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How to add shared preferences to FirebaseRecyclerAdapter with its own firebaseRecyclerOptions?

I currently have an Activity which displays a ListView using a FirebaseRecyclerAdapter. Each item in the adapter has a button (in another activity) which should perform some action which the adapter would not be able to do itself.
To do so, I’m using an OnClickListener to perform a callback when the user clicks on the button. The problem is that in order to actually perform the callback, I need to store some data in SharedPreferences.
This is my first time working with SharedPreferences so I’m not exactly sure what to do. I tried creating a custom FirebaseRecyclerAdapter class, and then in that class use a onBindViewHolder method where I put code to manipulate the shared preference key, but I wasn’t able to, so I guess I’m doing something wrong.


It is possible, but I don’t see it as a good practice, what you can do in this case is create a class that implements a Callback interface and put it as a listener on a value in your Database and retrieve it when the UI should be updated.
You can use the Firebase SDK to retrieve it by calling the call getValue() on your database node. If you set a listener to it you’ll be able to retrieve it when needed.


Meteor method not working

I am trying to call a Meteor method that takes a userId and sorts the posts by the last time it was commented. This is my method:
Posts.find({user: this.userId}, {sort: {createdAt: -1}}, function(err, posts) {
if (err) console.log(err);
this.posts = posts;
this.subscribe(‘posts’, this.posts);

My Meteor method

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