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He also took care of munchies ;r;. Her Hetalia pends, and looks to be. IMO, she has a bit of this. But yeah, all the pairings her with poni and OTP with Fluttershy and Spike, she has that bit of emotional complexity and that.

So did I, until 2 years ago. I had no past.

Heta-Hetalia does kind of remind me of Homestuck, but in a more ‘Simpson’ way (in that it’s a MSP(S): A) world where one’s CURRENT desires define what their REAL desires are.

Heta-Hetalia reminds me of Homestuck more than anything, especially just seeing the maps. The only thing I could think of when I saw the map was the one from the Human AU Homestuck. Where at the end of time it was just the two of them, and they were both trying to decide what to do. Did they want to be together, or did they want to be separate? I mean yeah, we could apply it to our own lives or other things, but Homestuck did that better.

I like Hetalia the most because it’s just the pairings. It’s like: «Damn, I’ve never had a pairing like that. Let’s see how others have done it. Looks like I have a lot more to learn» and just the general idea of exploring the relationships of these people really gets me excited. It’s definitely my favorite of the two.

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Power of Money in the Process of STEM Education and Career Choice

When most of us hear the term STEM, we think of sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students in these fields do research and come up with innovative solutions for the various aspects of our lives – from health and medicine to transportation and security to education and workforce development. But STEM fields do not only focus on research and innovation; they also shape social structure and well-being in ways that are not usually recognized.

Research has shown that career choices that emphasize STEM fields often produce employment for people of color, women, and low-income backgrounds. Meanwhile, the fields that do not focus on STEM reward is too often employers in the banking and finance industries, which for decades has held a stereotype of being a field that is not “feminine.”

In Philadelphia, we are fortunate to have a vibrant community of schools and students that are focused on STEM-related fields, especially when it comes to preparing students to be engineers. The Philadelphia Area School of Technology (PAST), the Philadelphia Vocational School, and many other schools in our city provide highly-credentialed programs that will help students who are interested in certain STEM fields to pursue a career in these fields.

But this focus on STEM fields is not just limited to Philadelphia; we see other regional efforts across the United States to focus on the STEM fields. One such example is the Power of STEM National Partnership.

The Power of Money in the Process of STEM Education and Career Choice

But despite this emphasis on the STEM fields, only a small percentage of schools in the United States have a school science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum aligned with what we know about the fields and what students need to be successful in them. And students in schools that do not have a STEM curriculum often do not see STEM as a

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