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Elden Ring: Deluxe EditionSKiDROW [+ DLC]+ Activator [32|64bit] ☑


■Classic Fantasy Action RPG
Forza Horizon 3Rise, Tarnished, and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

◎Lands Between
A high fantasy RPG filled with open areas and vast dungeons, where anything is possible.

◎Pursue Your Dream
Create your own character from its appearance and equipment. Create your own personality and play style.

◎Mythical Experience
A multilayered story based on the idea of the Lands Between.
◎Customize Your Game at Will
Develop your character from its appearance and equipment. You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic, and you can take them to battle.

■Create Your Own User Experience

As a user, you can freely customize your game.

◎Complex Combat
Fight alongside hundreds of other players.


Enjoy various game modes, including a five-player PVP mode and a separate mode where you can earn a variety of items from other players.

◎More to Come!
Continue to create the best game in the smartphone world!

◎Videogame System (Android 8.0 and Above)
By officially verifying this app, the owner agrees to the condition of using this app in accordance with the conditions of End-user license agreement.
Please note that this app is designed for Android smartphones that meet the conditions listed below.

— Android version 4.2 and above (API level 16 or greater)
— 512 MB RAM
— 1 GB of storage space
— Android operating system v.5.0.1 (API level 16) or later (API level 25 or higher)
— Android SDK v.23

■ ■ ■ ■
Before you download for the first time, please ensure that you meet the conditions listed below.

— A wireless network connection is available in the area where you plan to play the game.
— The Google Play Store is installed in your smartphone.
— You are not installing the application for an underage individual.
— The owner has the right to use this application.

If you cannot meet the above conditions, or there is an error during installation, we advise that you do not download this application.

■ ■ ■ ■
• It is prohibited to install or uninstall this application without the owner’s consent.
• It is prohibited to stop using or delete


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • More than 80 customizable characters, each with their own role
  • 5 dungeons that you can freely explore as you choose your approach for battles
  • A city to interact with NPCs
  • Over 100 quests to complete in and out of the dungeons
  • The world is divided into multiple themed countries, allowing players to enjoy the game in various ways
  • A new combat system with a priority-based skill allocation system
  • Key game features:

    • Character customization with thousands of items and more than 300 pieces of equipment
    • Over 100 battles, including wild areas and special dungeons
    • New and improved system to allow shared elements and consciousness between characters in the team
    • Realistic on-screen battle effects and high resolution graphics

    Key Development Environment Features:

    • Source code that can be played in your browser
    • Support for the scenario data formats used in the game
    • Canvas platform to allow for players to have shared elements at all times

    The development environment’s foundation, the PIXEL* engine, is the internal engine that does not require installation of any additional program, and can adapt the player’s browser platform.
    PIXEL4* uses a new combat system that is more flexible and includes a priority-based skill distribution system, in addition to making use of the new algorithm system in which the characters perform attacks in pre-determined sequences.
    The combat system has internal connection between the players, and opens up the world in a new way. Under the implementation of this system, players’ levels and attributes are effectively connected, and players’ movements in terms of skill allocation and level changes are tied together. Even after each character has the experience necessary to utilize a particular method, in terms of distributing the allocated skills, each player will experience different things depending on the skills they have chosen to grow. Furthermore, unlike the account system in the FINAL FANTASY series where your character’s level affects your stats, in the PIXEL4* engine, your stats directly


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    Full Review link (outdated)

    Full Review link (Outdated)

    Gamer Haven
    Is one of the few games that exceeded my expectations for this year. Beyond the map, monsters, and quests, we got a cast of compelling characters, incredible dungeons, and lore I had no idea was in this game.
    RPG Share
    This is one of the strongest examples I’ve seen for very low price action RPGs. Action points are earned by playing missions, and it’s 100% customizable to your play style.
    RPG Central
    An excellent adaptation of an old school format, it’s more of a game in the vein of Diablo. Going easy on the narrative, the map and dungeon design are each good enough, and the grind is very quick.
    Diablo Humble
    The best online RPG experience yet. It’s got online play and servers that are stable, a customizable combat system, tons of loot, and the best 3D graphics I’ve ever seen on an online-only game.
    RPG Vault
    A great story, great characters, and fun gameplay make this one of the best original fantasy RPG titles I’ve played in a long while.
    Uncut Wizardry
    The combat is excellent and the rewards are good, though the starter set is a little lacking. The maps and dungeons in particular are both great and very deep.
    Soul of Dragon
    I’ve already played this with my wife and she’s rather fond of it. The combat is smooth and easy, but both the map and the dungeons have great variety. It’s a bit of a tough game but it’s overall a pleasant experience.
    When you play the game, you can connect and converse with other players as well as new gamers you meet throughout your adventure. While I did play the game offline, it would be more enjoyable online. The map is large, an interesting variety of locations, and a variety of monsters, although the variety is a bit cliché. There is a wide range of hero powers and abilities and many ways to customize your character. The controls are smooth and the game plays quickly and fluidly. The mission system rewards frequent play to keep things moving along, yet you


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    【Play ARPG】 The fantasy action RPG where you choose the experience of your game.

    【Character Creation】 As the hero of the world, create the character with your own imagination.

    【Playable Character】 Battle through battles with greater power by using magic and combining weapons.

    【Environments】 A vast world full of great scenes and huge dungeons.

    【Character Customization】 Use combinations of weapons and armor to customize your character’s appearance and build your own character.

    【Oriental Style】 An anime-style full of light. The sense of time flies by during the game, like playing in the game from which the old man gives a speech to you.

    【Online Play】 You are able to meet other players and build a community together. Also, a two-dimensional RPG where you can feel others ‘s presence.

    【Epic Drama】 The story progresses step by step, and a magical drama full of conflicts, emotions and romance unfolds.

    【Loyalty】 The game takes place in the world that feels the thorns of the “Sword of Destiny” that is to be forged.

    【Customization】 Characters and items that can be easily customized, with a variety of weapons and magic.

    Gameplay TARNISHED mode:

    【Customizable gameplay】 【30+ hours】 The action-RPG that is fun and simple to play.

    【Challenge Melding】 【Battles with RPG Style】 A new type of battles: 【Greed Mode】 【18×18】 Large screen scenes appear, and large content is added.

    【System】 【Greed Mode】 【Magic and Strength】 You can see each other’s strength and change the direction.

    【Physical Damage】 【Mankind】 【Customization】 A wide variety of costumes.

    【Single-player】 【Kingdom】 【Combination】 There are a variety of characters with multiple combinations.

    【Online】 【Play】

    See screenshots, videos and more at

    The world of Elyria has been covered in snow, and the people are slowly returning to the cities, but power has begun to stir…

    The first Iria is about to be born.

    This is the Elyrian Empire.


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