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Name Arvale
Publisher Admin
Format File
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Manipulate the objects on screen and use the power of the sun.
How do you get access to the power of the sun?
You must illuminate the dark places using the shadow.
A shadow only becomes visible when the sun is near and heats up the glass.
The temperature in the house and in the glass changes,
and this causes the shadow to change too.
It becomes more apparent as more light is reflected on the shadow.
Let the shadow guide you to the sunlight and find it.
Connect the pieces of the puzzle.
Now you can turn all the objects in your room on and off by connecting or disconnecting the power cords.
Can you complete the house in one turn?
Use logic to complete the puzzles.
What will happen when you touch the object?
If the house is on, you will be transported to another house!
In a specific room? In the same house or in another?
What will happen if you touch an object with a shadow?
Will the shadow go back to it’s place?
What happens when you touch the object?



We would like to thank every backer that supported this project on Kickstarter and all the people that helped spread the word. You are the best!

Risks and challenges




Inspired by the popular game, The Room by Domotica Games, this is the only game like it! From the creators of the award winning ‘A Mind Forever Voyaging’, Childs Sight is a puzzle game where you explore a 3D world through a baby’s eyes, slowly unraveling the story as you go through your day. The point-and-click game is equipped with a simple, intuitive interface, where objects and people react to your interactions.

The pacing of the game plays out in real-time, making every transition, feeling and action an organic experience. The mood is set with heartwarming music and soothing sounds. Also, it is the first game to feature a fully voice-acted cast of characters, speaking all the lines!

The story of a post-apocalyptic world is conveyed through the narrator, who for most of the game is an innocent baby. Many of the events it depicts are strongly based on real-life historical events, such as the concentration camps, and the end of communism.


Features Key:

  • Dynamic screen updates adapted to the speed of your mobile device.
  • Contains 15 rides!
  • Flexi-mini game interface is designed to fit absolutely on your mobile screen.
  • Download the app and earn the Amusement Park Password!


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You play as a girl in pursuit of her dream of becoming a singer in a big city.
Rescuing your best friend is also part of your journey.
But, the city has its own soldiers, its own police and its own gangsters.
You’ll have to make tough decisions and overcome challenging obstacles in this story-driven adventure.
Your decisions and actions will affect the outcome of the story and sometimes even the whole city and its inhabitants.
You’ll get a chance to explore a full city with dozens of locations.
There will be tough choices to make and it can affect your friend’s fate.
But you’ll also get to save the city…
• A story-driven adventure. Find out why the city is in the state it is in and what it’s going to do to fix things.
• Custom-tailored action-RPG featuring a prequel to movie ‘Sucker Punch’
• Full city exploration with a dozen locations and dozens of side quests.
• Packed with interactive elements like puzzles, stealth, combat, exploration, hacking, crafting, collecting and player interaction.
• A non-linear story with many different endings.
• Simple, clean interface and full voice acting.
• Difficulty adjustment system that accommodates players of all levels.
• No additional costs.
What’s new
• Fixed compatibility with Windows 8
• Some bugs fixedBrexit minister David Davis told a prominent critic of the UK’s negotiating strategy that he did not want his argument played out in Parliament, according to a report.

Sir Ivan Rogers, the British ambassador to the EU, is set to testify in front of a parliamentary inquiry into the Brexit process after he was dismissed on Monday.

Davis, who is in charge of Brexit negotiations, reportedly told Mr Rogers that he did not want the ambassador’s arguments played out in Parliament, The Guardian reported.

The government is believed to have informed the Cabinet Office this week that it did not want Sir Ivan to appear before the inquiry into what went wrong in Brexit negotiations with the EU.

Davis reportedly told Mr Rogers: «I don’t want you to go into Parliament, only so that when you do go into Parliament, you’ll be able to say what you’ve told me in confidence».

Mr Rogers reportedly told Davis, who is known as «David Davis of the Department for Exiting the European Union


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1. On startup, the game will automatically load the file called start.nsm and, optionally, the collectible file called quest_collectible.nsm (and, if the «collectible» checkbox was ticked on startup, also «collectible_spec.nsm» and «collectible_data.json»). This script file will control your initial actions, including transporting the traveler:
1.1. If the Traveler has «Walk» as his walk-type, the Traveler will start to walk. If the traveler has «Run» as his walk-type, the Traveler will start to run. This way, you have full control over the traveler.
1.2. If the Traveler has an empty «gear» slot and an empty «vault» slot (and no empty equip slot), the Traveler will equip one or more of his gear or vault inventory and equip one or more of his inventory items in the empty slots.
1.3. If the traveler has one or more items in his gear or vault inventory, and one or more items in his empty inventory slots, the traveler will attempt to carry a weapon or an item in his inventory to a nearby weapon or item in a nearby empty slot, based on the amount of inventory space available. If the traveler has no weapon or item in his inventory (or an empty inventory slot), the traveler will see a pointer indicating a nearby weapon or item, which you can use to immediately transport a weapon or item to the traveler.
1.4. If the traveler has a weapon or item that he has equipped, but is not carrying, and an empty slot that doesn’t have an item equipped, the traveler will attempt to equip the weapon or item in the empty slot.
1.5. If the traveler has a weapon or item equipped, and is carrying the weapon or item, the traveler will attempt to equip the weapon or item in the empty slot that was pointed at, if it is available.
1.6. If the traveler has a weapon or item equipped, and is carrying the weapon or item, but is not carrying the appropriate weapon or item, you’ll be unable to combine the weapon or item with the empty slot, and the traveler will offer to upgrade the weapon or item, by allowing you to carry the weapon or item and the appropriate weapon or item. If this happens to your weapon or item, you’ll be able to continue to carry it with a carry-


What’s new in Arvale:

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