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Sole Iron Tail is a platformer, based around sliding and charging with your tail as fast as your can! Charge, slide, surf, and hover with various mechanics! An hour or two (including voice acting!) of fun for one player and family!
Sole Iron Tail has five different tales with a cast of characters and antagonists of different sizes! Can you reach the last scarves? Find all the scarves? Can you track down your family?
Pumpkin Co. are on your tail! Can you lure the group of thieves away from you to reach the last scarf?
Gameplay that changes depending on character:
Unable to run? Charge with your tail! Navigate obstacles with your tail! Charge to reach the scarves! Charge to get the scarves! Charge on, and charge your way to the end!
Extended gameplay:
Have extra time? Play the story with all the voices! Play with all the characters!
A cute, but challenging single-player adventure with 5 tales (spanning an hour or more), featuring a cast of friendly characters and giant foes!
Charge, Slide, Surf, and Hover with various mechanics!
Tons of scarves and badges to collect for 100%!
Face chatty characters in time trials!
A sole, single Iron Tail has been tracked down within the Snowy Tundra! With the persistent, plundering Pumpkin Co. on their tail, the Iron Tail is losing hope in finding their family. A glimmer of hope appears when some mysterious Stranger creates a path of Golden Scarves, a path that spans snowy slopes, icy icebergs, assaulting airships, and possibly leads to family! But watch out! Your being tracked by something bigger than just Pumpkin Co.. As the Iron Tail, is your special tail slide-ey enough, charg-ey enough, and Iron-ey enough, to reach the last Golden Scarf? Are there any more Iron Tail’s out there?
Follow the Golden Scarves! Avoid getting caught by Pumpkin Co.! Find your family!
About The Game Sole Iron Tail:
Sole Iron Tail is a platformer, based around sliding and charging with your tail as fast as your can! Charge, slide, surf, and hover with various mechanics! An hour or two (including voice acting!) of fun for one player and family!
Sole Iron Tail has five different tales with a cast of


Features Key:

  • Simple to Play
    Simple to Learn
    Basic rules. Easy to play
  • Light on rules and elements.
    Simple, easy to learn but hard to master
  • Playable online with friends or strangers
  • Pictures, icons and music clips.
  • 4 levels to play!
  • Interactive quests and achievements
  • Choose for match, and play a single player game or a multiplayer game with up to 4 players
  • You can either play the story mode or skip the story and go straight to the levels
    • Story Mode
      • Play from the beginning.
      • Go through the 4 levels of Candy Land,
      • Play even after you finish the story!
    • Level Mode:
      • Skip through the stages to achieve your level and get your medals.
      • Start over after any mistakes you may have made.
      • Challenge yourself and play through all stages.
      • Try out all of the 24 achievements.

    List of Screenshots:

    Game Screen 01
    Game Screen 02
    Game Screen 03
    Game Screen 04
    <img src="


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    In HoverRace, you can choose from four different hovercraft types; Cruiser, Skiff, Night Fighter, and Hot Rod. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Cruiser hovercraft has the highest max speed and is the safest; while the Skiff hovercraft has the highest speed but is more likely to crash.
    Gauge your racing skills against the best players in the world on the Internet. Use your mouse to turn your hovercraft left and right, and use the «Z» key to blast away your opponents. And stay alert, because you might find youself on the other side of the map when you least expect it.

    Battle with other players from around the world or a local player in a 3D ring arena.
    Players begin at a starting position and can use power up to boost their hovercraft. Power up provides a very short boost which lasts a short period of time.
    The game can be played in vs, game, and team modes.
    Play with your friends via the in-game chat, or within the Internet Meeting Room (IMR) where you can race and chat with other players.

    Fly your cool hovercraft through the air, land, and seek out your enemies by zooming in on your enemies.
    You’ll race against other opponents in a 3D ring arena. The game includes pick ups that allow you to explore a full course online in no time.
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    Fend off your opponents to reach the finish line.
    Land on another hovercraft to perform wild aerial maneuvers.
    If you run into a wall, you’ll automatically die.

    The game allows players to start from a specific star, and it seems to be the same as the experience the player had on the previous star. However, it can be difficult to tell which star they are on when they are in difficulty, and it can be even more difficult to work out which star to try to get to if you are playing with other people.

    Create your profile, pick one of six crazy hovercrafts and race against other players!
    — Play on the Internet with your friends or grab some pre-made games on Star!
    — Test your skills on the endless track
    — Race as many times as you want

    Fast paced racing game. You play as the hovercraft driver and try to clear obstacles by hitting them with your special weapon. The hovercraft is


