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Averon is a world of constant change. A world where political intrigue and military conflict threaten to topple a new empire every day. As a ruler, your job is to keep your citizens happy, by producing goods and building infrastructure to help the populace. No longer will you be restricted to the role of a ruler in an established government system. Each day your empire will grow or even change and your decisions will be that much more important.
Averon Rising is an Empire Building Game with City Building elements.

Ironman Flight Simulator X:
This add-on provides extensive improvements to the F-14 Tomcat, as well as improved support for FSX’s «Special Flight Rules» feature. It adds features to the.ini (Pilot’s Handbook) file for the F-14, in addition to many of the main game’s files.

Contents include:

Flight model:

New working flight model, based on radar data from in-flight Tomcat events. The cockpit features have been redesigned for the F-14A.


The lighting, which was fully adjustable in the user interface was automated.


The original engine was never meant for aircraft (it was originally for the company’s MMORPG project. A new engine was created specifically for the project and is now used by FSX). The lighting is now given more definition and features brand new textures.


The propellers now have a counter rotary rate for pitch control and spline for thrust.


Audio is now created from individual sounds instead of a single, crude, hack of the real thing.


The weapon system has been completely redesigned and have been added. There are now 10 different weapons and 9 different ammunition types (hud colors used to represent those).

Altitude Hold:

A new alt hold mode has been added to the aircraft for the pilot to maneuver the aircraft while in the hover state.

Landing gear:

A new 2-point landing gear has been added to the aircraft. The ground gear retraction and gear up is now a double function. You can now lower the gear prior to landing and gear up is controllable by the Pilot.


A new instrument system has been added to the aircraft to display many more gauges than the original FSX.




Bitcoin Farm Features Key:

  • SS: SW vs PB FFA
  • SS: PB vs PB (vs PB Only)
  • PB: SS vs PB (vs SS Only)
  • PB: PP (vs PBA Only)
  • PBA: SS vs PB
  • II
    IF SB attacks the player who has captured a stronghold, or have the attacker near to the stronghold, a scoring is created between the player and the attacker. On the other hand if the attacker has captured the aforementioned stronghold then the attacker is scored.
  • IF PBA attacks C or GS then the attacker gets a number of Offensive Points based on the distance of the attacker to the defender.
  • IF PBA captures a stronghold (between PBA and defender) then an additional number of Defensive Points are scored.
  • PBA & PP: If any defender captures a stronghold, the attacker gets a number of defensive points.
  • PB at least once a day.
  • PBA vs PBA, IF at least one stronghold is captured, SB captures the defender, or there’s a fight involved, PBA scores 2 points and SB scores a point.
  • SS vs SS, IF at least one stronghold is captured by either side, then the defender gets 2 points.
  • only SS vs SS IF the defender attacks one or more defender.
  • Info

    • ANOMIZER 3D Importer Feature:
    • Map- Dynamic mountains that you can capture.
    • Task- Server Redefinition:
    • Game mode:3 skirmish modes and1 team deathmatch mode.
    • PBA and PBA logic removed.
    • 9 different languages.
    • Points for capturing mountains, Valient and Fortress.
    • Gate points on map.
    • Gameplay.

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      Fight off Steam-powered robots in The West. Despite being in the Wild West, the danger is pretty much the same. Climb up and down buildings, duck behind cover, use your arsenal of western weapons to shoot & kill these robot monstrosities. Use your wrist shield and slow motion abilities to get the upper hand, then use your wrist shield and slow motion abilities to get the upper hand, then use your abilities and your wrist shield to get the upper hand, and finally, take the robots out with extreme prejudice.

      — Aim around the Room Scale VR environment by wiggling the controller.
      — Use slow motion by pressing and holding the L button.
      — Shoot by pressing the button assigned to your currently equipped weapon.
      — Aim with the left trigger to your dominant hand.
      — More instructions in the game!

      -Double Barrel Sawed off Shotgun-
      Primary fire holds the right trigger and is quick and dirty. Triple shot.
      Secondary fire holds the left trigger and fires an extra shot in a cyclic sequence.
      Both are held in hand and reloaded with the holstered revolver.

      -Lever Action Rifle-
      Primary fire holds the left trigger and shoots rapidly; very hard to aim, but consistent and accurate. Triple shot.
      Secondary fire holds the right trigger and shoots in an expanding pattern.
      Both are held in hand and are easily reloaded by the holster.

      -Rapid Fire Pistol-
      Primary fire holds the right trigger and rapidly shoots; high rate of fire, but inconsistent.
      Secondary fire holds the left trigger and is very accurate and can be used to fire at enemies from a distance.
      Both are held in hand and are reloaded easily by the holster.

      -Gatling Rifle-
      Primary fire holds the right trigger and shoots in an expanding pattern; has a large magazine, but a low rate of fire.
      Secondary fire holds the left trigger and fires in a single shot.
      Both are held in hand and are reloaded easily by the holster.

