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Discs Index Crack Download Latest









Discs Index Crack

Create and manage your computer’s DVD and CD-ROM collection easily with a free and easy-to-use tool.

Allows you to add, edit and remove disc information, such as file names, read dates and file sizes.

Speed up searches by adding some words to the list of words to search (file titles, vendor, audio information, etc.)

2. The Unarchiver
The Unarchiver is a simple to use archiving solution designed to help users backup or transfer data from CDs or DVDs and keep it safe from unwanted users. You are able to select any kind of media to be archived and the software will make sure that it will be backed up to your hard drive, making sure that you won’t have to worry about losing any data.
The application can create archives using the following kinds of backup formats:

ISO files


ISO image files

You can select any location to store the archive and have the application take care of everything automatically for you. The application is very simple to use and it only requires you to select the media you want to back up from your computer and a few properties to customize the output settings and the file’s name.
All in all, the The Unarchiver is a very simple and easy-to-use archiving solution that will help you back up data from all your CDs and DVDs safely.

To date, it is the best solution for most people wishing to back up a copy of a CD/DVD.
The Unarchiver Description:

Unarchiver.com, a free software to make backups of your CDs and DVDs.

In addition to being able to use media files created from ISO disk images, the software allows you to back up CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, BD-R and BD-R DL.

The Unarchiver will back up your CDs or DVDs using any of the following forms of backup files:


* ImgBurn

* Image files

* CD/DVD-Video and CD-DA

* CD-DA image files

The software will format the media you want to back up using the default settings before making the backup.

Drag files to the button on the right to preview and select them, and click the button on the right to apply the settings.

Discs Index Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

Compact and intuitive user interface

Edits different types of files

Includes a search tool

Manages CD and DVD collection

Doesn’t have any customization options


The software doesn’t have any customizable options

It’s not provided with any instructions or tips


Discs Index is a neat and compact application that allows you to manage files and folders that you store on your CD or DVD collection.

It comes with a very intuitive and compact user interface. You can save your work when you’re done working and it lets you check the title, the vendor and the date that the files were created on.

You can add CDs and you can add notes as well as edit and remove information from your database. It’s fast and has a search tool that you can use to find what you’re looking for.

While it lets you organize your CDs and DVDs, it doesn’t come with any customizable options, which is rather inconvenient. It’s not provided with any instructions or help.

All in all, Discs Index is a neat and efficient application that allows you to manage your CD and DVD collection.

Discs Index Features:

Compact and intuitive user interface

Edits different types of files

Includes a search tool

Manages CD and DVD collection

Doesn’t have any customization options


The software doesn’t have any customizable options

It’s not provided with any instructions or tips

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Add new rows from dataframe to master dataframe

I have a dataframe with a master variable containing ID’s and a dataframe with testing information for the ID’s. I have a list of IDs that I would like to check if that ID is in the dataframe and then add a new row with the testing information to a new dataframe. So far I have
for x in df_list:
df_ids.loc[df_ids[‘ID’] == x, ‘Result’] = True

This is messy, but is what I have thus far. Thank you.


You can use pandas.concat:
d = {‘ID’: [‘

Discs Index Crack+

1) Developed with Windows Forms in Visual Studio
2) Supports all CD/DVD/CD-R Media formats
3) A high quality, Easy-to-use application that will help you manage your CD/DVD/CD-R drives.
4) Let you add and remove files from your CD/DVD/CD-R collection.
5) Create user profiles to manage your CD/DVD/CD-R drives.
6) Support for adding notes.
7) Support for importing files from other sources.
8) Support for opening files on the CD/DVD/CD-R collection.
9) Support for using a specific folder on the CD/DVD/CD-R collection.
10) Support for adding and removing the files.

What’s New:

23) Supports SSDs

Technical Specifications for Discs Index (read/write):

Siemens E-P-2000i — Siemens E-P-2000i drive

Only for some models, more to come:

— Some models have limitations on the number of CD/DVD/CD-R drives which can be created
— Some models have limitations on the number of notes which can be created

What’s New:

Search box now opens with the «Cdindex» program name, in case the program is not running, it will run the program using the batch file. This works only if the program is installed in a folder.

A user can now delete multiple files at the same time.

Technical Specifications for Discs Index (read/write):

Siemens E-P-2000i — Siemens E-P-2000i drive

The newly released disc index software looks and works better than all other similar solutions on the market. It is just simple, intuitive and easy-to-use, yet enables the user to create and maintain complete databases of his or her CD and DVD collections. With an intuitive indexing and labeling tool, the users can keep track of the data at all times. File tags, search criteria, and previews are just some of the features that make the disc index program a valuable tool for all disc collectors.

This disc index program enables users to search through their disc collections by various categories such as title, label, author, year of release, or other. Searching for categories in this way is quicker than trying to locate each file by using a specific title and then find

What’s New in the Discs Index?



File Size:

2.11 MB

English (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10)

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10


File Management


Shareware, $14.99; Open Source


$14.99; $69.00

License Type:




Publisher’s Description:

When it comes to organizing data on your computer, it seems that the Internet offers lots of applications and programs that you could choose from. One of them is Discs Index. It’s a neat software solution that lets you create and manage various files stored on your DVD or CD-ROM collection. It comes with the option to edit parameters for your collection. Simple and compact user interface. Manage your CD collection easily. More features and tools.

Discs Index is a MacOS X only.
This is perfectly understandable, considering the huge popularity of Macs.
What it does not understand is that it is not a very efficient application, as it takes a lot of time to open, closing and saving data, when, in the case of some of the software that are available, you would have the same speed and responsiveness with Macs.

This was a «me too» operation. The previous discography program did a similar job except it was in better English and had a better user interface. If you just want to see whats on your CD discography and maybe edit the information… it works fine. If you want to do something more complex… like link (a.k.a. drag) a CD you’ve created/bought yourself into the discography and then keep a track of that… or like edit a lot of discs from one collection… this program is not made for you. And the user interface is terrible with underwhelming on screen cursor control (there is no mouse support in discography). Use this program with caution.

I used to have an extensive discography system that ran on windows and then moved to macs. I was a big windows user and using my mac for a short time trying to get to know it’s learning curve, I found everything I needed and then some. If you’ve spent a couple of years getting to know the discography information on

System Requirements For Discs Index:

Must have an internet connection
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Hard Disk: 50 GB
Runs best with: DirectX 9.0c or higher and up to date graphics card drivers.
What’s inside:
* 32-bit Windows version
* All textures, materials, and animations are in the «normal» version. No «T» or «L» versions


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