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New Delhi: New Delhi of prime minister Manmohan Singh’s time wasn’t much different from that of the country and its leader. As they were very often one and the same, the two hardly stood apart and Manmohan was no less a politician than India’s prime minister.

But the last few days may have marked the moment when that civil servant-turned politician morphed into the other self, through the actions and statements of a few of his ministers.

This is not to take away from PM Manmohan Singh’s honesty in the face of the US charges against his former political secretary, Sanjaya Baru. It’s the sheer viciousness in their exchanges about his alleged role in the coalgate deal that makes you want to live in the past.

Yet, in that sense, it’s a matter of textbook vendetta – hyperattentive to external criticism of the prime minister, the gang of ministers, who are all reputed to be close to him, responded with the kind of harshness that only someone who cannot feel ashamed of his public behaviour could. This is the behaviour of a political mafia that knows it is safe until the next election. And then it will emerge as a team.

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