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Bell Curve [Updated-2022]


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Download >>> DOWNLOAD






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Bell Curve Activation Code is a lightweight CAD application whose purpose is to help you study the normal or Gaussian probability distribution of random measurements in different types of experiments based on the mean and standard deviation numbers, as well as a graphical representation.
User-friendly looks
You are welcomed by a clean and intuitive working environment. There’s also support for a help manual that includes brief descriptions about the program’s capabilities.
A graphical representation of the calculations is revealed in the main window and the information is automatically adjusted in real time according to the values you input. The graph can be copied to the clipboard and pasted it into other third-party tools.
Bell Curve offers you the freedom to change the mean value (the location of the highest point of the curve and the standard deviation of the width and height of the curve) and standard deviation (normal distribution with a mean equal to zero and standard deviation equal to one).
The application lets you analyze the shape of the curve as a function of the mean and standard deviation. In addition, you are allowed to explore the area under the curve and alter the region by dragging the lower and upper X bounds.
You can make use of the built-in calculator in order to calculate the area for any normal curve based on the given mean and standard deviation, as well as X axis limits.
Last but not least, you can activate the ‘show area controls’ and adjust the position of the two markers placed on the curve and move them to the left or right.
Bottom line
All things considered, Bell Curve integrates a handy suite of features that can be used by students in order to learn the basis of the normal distribution or teachers to provide an interactive working environment.

Key Feature

Different shapes for curves
Different shapes for curves


Bell Curve Description

The software can easily solve all kinds of problems concerning normal distribution. It is a great way to see a graph of the normal distribution on a computer in a more intuitive manner than before. It gives you all the tools you need to draw the curve. Bell Curve also has the built-in calculator for you to do any normal curve calculation. Bell Curve is a freeware.

Bell Curve User Comments

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Bell Curve Website


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Bell Curve Free Download

A lightweight CAD application that introduces the concept of normal distribution and its calculations.
You will get a graphical representation of the normal distribution. By adjusting the mean and standard deviation values, you can get the X and Y graphs for the standard curve.
Graphical representation of the calculations in real time.
A built-in calculator allows you to calculate the area under the curve (AUC), X Axis limits (Xmin, Xmax), (standard deviation, mean) and standard curve. You can also export the graph to EPS or to a PNG image format.
The application lets you analyze the shape of the curve as a function of the mean and standard deviation. You can also explore the area under the curve (AUC) and adjust the region by dragging the lower and upper X bounds.
You can activate the ‘show area controls’ and adjust the position of the two markers placed on the curve and move them to the left or right.
Key Features
— You can switch between the views of the X and Y graphs.
— Graphical representation of the calculations in real time.
— You can adjust the horizontal and vertical ranges of the graph.
— You can change the mean and standard deviation of the X and Y graphs.
— You can set the following view: X, Y, X, Y and X, Y.
— You can create a new Normal distribution by dragging two X and Y coordinates.
— You can analyze the shape of the curve as a function of the mean and standard deviation.
— You can explore the area under the curve (AUC).
— You can adjust the region by dragging the lower and upper X bounds.
— You can activate the ‘show area controls’ and adjust the position of the two markers placed on the curve and move them to the left or right.
— The application is translated to the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Czech.
— The application supports several file formats: EPS, PDF and PNG.
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Bell Curve [32|64bit]

This is a download/shareware installation file.
You do not need to install this software.
You can copy the whole folder containing the program to your HDD or on any other folder and run the program from it.
If you wish to install this application you need to download it from the web site below. After download select the installer and run it. The installation of this software will be easy.

You have the right to use this software freely, without any restrictions.
All commercial rights reserved. If you wish to use this software, you have the right to ask the publisher for a free license in the menu «License».

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What’s New In?

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System Requirements:

PulseAudio: >=4.0
OpenSSL: >=1.0.0
This project is in the process of being supported for an official release on Steam, check the recent update for the latest info on when this will happen!
Note: Supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X!
The Steam version is a static release.
This project is an experimental Open Source project and contains some non-stable components.
This project may contain outdated or buggy code! Use at your own risk!
The version

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