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Cannot show right property of the cohttp response

I’m using the cohttp. When I receive data from the server, it contains a bool value. What I try to do is to check whether the bool value is true or false. However, it does not work. I tried both cases. How to show the correct result of my request?
type ServerData = { a: bool; b: string; c: int }

dataHub.jsSave(true) |> mapToSignal
).mapToSignal = (boolValue: bool) =>
(boolValue === true)? { c: 1, b: ‘hello world’, a: ‘ok’ } :
(boolValue === false)? { c: 2, b: ‘bye world’, a: ‘ok’ } :


The response is Ok.
The response body cannot be shown. It only contain the bool value.


you have to call your mapToSignal like this
mapToSignal({ a: true, b: ‘hello world’, c: 1 })

but the interesting is that you can see on type signature that you get a signal with either :T:bool, bool or T with no arguments.

1. Field

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WPF DataGridView: How to close a row when all of the current row’s cells in an e.g. DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn are set to True

I have a DataGridView with a DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn that is bound to a BindingList that implements the CollectionChanged event.

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