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Some links above may be redirected to third party sites. All such links are provided for convenience & informational purposes only. If you believe any link. This is not the same as retrieving or downloading a file, which is against our policy.The 2018 midterm elections are around the corner. And this election cycle has seen some high-level and well-publicized mergers and acquisitions in the technology industry.

As Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, we hope Congress will finally take steps to rein in big tech and other internet giants, and prevent corruption of our elections. But to do that, we must know what exactly is happening in these mergers and acquisitions, and why.

In this two-part series, we’ll dive into some of the most prominent tech deals over the past year. We’ll explain what they mean for consumers, competition, and digital industries at large.

Part I: Alphabet/Doubleclick

Google has a history of acquiring smaller companies for talent, the expectation of which is to help the company do better at whatever it purchases. The two-year-old Google acquisition of DoubleClick is different.

In a sense, Google is buying a larger company, but it’s paying for that company to make a play for a different one. The DoubleClick acquisition is part of Google’s strategy to build a digital ad-tech ecosystem it controls.

In an interview with CNBC last August, Google CEO Sundar Pichai described the company’s strategy for DoubleClick. “We want to make sure we build something that is a more complete ecosystem,” he said. “So, while we are consumers of it, we’re also creating something.”

Google’s announcement of the acquisition of DoubleClick, along with its previous announcement in April to buy Audience Engagement Solutions, showed that Google is making a large push for the ad-tech market, both in the digital advertising space and with respect to online reach.

Through the acquisition, Google is acquiring DoubleClick’s Behavioral Ads product. Behavioral ads are basically “more personalized ads” that go a step further than the classic Facebook or Google ads on webpages.

There are several other key differences between how DoubleClick’s Behavioral Ads work and how Facebook and Google’s ads work:

Behavioral ads generate more value, because they better target ads in a way

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How to update the Android Activity in a service

The scenario
I have an Android application which has a main activity and a Service running in the background.
In the main activity, there is a button which when pressed, starts a service which, amongst other things, downloads some information from a server and stores them in an object.
What’s happening
When I start the service, the service starts downloading but the main activity is still in the foreground. To access the same information, I need to press the button again.
What I want to happen
How can I fix the issue above? How can I make it so the service finishes downloading and updates the activity automatically?


Just start the AsyncTask


Customizing a mobile front end for

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