      -Revolver Sniper Rifle-
      Primary fire holds the right trigger and fires a single bullet; highly accurate.
      Secondary fire holds the left trigger and can be used for long range shots.

      -Heavy Pistol-
      Primary fire holds the left trigger and shoots in an expanding pattern; very accurate, but slow rate of fire.
      Secondary fire holds the right trigger and fires faster than the Heavy Pistol


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      Click here for additional data file.

      Zhuk A. conducted the preparation and characterization of nanoparticles, studied the biological activity of nanoparticles and their structure-dependent properties, conducted the synthesis and theoretical calculations of the obtained compounds, prepared the manuscript. Ivanchuk V.P. and Panshin V.M. were responsible for the study conception and design, provided advice, gave the financial support, participated in the interpretation of data, and revised the manuscript.

      This work was partially funded by the grant of the Institute for the Frontier of Biotechnology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (to V.M.P. and V.M.P.).

      The authors declare no conflict of interest.

      Figures and Schemes

      ![The strategy of new functionalization of silica nanoparticles with cationic polyacrylamide (PAAm) in ethanol in the presence of tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) at room temperature and neutralization of the solution with tris(2-chloroethyl)amine (TCEA).](molecules-23-02410-sch001){#molecules-23-02410-sch001}

      ![(**A**) Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images of nanoparticles after chloroform


      What’s new:

      2012 — Mapping the Cereals

      We’re settling into one of the booking homes near the Oxford Rugby Club where we will be camping out for our best-ever engagement of agrouOSA. The Cereal Mapping event on Saturday will be preceded on Thursday by AgrouOSA’s Agronomy East Midlands which is in the IAAF Weetabix venue, although the talk on Thursday evening is also open to non-agronomists, and we do hope that some of those with an interest in ethnicity are there, although after the lecture from Dr Jim Anderson on fruit and vegetables in the Jackfruit family I would hazard a guess that not many of us will be ordering any.

      The venue this year has been helped by the conversion of the smaller, portable pavilion to an Annexe. Although the food take away seems to have fallen on hard times, this Ancellini still does a lovely pizza if you’re lucky enough to get one, the vegetable lasagne is probably the best served and very tasty indeed – what do you expect? – and we had delicious cake at the AgrouOSA AGM where all available cakes are on display and for sale and we should recommend cotte de pommes, and I must briefly note the indifferent service before the cake.

      The positioning of this event is also very convenient for me. We’re right next to the Bodleian Library campus too, where we have a warm-up session today with Eric Verster whose reputation as a top-notch masseur is well-established amongst University of Oxford academics and beyond, and I’m sure agronomists need having their equine-hay-flavoured chiropractic treatments, not to mention babies, so agronomists do not, probably, suffer from that equine hay allergy that plagues us.

      Having decided that my talk on the bread of Cyprus would be a broad overview of known and unknown, Scomparones, I have purposefully composed it to be delivered to a general audience, who, like some of the other audience, would expect the subject to be more fun. I think that you should write such a thing – who am I? – but I regret that it would increase the attrition of that general audience a bit too much. I hope that this talk, next week’s diet history talk and that fun banana bread talk that Rose has compiled will give a good balance, but I will rely


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      You play as a man in a room. There are puzzles in the room, you need to solve them. The puzzles are controlled by the 3D space, with a lot of gravity. You must learn how to manipulate gravity and how to move around the space, all the time being aware of how small differences in the game rules can lead to a drastic shift in the consequences.
      How to play:
      TSM is very simple to learn, but it is hard to master. The controls are simple: movement is done with the WASD keys and shooting can be done with Space, but the game includes a lot of subtlety in its operations and in the interactions with the 3D space.
      The game is designed to be played at first-person, at your own pace. It is slower than most game in its genre, as it is focused on puzzle solving rather than to the standard shooter style.
      This game is only perfect when you feel comfortable with it and when you want to do it.
      To use the gravitational changes, it is necessary to save your games regularly.
      What’s new in version 1.1:
      Version 1.1 is a free update that includes both Minor and Major improvements.
      Minor feature additions
      Official textures have been added for the first time.
      Minor bug fix
      Major feature additions
      Custom textures have been added to allow custom looks.
      Custom colors have been added to allow custom looks.
      Minor changes
      Minor bug fix
      Performance improvements
      Minor adjustments and bug fixes
      How to play:
      Resemblance allows you to be either in a warehouse of a maze. Each time you finish one episode, you are able to play again in the next episode, with a new set of features. This is achieved by saving the game with semi-permanent saving feature in between episodes.
      This game uses a small modpack to allow users to choose their own music tracks and sound effects.
      Technical note:
      I’m interested by your feedback!
      If you have any feedback, questions, ideas, or other details, don’t hesitate to contact me via Skype or Twitter.

      Trigger to start a sentry.
      Press and hold to launch a missile.
      Tap or hold to cancel a sentry and missile.
      Launch a stealth or bomb to shoot a target.
      Press and hold to launch a special jump, as a bonus to run faster.
      Deliver the bomb to the target.
      Hold to change


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