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Meta Star is an Action-RPG set in the distant future.
You play a mysterious figure known as a «Meta Star», and your goal is to discover the meaning of this bizarre game.
Your arrival changes the course of the Meta Star game. The story changes each update!
Meta Star is set in a rich sci-fi universe with a vibrant community, and is developed entirely by the community.

Join The Community

The Meta Star community is a fun and welcoming one, and we want you to feel welcome!
We welcome any and all backgrounds, but we ask players of all types to remember, «Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,» and «Don’t be a jerk.»
We hope you’ll join in as the Meta Star community builds a unique, fun universe for itself.


The games in Meta Star are organized into three logical regions.
On any given map, a player will encounter the «Underworld» via a portal. The Underworld is where you get to fight the meta-creatures which inhabit the game.
There are three «Zones» within the Underworld.
The «Prologue» Zone is the first Zone that you encounter. The Prologue Zone is set, at least initially, in a meta star world. From this zone, you’ll be able to make decisions that have consequences in the «World» Zone.
Finally, the «World» Zone contains the entirety of the game’s narrative.


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GameDev.net is the community site for all things related to game development, whether you are just starting out or are making your next masterpiece. You can download game development tools, read tutorials, and connect with other professionals that are as equally passionate as you are! If you love games, you’ll love GameDev.net!Dust and legacies of miners in China’s history of coal mining.
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Features Key:

  • Very Unique on what Theme you can Program for this game. I programmed the Songblast and Boss Game modes below.
  • Can be Painted or Pink!
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Defend your territory and your towers, you will have to use your spells and special powers to do it.
You will choose to play as one of the 8 heroes:
— Archer (Elven) — armed with bow and arrows
— Gunner (Dwarf) — armed with a heavy gun
— Wanderer (Human) — an armed with a musket
— Shamans (Half-Elf) — armed with special powers, that will help you in battles
— Monk (Human) — special powers for the evil side
— Wizards (Elf) — special powers for the good side
— Golem (Dwarf) — powerful warrior
— Golems (Human) — huge warriors
You will plan your strategy and use your special powers to send the enemies to oblivion:
— Choose which hero you want to play as
— Choose the number of your heroes (unique heroes)
— Defend your territory
— Bring the enemies closer
— Hold the maps away
— Play in 2 modes: 3 rounds: survival and Endless
In «Endless Mode», you will be provided with the ability to save or quit at any time
During the battle you will be unable to play another game

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What’s new in Detective Girl Of The Steam City:

    Crossing Souls () is a 2003 South Korean epic crime thriller directed by Lee Yoon-jin and starring Kim Seul-gon and Kim Jung-min. A realistic story set in a Metro train station, the film tells the story of a thief named Cho Duk-heon (Kim Jung-min) who saves a runaway girl named Young-joo (Kim Seul-gon) from Death. The action scenes are split between being in large stations and underground levels. A large number of daring foot chases and fight scenes are also part of the story line.

    In 2004, the film was selected as an opening film at the 17th Busan International Film Festival. Crossing Souls was nominated twice for Best Film at the Korean Film Awards, but lost to Shadowless Night and Best Director at the Golden Cinema.

    Incheon Metro Station (Seoul’s main train terminal) is crowded on a small day with a heavy salary rush. Cho Duk-heon, an architecture student, is searching for the lost music player of a friend who had fallen asleep with it. In the rush he misplaces his wallet with and passes it through security.

    Meticulous Cho returns to the station two hours later to retrieve his wallet. While he is there, he sees someone with a hand injury and follows her out of the station. At a hospital, he finds out she dropped the wallet. He convinces her to hand over the wallet and he brings it to her home, where she is accommodating a handsome but injured young man. She asks Cho to come in, and when he does, she introduces him to Young-joo, who has been spending the night with her friend’s partner. Young-joo’s brother is out and she is on her period, so when she goes to the bathroom, Cho stays with them. While Young-joo and her new boyfriend are happy to see Cho, Young-joo’s brother, Rok-chung, is not. Rok-chung insists that he will find her a rich older boyfriend in Japan.

    Young-joo and her boyfriend sign up for a modeling class, but without the necessary money. Cho is planning to steal it from a teacher until his friend, Cha, informs him that his wallet was swept through security. Cha says the thief was caught and kicked out of the station. Meanwhile, Rok-chung has learned of Young-joo’s rich boyfriend, who is holding her mother and brother


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    Winner of seven independent game awards:

    Best Audio, Best Game Design, and Best Visual Art for the PC
    Best Horror Game, Best Interactive Horror, and Audience Award for the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel
    Winner of PC Gamer’s Best Horror Game, and an Indie Gamer Kit Award

    WARNING: This game is intended for mature audiences only.


    “The sense of dread that you feel in Nightmare Mode is an excellent reflection of the subtle feeling of dread that settles on you when you know what happens at the end of this dungeon. It is in these moments that the game finally manages to pull off what many find to be the essential horror game experience.” — GameZebo

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System Requirements For Detective Girl Of The Steam City:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1
Processor: 2.2 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DX 9.0 compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 15 GB available space
Sound: On-board sound device
Additional Notes: (optional)
OS: Windows 10
Processor: 2.4 GHz Quad Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DX 11



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