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As linux-daemon suggests in the comments, you should download the file you want and extract it using unp
e.g. $ sudo unzip filename.zip
Using unzip should allow you to decrypt the zipped file and extract the contents. The directory should now contain the file you want to get access to.
If that does not work for you, you could always try to extract the file using 7-zip which is a free, open source zip-file-compressor used under Microsoft Windows and Linux.
$ sudo unzip filename.zip

If that does not work, you could always try using the free and open source alternative to 7-zip, 7z.
You can install it via:
$ sudo apt-get install p7zip


Right click on your zip, choose «extract here», or use UNPACKER
It is free and open-source software.
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Characterization of neuropeptides and their receptors in early development of the brain of Clupisoma platyra: Immunocytochemical findings.
Brain development during embryonic stages of Clupisoma platyra is poorly understood. Neuropeptides and receptors are important components of the central nervous system and are involved in the regulation of a number of physiological processes during development of the brain. Here, we aimed to characterize the development of the neuropeptides and their receptors in this early fish. For the first time, we used anti-neuropeptide antisera to investigate the distribution pattern of neuropeptide-containing neurons in pre- and post-hatching C. platyra embryos. In the prehatchling brains, immunolabelling was observed for all four well-established neuropeptides (PACAP, secretoneurin, somatostatin, and galanin). Our findings indicate that some of the neuropeptides were already present in CNS of early embryos, and there is no evidence that some of the neuropeptides involved in the regulation of the maturation process of the brain (e.g. PACAP, galanin, somatostatin). The somatostatin-like immunoreactivity in the prehatchling brains was confined to the periventricular zone of the diencephalon and rhombencephalon with no evidence of rostral/caudal, left/right lateral


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