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Elden Ring Nulled SKiDROW [v 1.02 + DLC] Download [Win/Mac] 🤟🏿

Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.90 / 5 ( 8737 votes )
Update (13 days ago)





Subject: | |


Class: | Sword/Archer


| *Sword
| *Bow


| *Dash
| *Vault
| *Climb

Position: | Central

Strategies: | Awakening Knight

Weakness: | High fall damage


Power Cost: | Low

Defense/Sp.A: | Low

Hit Points: | Low

Other Abilities: | Trip, Splash


| *Force
| *Shield
| *Stance
| *Siege, Cannon

Attack A: | Strike

Attack B: | Strike

Attack C: | Strike

Attack D: | Strike

Attack E: | Strike

Attack F: | Strike

Attack G: | Strike

Attacks CD: | 3 sec

Character: | Cyclops

Class: | Archer


| *Mace
| *Arrow


| *Climb, Vault
| *Jump, Dash

Position: | Far

Strategies: | Striking Archer

Weakness: | Low Defense, Danger zone


Power Cost: | Low

Defense/Sp.A: | Low

Hit Points: | Low

Other Abilities: | Trip, Guard, Ignore, Self shield


| *Vitality
| *Holy weapon
| *Shield
| *Regeneration
| *Siege, Cannon

Attack A: | Arrow

Attack B: | Arrow

Attack C: | Arrow

Attack D: | Arrow

Attack E: | Arrow

Attack F: | Arrow

Attack G: | Arrow

Attacks CD: | 3 sec

Character: | Grand Duke

Class: | Sword


| *Sword


| *Climb
| *Dash
| *Vault

Position: | Far

Strategies: | Artillery Knight

Weakness: | High fall damage


Power Cost: | Low

Defense/Sp.A: | Low

Hit Points: | Low

Other Abilities: | Trip, Block


Features Key:

  • Online play, to directly connect with other players and to seamlessly play together.
  • Single-player offline mode.
  • A beautiful 2.5D world display.
  • Customizable weapons and characters.
  • A large and beautiful multiplayer world where you can engage in exciting battles with other players.
  • Preoperative and deep battle elements.
  • More than 100 enemies that can be challenged directly in the game.
  • An exciting story with a rich cast.
  • On-screen update is designed to provide the clearest possible clear image.
  • More than 60 main characters.
  • Over 20 titles by developers from overseas.

    Spectacular world Design:

    • Undefined combinations of the art style from traditional fantasy epic games and 3D action RPG elements.
    • A deep mixture of challenging combat and pleasure obtained by head-to-head play, battle-based RPG, character-based adventure game and gallery matching game elements, and the remaining elements.

    Turn-based Action and RPG elements:

    • Striking elements from the genre of turn-based action RPGs by combining it with the original seamless online play.
    • Postoperative and deeper game elements compared to previous games.
    • First-time players can catch a glimpse of the interface, but combined with players who have played the game in the past.
    • An over-the-shoulder perspective during play.

    Create your own fantasy world:

    • You can customize your player character freely without any limitations.
    • Characters, weapons, and equipment with varying purposes.
    • Class factor, class name, additional class, and encumbrance amount in order.
    • Select your strategy, which includes a high power, taming, ban-element, and other elements, and can freely combine the power of other items.
    • More than 100 opportunities to develop your character through draw request, sparring request, questing request, and other requests.

    In-depth online components:


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      • Defeating monsters yields experience points and increases strength.

      • Points can be gained by performing Actions (personality traits).

      • Each can be increased up to Nine Stars (equivalent to Six Stars in the previous game).

      • Each has a corresponding resource.

      • Point gains for daily actions decrease over time.

      • Select up to Nine Actions, such as enhancing, boosting, or learning.

      • You can perform up to Nine Actions per turn.

      • You can select Actions before a battle or during a battle.

      • You can immediately perform a single Action at the end of the turn.

      Battle Actions
      • Strengthen

      Strengthens the target unit’s defense.

      • Revive

      Revives the target unit’s hp.

      • Boost

      Increases the target unit’s speed.

      • Boost when Contact

      Increases the target unit’s speed when it contacts an enemy unit.

      • Curse

      Curses the target unit. You can learn one from the existing units.

      • Enhancement

      Increases the target unit’s skill levels.

      • Enhance when Contact

      Increases the target unit’s skill levels when it contacts an enemy unit.

      Evaluation Actions
      • Strength when Controllable

      Increases the Unit’s Strength when it is controlled by you.

      • Strength when Not Controllable

      Increases the Unit’s Strength when it is not controlled by you.

      • Boost when Controllable

      Increases the Unit’s Boost when it is controlled by you.

      • Boost when Not Controllable

      Increases the Unit’s Boost when it is not controlled by you.

      • Boost when Contact

      Increases the Unit’s Boost when it contacts an enemy unit.

      Other Actions
      • Pass Up

      Releases the target unit as a default.

      • Pass Down

      Releases the target unit as a default.

      • Technique

      Pass up when the target unit is controlled by you.

      • Techniques

      Pass down when the target unit is controlled by you.

      • Compensate

      Curse the target unit. This Action cannot be performed when the target unit is controlled by you.

      • Compensate when Contact

      Curse the target unit. This Action cannot be performed when the target unit contacts an enemy unit.

      • Comp


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  • 4.0.3.

    > Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    > A Vast World Full of Excitement
    > A vast world



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    *Windows XP and Windows Vista
    *Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome
    *128 MB RAM
    *Internet connection
    *The controller can only be used with the Gecko Development Kit!
    First, download the Steam version from
    Second, download the Gecko Development Kit (source code) from



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