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Ayyappa Telugu Songs Lyrics Pdf Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

Ayyappa Telugu Songs Lyrics Pdf Download ((EXCLUSIVE))


Ayyappa Telugu Songs Lyrics Pdf Download

October 14, 2018 — Aidu Kondalodu Swamy Ayyappa Song Lyrics · Akkada Vunnadayyappa Song Lyrics · Alla Anna Ayyappa Anna Song Lyrics. More..
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Description: [Untitled] [Ayyappa telugu songs] Title song name in telugu language. Title song name in english.

Lyrics: Maa maa oodungi kaathu
Oor marayi marayya
Mama maamaa mama aa aa aa aa aa aa mama gaaya
Nenu lam laala la

Nadaa nidu la kanna leruthu
Theta karagaara
Sach chutandu ma maama
Neeyen kanna ka kanna ka

It may be immediately after he arrives, or even after some time has gone by, he will have another experience like that of the first one. After explaining the experiences in the different stages, on the same day, he will have another experience just like the first one. This is the path a devotee on the way of his/her final liberation follows. He/she will progress, thereafter, on to higher planes of consciousness.

As soon as he gets this experience, the devotee is released from the delusion of this life. He/She understands that he/she is not the body, he/she is not the ego. He/she is not even the mind. He/she is the consciousness. This is the moment the devotee enjoys ultimate fulfillment. He/she has become aware that he/she is one with the Divine. He/She is released from the fetters. He/she understands and realises everything. Thereafter, he/she follows the path.

A devotee is a man/woman who is an endless repository of compassion, love and devotion towards the Divine. In earlier times, such persons had religious leaders (religious masters) and pious teachers as their role models. Today, there are many such persons and they are all blessed by the Divine. Srinivasa, Sri Ramadasu, Sri. Christ Gaitonde, Sri.

Satyanarayana Maharastra, Sri. Andal Shankar are prominent among the teachers who came up after Sri. Christ Gaitonde.

(See More Information in Glossary)

4th Satyanarayana asta Vrindavar

The pure love of Sri. Christ Gaitonde was the most prominent teacher for many devotees who learnt from him. Of late, the pure love of Sri. Satyanarayana


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