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Blood Money Movie 720p PORTABLE 🌶️

Blood Money Movie 720p PORTABLE 🌶️


Blood Money Movie 720p

Apart from Thuppakki Thuruppu, I have seen almost all of Vetrimaaran’s films in the recent past. The director has a knack for turning out interesting visuals. If not for that, Blood Money would be an average tragedy. Vetrimaaran has shown in movies like October and Priest that he knows how to balance serious issues and make them digestible for the viewer. The content may not be poetic and the dialogues might be less eloquent, but even then, these are minor setbacks. Despite this, the director has made a difficult subject into a watchable tragedy by building a strong character arc for the lead pair and going for a realistic approach. His recent thriller, on the other hand, fell short in the same respect.

The director has made an earnest attempt in his first feature, but he isnt the master of sorrow that he might have been. Besides, he isnt entirely successful with this one either. Blood Money has become a fine action thriller, but unlike the previous two in the series, that’s not its strength. He did not take the risk of delving deeper, as director-writer Sherif Ali did in Thuppakki Thuruppu, or as Vetrimaaran did with the long-delayed October. The director lacked the confidence to take the story to a believable climax with hero and heroine standing under a tree. They remain sitting on the tree in the climax, and not just because of the horrific twists, which by themselves do not make for a strong position.

The best scenes are the ones with the victim being put in the film while you are watching. In these scenes, it’s always good to look at how the various roles are performed. In Blood Money, Priya Bhavani plays the role very well as the heartless boss who is driven by money. That too alone, makes this film worth a watch. I also did a very emotional scene in a prison set with a convict who reminded me of the 80s classic ‘ Dolls (1971) ‘. I had fun with it. 

The film continues to surprise with its creativity. The climax is especially worth a watch for those who liked the trailer. According to the media, there are one-liners in this movie. There arent even two. The second half of the film is bereft of jokes. And yet, there is surprise whenever a character does something unexpected. A lavish stunt sequence, with an actor who hasnt acted in over a decade, gives a film that is rich with colour and emotion. Two noteworthy performances are actor Darsheel Safarys (who plays a corrupt government official) and fellow oscar winner, Willa Fitzgerald (played her usual bumbling, yet entertaining self). Blood Money is a strong directorial debut by Sarjun K M. It is a thriller with moments of humour and the story has surprising twists and turns. Although the film does not have a single line of dialogue to its credit, the story is intelligible for the most part. Director Sarjun KM should stick to his strengths.
The four good-looking men in this horror thriller, Blood Money, get to act and go about it with aplomb. If they havent acted in Hindi films before, youd expect them to struggle. It doesnt happen here. These guys are worthy of a screen test. In fact, they may have been hired for a legitimate purpose. Ashwin Mahee ( Ellar Coltrane of Boyhood ), two of the four, have raw sexuality that runs to sin. Between the two of them, its a crime to watch their scenes together. The trio of actors is well-mixed, creating a good mood with its funny, light-hearted dialogue and well-written characters. Richard Caben ( Impractical Jokers ) plays the quintessential evil character. His performance is like a gold plated recipe for how to play a monstrous villain. Venkat (Kishore), the film’s protagonist, simply isnt as good as Ashwin or Richard. He does display a kind of charming eloquence but lacks the star quality we’ve come to expect from the likes of Diljit Dosanjh, Johnny Lever, Mohanlal, Paresh Rawal and even Abhay Deol, who have successfully tapped into the star quality and charisma that each have.


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