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. However, even after correct dialing, often I      could not do handover in both the directions. Be sure to include where you       live, where you      would like to receive calls from, where you       wish to receive calls from and where you would like to send SMSs to, if these differ from the default location settings. Not long ago, I noticed that TouchKey also had the possibility to PIN the SIM, so I       did and did not notice that it had restored the SIM       PIN. However, soon I noticed that the traffic on the SIM       went down to almost nothing, which makes me suspect that the SIM will die soon. In my opinion, a physical SIM could work better as it gives a hint to the users that the SIM       is dead and that the phone is not going to function as it used to. I tried it again on the morning of 17/02/2016 (when this experiment was conducted) and it was great! If you are going to change the PIN on the SIM, I suggest that you first go to the SIM       info screen and turn off the SIM PIN option. If you have an Internet connection, you can always go online and then change the PIN from there. In the case of a dead SIM, you should try to contact the       service provider from a landline or a mobile device. One of the buttons in the SIM        info screen will give you an option to       initiate a call to the       service provider and usually you can see if there is a problem with your phone or with the SIM. If you still experience problems on your phone, you should contact your service provider and ask them for   


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This will work for «workbench»
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Not sure what will happen when there are multiple data in the same line.

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$start_time = $this->rest_utils->getSecondsToTimeStamp($ts, true);
$end_time = $this->rest_utils->getSecondsToTimeStamp($ts, true);
if ($start_time rest_utils->calculateTime($ts);
$times[$times_obj->address] = $time;

* @param \Spatie\SchemaOrg\Contracts\PlaceContract|\Spatie\SchemaOrg\Contracts\PlaceContract[] $user_locations
* @return static
* @see
public function userLocations($user_locations)
return $this->setProperty(‘user_locations’, $user_locations);

* A valid geographic location type. This location type can be used in the
* organization’s location to indicate a specific location for this organization.

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You are copying direct output from terminal. You need to add | tee /dev/null to redirect it to /dev/null.
docker cp yourcontainer:/whereisyourarchive/ /where/you/want/the/copy/to/be

Imperial War Museum London

The Imperial War Museum is a museum of military history and technology, in London. It was originally called the Imperial War Museum (Redwood Arch) and opened in 1917 in a purpose-built building in south-east London. It commemorates World War I as well as the two world wars. It is a major tourist attraction, with over 2.5 million visitors in 2015.


Early years

The Imperial War Museum was conceived in the early years of the 20th century, after the initial outbreak of the First World War. Construction of the museum was a part of a government scheme for the development of a national museum of war, inspired by the success of the Imperial War Museum in the United Kingdom. It is officially designated as the Imperial War Museum (Redwood Arch). When the museum was opened in September 1917, it had no permanent collections. The collections were, at first, displayed in the Royal Albert Hall during the interwar period.

In the 1930s, the museum gained its first permanent galleries, designed in the Art Deco style, when architect Alfred Hitchcock was commissioned to build a new entrance and Great Hall. This building was opened in 1936, as the «Imperial War Museum, Redwood Arch», and in 1937 the name was changed to the «Imperial War Museum».

World War II
When World War II began, the museum relocated to a disused cloth store in Lambeth, London, where it remained for the duration. It has been suggested that the «Imperial War Museum» is named after the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, which formed part of the Redwood Arch Division of the Territorial Army, and served from 1914–1946, although whether or not that is true is debatable. The Art Deco Great Hall was used as a barracks, and the two main rooms of the museum were turned into shops for rationed items.

In 1946, the museum was re-established as a branch of the Victoria & Albert Museum

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