty can create different kinds of specialists, with the study of Earth and environmental issues in mind.
“There are candidates who graduate from the Faculty of Geosciences and the Marine Sciences and Engineering Course. They have specialties in environmental, geotechnical, and mining engineering, but also in the field of geography,” said Sahnoun.

The Dean was also pleased to report that, last year, the College received a generous gift from the family of an alumna, Mirtha Gomez, which would help build the new campus.
This year, two more new buildings are being built. This is the


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