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iOS版: ご参考まで!Q:

How do I access the DataContext of a Label in WPF?

I have a ListBox which contains a few Labels. When I click an Item of the ListBox, I want to change the text of the Label that was the first in the ListBox and, if I click another Item of the ListBox, set the text of the next Label which is also in the ListBox.
I have the ItemClick event attached to the ListBox.
I have the following XAML code:

Text Value 1
Text Value 2
Text Value 3
Text Value 4

How do I get access to the DataContext in my List


Features Key:

  • Battle against inhuman foes using an eternal loop of combat systems, the combat flow is designed to make the battles thrilling
  • Battle alongside an Eternal through asynchronous online interactions, feel free to send and receive support using various methods such as, in game mail, forum, etc.
  • You can purchase various items from the Marketplace, and I want to give the players the power to “ownership” of their items and have them next to their in game selves
  • In order to get the game, you can turn to

    Wed, 29 Mar 2018 07:17:47 +0000a professional Climber news22583 class=»figure align-right» style=»width: 300px»>FIGURE ALIGN RIGHT

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    Elden Ring Free Download PC/Windows

    «The Tarnished Prince» (Tarnished Prince first edition)

    Developed by Bungie (Microsoft)

    Published by Marvelous

    Released 08 October, 2010.

    Language: Japanese.

    «Form and function are nothing without purity of spirit, and only those who can see form and function as manifestations of the soul do not lose sight of the soul itself.» — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    I want to talk about Tarnished Prince’s unique selling points, the strengths of the new fantasy action role-playing game, Elden Ring Crack Mac: Rise, Tarnished.

    The features of the new fantasy action RPG, Elden Ring Crack Mac: Rise, Tarnished, are different from those of the previous fantasy action RPG Elden Ring, but the most notable difference is that it has fully remastered graphics, music and other enhancements. The graphics and sound effects have been given a new treatment, so players may enjoy the atmosphere more. The game has also been given an updated interface to increase the immersive feeling. Rise, Tarnished is a game that can be played for hours, but it does have a downside of being short on content. I highly recommend this game to all RPG fans.


    The story of Elden Ring: Rise, Tarnished is the tale of a prince and princess who were once a king and queen. After an accident changed their fate, the princess is thrust into a world where she is called upon to help guide the protagonist, who has sunk into the depths of darkness, through the lands of peace and horror.

    The most interesting aspect of this story is the missing part. For those of you who have played the story of Elden Ring before, you may be a little disappointed when you realize that you are not seeing the whole story at all. If you are a new player to this story, the game might give you a feeling of confusion, but to those of you who have already played Elden Ring, I hope that you understand the game’s story, but you may want to read about the background of the story before you start playing it. The story of Rise, Tarnished is amazing, but it is missing some parts of the story.


    There are two main characters, a human protagonist and a fairy princess. The princess is known for her beauty and kindness, but has been suffering a severe depression ever since an unfortunate accident took place


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    [Character Level] [Item Level] [Skill Level] [Battle Skill] [Character Level] A higher level character is required to make the ELDEN RING combat better.
    [Item Level] Items can be obtained from the world, and they vary in quantity depending on the character level. Some items can only be obtained through defeating monsters and some can only be acquired through a quest.
    [Skill Level] The skill level of the character affects the character’s equipment effect on certain skills, such as ‘Enhancement of Magic’.
    [Battle Skill] The battle skill affects the strength of the character’s equipment and the effects of Skill Arts.

    ・3 × 3 Player Party Dungeons

    — Introduction

    Online matchmaking is available. You can communicate with others in the Local Area Network through the smartphone app and form a party with other players through local area network connections. In the Local Area Network, you can communicate with others in your party through your smartphone and directly perform turn-based battles. As you join battles, the progress and victories of other players will also be displayed. In addition, through ‘Party Announcements’, you will be notified of the currently active party.

    — Start Battle

    In Online games, participants are put in different locations. Therefore, to form a party with many players, you will be placed in a location where there is no party leader. If you manage to form a party with many players, the progression of the game will be accelerated. Upon forming a party, a message will be displayed as the party leader. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to accept or reject the invitation.

    — Party member names and Communication levels will be displayed, so you can easily know the communication status.

    — Multi-Party

    In a Multi-Party, 4 players can form a party. To assemble such a party, you will be put in a different location from a party leader. It is possible for parties to join together. However, they will be in different places, so that a party can be formed by selecting the ‘Form new party’ option.

    — Local Area Network Communication

    In the Local Area Network, you can communicate with others in your party through your smartphone, and form a party.

    — ‘Party Announcements’


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The New Fantasy Action RPG game is a back story installment starring the Armies of Wizards & Sorcerers in Hamadryad and the twin daughter of Alma and Dehaka who has not been born yet.

    The new fantasy action RPG game, that has added the stunning action of simulation games, draws upon the concept of the back-story. From the start of the game, in the region called «Northern Crown,» a massive volcanic eruption occurs, and a strange phenomenon called «The Dark Disaster» occurs, and in the region called «The Shroud of Al’ar» a new mysterious life is seen. Players are to go forward one step to this world, and live their interest in Magazoa and Ocram.




    Free Download Elden Ring

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the trial version of Elden Ring from the link provided and install it.
  • Run the crack with the crack provided or extract and run the “cracked.exe” found in the cracked folder.
  • The game can be played offline but the online features are disabled. (1GB)
  • Enjoy the game!



    Fri, 19 Nov 2017 04:32:00 +0000
    In today’s article we will go over the following:

    MDL2 – Codename: In Fire :

    MDL2 – Codename: In Fire is an intense first person shooter. The game is most definetly what you would expect from MDL2, you can expect intense action with 5v5 team matches. 

    The key features are:

    • 120+ Fully Customisable Characters. 
    • 15 Kills = 1 Point. 
    • 4 Skill Levels. 

    • Team Melee & Team Supremacy Mode. 
    • Shoot and Run Multiplayer Mode! 
    • Eliminating Players will get you some more points. 
    • Team Save! Load out your loadout from last kill via a loadout screen during a match. This also means you can load out your partner before your next match.




    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 64-bit
    2.4 GHz Dual Core processor
    1 GB RAM
    800 MB available disk space
    DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 256 MB VRAM
    Graphic Settings:
    Custom Resolution 1.09.2 default resolution
    Multi-Touch: No
    Render Quality: High
    Texture Quality: High
    Shadow Quality: High
    Foliage Quality: High
    Effects Quality: High
    Ambient Occlusion: High



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