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Elden Ring Crack Patch SKiDROW CODEX [+ DLC] Download [Mac/Win] [April-2022]


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.36 / 5 ( 5671 votes )
Update (5 days ago)







Elden Ring offers a visually impressive action RPG experience with characters that feel like they are living and breathing.

Drawing inspiration from the medieval times, characters of various races live in a dangerous world ruled by a spiritual lord.

The gameplay is centered around the four classes of the Elden Ring: Warrior, Wizard, Mystic, and Rogue.

They all have their own unique skills and abilities that can be freely customized to create your ideal class.

You can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.

Elden Ring offers an extensive online world designed around large open fields full of action and players, as well as epic dungeons with complex environments and diverse characters.



The game is based around a mythical story of four heroes.

Zoltin, a young warrior who has just joined the Elden Ring, takes part in a training ritual to awaken the spirits of the land.

Meanwhile, a dark figure appears who has an ominous future for Tarnished, causing the young warrior to want to protect him.

As Zoltin and Tarnished make their way through the world, they start on a journey to brandish the power of the Elden Ring to become an Elden Lord.

Players must investigate the secrets of the game to fight the sinister forces that seek to destroy the world.

You can begin the game with up to three characters, and during the game, you can freely switch between characters.

Through the online cooperative world, you can interact with other players in real time, and enhance your gameplay experience by changing the rules or completing items together.

Your actions and characters will affect the vast and complex online world that the game creates, which has a dramatic impact on all players’ experiences.



The Wizard is a mage who uses magic to enhance his combat skills.

His powerful range of magic is tied to his everyday life; while he spends his time in a peaceful environment, he is able to use his amazing powers, such as large AoE magic or powerful single-target skills.

Wizard class is the class that has the highest damage output at the expense of a long cast time.


The Warrior is a powerful and versatile class for when the numbers become too big or the enemy’s tactics too


Features Key:

  • A large number of players in the world.
  • An MMO game that gives players a new world with an epic drama.
  • Multiple twists and turns unique to the world of Elden Ring.
  • Continuous charming and interactive dialogue between the game’s characters.
  • Exceptional quality graphics that make the fantasy world look more realistic.
  • An addictive battle system that marries action with strategy.
  • An appealing and captivating story.
  • Various game content that gives you special effects and customization options.
  • A fully-featured Achievement System that lets you compete with others on your results.
  • A Product Information can be seen at

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    Elden Ring Crack Patch With Serial Key [Updated] 2022

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    Free Download Elden Ring Crack + [Latest] 2022

    1. Unrar and install it.
    2. Copy the game directory (ELDEN_RING_GAME) to the installation path (c:\program files (x86)\ELDRING).
    3. Run the game: ELDRING.exe
    4. Enjoy the game!


    To build a romantic story, we invite you to take part in the initial stage of creating your character.

    In the beginning, you can choose a different name and gender.

    **Options menu**:


    How To Crack:

  • Download the setup

  • Open the download file with WinRAR (4.61 and later)

  • Extract the contents of the rar file to a destination

  • Run the program and login to enjoy the game

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    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.36 / 5 ( 5671 votes )
    Update (5 days ago)


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