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The following brief video lessons offer the basics of Photoshop. This video contains useful Photoshop tips on how to do things like get rid of shadows in an image and apply slight color corrections. The following lessons from Lynda.com will teach you to use Photoshop’s tools more effectively. Steps and Tutorials Step 1: Create a New Document Open a new Photoshop document. Notice how the white background was selected automatically by the program and how it now appears at the top of the editor. This is where you work on your original picture. Step 2: Create and Save a New Layer Photoshop automatically creates a background layer when you open a new document. Note how the background layer is selected when you add a new layer. Now you will add a new layer and paint the background layer and show you how to save a layer in Photoshop. Step 3: Choose a New Layer After a new layer has been created, you are asked to select a new layer. To select a new layer: a. Click the Select Button on the top toolbar b. Choose the New Layer button in the Layers Dialog c. All subsequent layers will also be selected automatically If you select a layer, you can choose which tool to use for adding a new layer from the options in the Layers Dialog. Step 4: Paint a New Layer Next, you will paint a new layer, also known as creating a new object. a. Choose the Paint Bucket (Brush tool) from the Tools Options Bar b. Click on the New Layer button, which is circled in red in the drawing below c. Click the Red plus sign to choose the paint bucket tool from the tools options bar d. Use the Brush tool to add a new layer in the middle of the document Step 5: Edit the New Layer Once a layer is created, you are then able to edit the new layer. a. Click on the New Layer button, which is circled in red in the drawing below b. Choose the Shape tool, which is circled in red below c. Click the New Layer button, which is circled in red in the drawing below d. Click the Triangle in the Tools Options bar e. In the Properties Options Bar, click on the left side of the Triangle

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Learn how to edit and save images with Photoshop Elements; edit and save an image as a new file with Photoshop Elements; and how to make a composite image using Photoshop Elements. We don’t cover Photoshop Elements for beginners. If you want to learn everything about this edition of Photoshop, start with Mastering Elements from the beginning or the more advanced Elements CS6: From Beginning to Finish. After you’ve finished with Elements, Mastering Photoshop CS6 will help you understand the other editions of Photoshop. What is Photoshop Elements? Photoshop Elements is a professional photo editing and graphics software for beginners and people with little or no computer experience. It is a graphics editor and allows you to create photo collages and organize photos into projects with specific purposes. With Elements, you can design and edit: photos business cards scrapbook pages other photo projects 4K resolution This, and several other key features, make Photoshop Elements the best choice for beginner-level users. Professional Photoshop Elements was first released in 2007 and offers all the benefits and features of Photoshop CS4, including: Upgraded and expanded professional range of tools Color Management and profiling Redesigned workspace and toolbars Export and Print Studio and Web Services Support for all major image formats Clean and modern user interface Multimedia: edit video, audio and 3D animations The same features that are available in Photoshop CS4 are also included in Elements. History Photoshop Elements has been a part of Adobe’s Creative Suite since its launch in 2007. Since then, the software has evolved and been modified to include more features and tools for beginners. Adobe released Photoshop Elements 9 in 2009. This was the last version of Photoshop Elements before the release of Photoshop CS5 in 2010. Photoshop Elements 11 was released in 2014 and was the first version to be based on the new Photoshop Creative Cloud system. Elements 12 was released in 2017 and was based on the Photoshop Creative Cloud system. Features of Photoshop Elements The features included in Photoshop Elements are the same as in other editions of Photoshop. Learn which features are available in Photoshop Elements below: Edit images Work with Photoshop Elements To edit and save images in Photoshop Elements: Photoshop Elements offers the same basic features as Photoshop. You can create new images and edit 05a79cecff

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