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    In this video we take a look at the VR version of the popular ball game, Rebound. The reception is quite positive and the game has a great looking vr. It’s a relatively simple game but it’s a lot of fun.
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    REBOUND: Official Gameplay HD version is out now!
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    Rebound is a game that puts you in the shoes of a basketball star. But we’ve been doing this game for a while and we have developed a game play system for anyone that plays basketball, online or even in VR for that matter. We play, practice, and coach for you.
    This game is good for both beginners and advanced users. It’s funny, it’s a relaxing look into a sport and a passion. You will need VRFocus to win and we hope you enjoy the exciting experience.
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    Kindergarten teacher’s protest ‘Against Trump’ turns violent
    Camera: Canon 70D
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    Sound: ZOOM EDGE
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    In this video, you can find the best cars games for kids, smartphone, ipad and gps!
    Which is the best of the car games you ask?
    You’ll see in this video in addition to the game play each car has it’s own personality. You will know a lot more about cars if you play this game.
    To keep the race interesting, we have put a lot of free surprises for you.
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    Sketch design, artwork,


    What’s new:

      In addition to the UNSC heavy assault weapons from the original Infinite Warfare, we got some vehicles. But why only one? Well the answer is that we knew we wanted a nice assortment of weapons for those cool looking Locusts…we thought through some ideas. We started by looking at some real world military vehicles. 2 prototypes kept popping up: the vehicle with the 8 mfrs. anti-tank rocket launchers (yes, it has 8 launchers!) and the vehicle with a tilting cannon that can fire through 360 degrees.

      The UNSC heavy assault line of weapons saw some tweaks as well. We took a few liberties with the Assault Rifle concept and also made some changes to the Assault Rifle Upgrade. Most notably, the standard magazine and BlackMarket Airstrike Pack were merged. Not really needed, especially for globs…the person wielding them is already gigantic! It also gave the idea of having an infinite weapon kit for the player, where they can use dozens of attachments. We started with 5 and realized there were too many, so removing a weapon. Moving on to vehicle weapons, the Impaled Holographic Plating is a slight twist on the iconic UNSC-10/Blade Rifle. However, instead of the standard black rifle stock, it fits onto the back of a Reaper Holographic Helmet giving the user a cool new rifle.

      Next up, was the UNSC Armormech Kit! It’s a bit of a balance of the achievements in the original, while also making the vehicle fit better into the kit. The original idea was to have a pack of weapon carousels that you could use, but with the availability of the 2nd favourite replacement for removing attachments, the blade & rocket launcher, there was no point in that. Working with Scotty Primetime, he created the incredible inverted stock armor to fit over the back of the Grapple Launcher with strapping. Finally, a stubby 4-barrel pistol was added to give a grenade operator an awesome weapon!


      In their first moments in the game, player may notice they don’t have an M7 Merkava to operate; instead, they will be issued a UNSC-licensed REAPER HUMAN MULTIPLAYER MECHANISM (HMM). These are essentially the replacement for the UNSC’s current variants (pending the release of the heavy Assault Rifle) and are essentially a UNSC-10/Blade Rifle. These additions


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      Obstacle, Intimidation, or Stress? You’ll have to decide! Attack your enemy with the Power Bow. Pulling it back while attacking builds up a devastating Power Bolt! The more you attack, the more powerful your Power Bolt becomes. If you’re dealing with a large group, consider dropping the Power Bow and use your Obscurilike Syringe instead! The longer you charge it, the more damage it’ll do. Charge up your Obscurilike Syringe, then lure your enemies to the center of your line, and use the needle to drain the life from them!
      Retroninja has been a game that has attracted devoted gamers and hardcore fans for years! Due to its cult classic status, the game has even received the attention of the notorious Retro community! Developed by old-school arcade game designer Keiji Inafune, Retro was originally released on the SEGA Mega Drive, and that same release was later ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Advance, making it a true SEGA powerhouse! Its popularity and the love the fans hold for the game is evident in the popularity of «Retroninja Go!,» a fan-made game created by long-time Retro fangirl and video host Alex «ALAX» Miller. Lately, both ALAX and Retro creator Keiji Inafune have been collaborating on «Retroninja Cyber Ninja» in a sort of «spiritual» collaboration. The result? A SUPER Addition to the game with lots of new modes and additional content!
      — Use the Power Bow to launch Power Bolts at enemies
      — Combat takes place in real time
      — Movement is fluid and responsive
      — The Power Bolt can be used while charging! A full charge will do a tremendous amount of damage to all nearby enemies
      — The longer you charge up your Power Bolt, the more damage it’ll do
      — Power Bands replenish energy slowly, so you’ll be able to charge a lot of Power Bolts
      — Don’t forget to switch to the Power Bow after you use your Power Bolts or you’ll waste all your Power!
      — The Power Bow is fired in quick succession after using the Power Bolt. It will fire faster the more you use the Power Bolt
      — Your Power Bolt does not fire as accurately when the power bar is full
      — The Power Bow is a bow fired by a Retroninja’s arm on its back


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    2010 By Multiplayer

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    System Requirements For Blue Rider:

    Supported OS: Windows Vista or later
    Windows Vista or later Processor: 1GHz or faster
    1GHz or faster Memory: 128MB RAM
    128MB RAM Hard Disk Space: 100 MB available space
    100 MB available space Graphics: ATI Radeon X1300 or better
    ATI Radeon X1300 or better Display: 1024×768 or better
    Scoreboard Stats:
    Text and Screenshots:
    Check out the Announcement Trailer:
    Hacks Of The Week:


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