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During the history of fantasy games, the action RPG genre is usually centered around strong heroes, huge numbers of battles and large numbers of hit points.

The games of today have more sophisticated graphics and detailed worlds, are centered on heroes who wield multiple weapons and are guided by the words of another.

Tarnished is a game that takes the action RPG game genre in a very different direction.

The setting is familiar, and the world is extremely detailed, yet at the same time, the basics of the action RPG genre are fully manifested.

Like a dandelion seed floating in the wind, in the game of Tarnished, you will be guided to explore, obtain new items and gain more experience.

As you progress through the game, you will begin to experience the faint feeling of an ungainly and immature hero who is fated to someday accomplish something great in their lives.

This is a simple and direct fantasy action RPG with many surprises and features. You will finally be able to realize and experience the action RPG that you were looking for long ago.

“With a powerful sword in your hand, you feel the sense of purpose of a hero.”

Yasuyuki Komiya (voiced by Ryuji Kawamoto)

A man who before the completion of his sophomore year at high school, dreamed of becoming an adventurer in other worlds.

However, he came to a reality in which he has to make a living for himself in the real world, so he decided to become a game producer.

However, until he met the lovely Liasa Althor, life did not have a meaning for him, and he could not understand the value of working as a game producer, so he decided to become an adventurer again.

Yasuyuki Komiya, 20 years old.


Saduswig is a mysterious village that appeared in the Lands Between on the night of the celebration of the completion of Tarnished’s development.

There is a mysterious place in the village, which does not accept the outside world.

The residents of the village are silent, and they have the power to heal the injured without seeing them.

Over time, Sadus


Features Key:

    Able to fight with overwhelming strength and handle many different enemy units with ease, this title also provides tactical operations that entail many calculated turns.
  • MULTIPLAYER Online Battle Arena
    The action game’s multiplayer game allows you to connect to other players easily. You can also challenge players who belong to a high level to fight with you in the arena and become an Elden Lord together.
    You can create your own character and settle in the Lands Between in one of the five different regions
  • Content that defines the key features of this title:

    • • A vast world full of excitement, you can freely explore and enjoy in the Lands Between
    • • Over fifty types of monsters that accompany you on the adventure, and several techniques of fighting them with various weapons
    • • Hundreds of items that you can add to your equipment
    • • A layered online battle arena online that allows you to fight with high-level players and challenge them in an arena together.
    • • Play as a character of your own and be something other than a series of squares on the battlefield.
    • • A story that seamlessly intersects with the thoughts of many characters
    • • An interface that allows you to select and combine various characters when exploring the Lands Between
    • Superb multiplayer battles. You can learn more about the game right now.

    Added Xbox Live Avatar Support!

    All you need to do is register your Xbox Live gamer tag to receive your avatar in order to use it in multiplayer. (You do not need to have an Xbox Live membership to retrieve your avatar.)

    Notes for Xbox users

    • This support is only available for Xbox live users and in party games. If you enter into a party game as an other player where you are the only one in your party to have an avatar, you will be able to pick your avatar without having to enter


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      County Route 553, abbreviated CR 553, is a county highway in the U.S. state of New Jersey. The highway runs from CR 521 in Vernon Township, continuing west to a dead end at the intersection of Old Hook Road in the community of Old Hook in Franklin Township. It travels through the Stony Brook and Raritan Rivers watersheds in northwestern Bergen County.

      Route description
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      Three versions:

      An early edition of the original version of FINAL FANTASY XIII that uses the novel FINAL FANTASY XIII as the base.The Twilight Adolescence edition of FINAL FANTASY XIII that adds new content.The PHANTASM edition of FINAL FANTASY XIII that enhances the FINAL FANTASY XIII game with enhanced UI and Wi-Fi Online Play.

      Mini Battle System:

      Fight against the force of darkness using the SPECIAL System.

      Three types of attacks:

      Support attack.This attack supports the main character’s power.Counterattack.This attack attacks the enemy when they attack the main character.Special ability.This attack is activated when the main character uses a special ability to cancel an enemy attack.FINAL FANTASY XIII game:

      You follow the path of the Regal. Become an instrument of the God of Time, Tidus, and save the crystals and the lives of the Star Children.

      Twilight is a visual novel fantasy action RPG game created by Square Enix.

      The gameplay is in a 2D format, and your actions are limited by the elements of time and space. With each step, you are teleported to a new location where you can make decisions that ultimately change the story.

      You must guide the main character, the protagonist, through the course of events and while solving puzzles. Your role as the main character is decided when you enter Twilight.

      On entering Twilight, you are guided by the “Mysterious Book” and become the main character, named “Tidus.” You witness memories of past events where you gained the power of Tidus, an ancient hero of his time. These memories are interspersed with events from the book of your current story as you travel through time and space. After seeing the final scenes of the past, you are transported to a place where there is a star that contains Tidus’s life force. At this point, you have a choice: 1) to destroy the star that contains Tidus’s life force or 2) to keep it.

      The choices you make determine the fate of the Star Children. The story of FINAL FANTASY XIII expands with each choice.

      Twilight is an early release version. In other words, this version is an early version of the FINAL FANTASY XIII that includes the FINAL FANTASY XIII game as is.


      Welcome to Life After Death. There is only one ending.


      What’s new:

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      System Requirements:

      • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer (see System Requirements, below).
      • Microsoft DirectX 8 or newer (see System Requirements, below).
      Minimum Requirements:
      • Windows Vista or newer (see System Requirements, below).
      System Requirements:
      • DirectX 8.0 or newer.
      • Windows Vista.
      • Windows XP SP 2, SP 3, or SP 3.
      • 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
      • 500 MB



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