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The program is very efficient, so it can be successfully used even if the hosts to be
analyzed are hundreds or thousands.
The program generates minimal CPU and Memory consumption.

You can save analysis results in.csv file, in which case the
first column is the host name, second column is the status, and
the third column is the IP address of the host.

The program can analyze a single or multiple hosts in parallel.
Here is an example of a task with 50 hosts:

All the operations are performed by the same way in the program, so it is
easier to explain them together.
The program is distributed over 20 processes, each having an instance
of the main program:

1) List of hosts

The first operation of the program is to read the hosts from the input file.
The next two operations are related with the test execution.

2) Test execution

The test execution is a crucial operation in this program, as the host’s
availability is determined by the duration of the test.
The program does not generate any error if the host is not available,
and therefore it can be used as a simple unix ping command.
The actual test executes quickly, as there is no need to open a
connection to the host and execute several queries.

3) Test result

The current version of the program terminates after the test execution and saves a.csv file
with the result of the test execution.
The analysis of this file can be performed either manually, or all results can
be exported and evaluated simultaneously to determine the host’s status.
For this purpose, Fast Ping supports various data tables, that can be
created in this way:

The program can perform analysis multiple times with a changed file.
In this case, the first is a warm-up analysis, and the others are
performed for the analysis to be actual.


Any host:

1) The host must be alive.

2) It must be written in a file or in a variable.

3) The IP address must be known.


1) Right-click on the My Computer icon and select ‘Open’ or ‘Run’

2) In the ‘Open Or Run Program’ window, select ‘Gacutil /i {Full path}’

3) It is recommended that you edit the

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This is a kind of best-of-all-the-world’s system of tests that is designed to help you check whether the host that you are about to communicate with is alive or whether it is a zombie in a school.
For the sake of simplicity, we will talk only about your connection to the Internet.
The interface of the program is simple — it comprises of three groups of analogic elements — green, red and yellow:
If all hosts are green, you can safely connect with them.
If a host is red, that means it is dead (and we will not be using it).
Yellow means that you may not connect to the host because of an internal error.
Since the system of analysis is based on some rules, it is important to read the comments at the bottom of the application window and to find out which hosts are on your blacklist.
If you have problems with the program, you can always contact us.
Please note that we do not conduct network testing and make no guarantee that your connection will work as it should.
We are only suggesting you to use the program and to evaluate it on your own.
The Fast Ping is absolutely a new program that consists of a set of useful functions and no requirements of the system.
The other programs that you often use require a real internet connection, so Fast Ping does not require that.
You only have to drag the hosts to the window’s icon and press the analysis button on the program’s top menu.
Additionally, the program also detects the infection of your machine by specific program files and it warns you about it.
1. Manual Installation
1) Download the Fast Ping to your desktop.
2) Copy the archive to the C:\Programs\ folder.
3) Open the Fast Ping executable file.
3) Press «Analysis» button in the application window.
4) Fast Ping will run in the system tray.
5) Move the icons of the hosts that you want to check in the system tray.
The program is simple and you have nothing to do.
If you have additional question about this program, feel free to contact us.
2. Manual Usage
1) Download the Fast Ping and unpack the archive.
2) You will find the Fast Ping executable file inside the unpacked archive.
3) Launch the Fast Ping.
3) Drag your hosts to the application window.
4) Press «Analysis» button in the application window.

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Available Add-ins:Add-ins are different ways of extending the Fast Ping functionality.
For example, we can create our own graphical interface, or add a small message when we press a button.
Learn more about add-ins here.

Create Shortcut or Install Fast Ping on Desktop:

If you wish to have a shortcut on your desktop, you can do so from the Shortcut drop-down list.
In the shortcut you can paste the path to Fast Ping executable, and then click on OK to add.

On the other hand, the Fast Ping installation folder is the folder where the Fast Ping executable and libraries are located.
The executable file can be moved on your hard disk so you can execute it directly from your desktop, making it convenient and faster.

The next two pictures show how to create a shortcut and how to add Fast Ping to your desktop.
If the shortcut is added to your desktop, you can double-click it to run the application.

Create Shortcut or Install Fast Ping on Desktop:

Close Fast Ping:

You can close Fast Ping if you wish to launch the next program.
But if you want to quit all Fast Ping windows, you can click on the Close button on the main window’s upper right side.

Net Ping or Net Ping v2.0.3.2 description:

Net Ping is a small tool for testing the Internet connections of computers within a local network.
The program allows you to ping all hosts within your network.
And to see if your computers are alive or not.
You can also capture the remote host’s IP address, and create detailed ping statistics.

Net Ping is used for troubleshooting your Internet connection by checking if your computer is accessible, if your connection is up or down.
It is also a handy tool to know which network paths should be improved in order to reduce ping times.
You can also use it to test your Internet connection speed by measuring ping times.
Net Ping is useful if you are connected via a router or a modem.

Net Ping options:


There is no sense in having this option if you are going to launch the next program.


Here, you can see the program versions, total downloads, hosts this version works with, and hosts this version is not compatible with.


Windows System:

Select a language:


What’s New In?


ping: pings all hosts of a list;
ping -t: pings all hosts of a list with timeout;


-o option tells fast ping to analyze the ping replies and sort them by roundtrip time;
-f : set an interval in seconds to monitor ping replies (default: 0)
-T : set the timeout in seconds (default: 0) (this option is a replacement of -t option)
-c: indicates count number of ping replies
-r: indicates the type of pings (response or echo request)
-A: indicates ping was aborted.
-O: indicates ping was aborted.
-b: indicates ping replies length is measured in bits.
-F: indicates ping replies length is measured in bits.

-h: indicates detailed information about the host


ping -t 10
ping -t 2.5
ping -t 10 -r 2
ping -t 10 -O 2.4
ping -f 2
ping -f 2 -c 1 -r 2
ping -f 3 -c 1 -r 3


v1.2/14-Oct-2016: See release notes for more details.

App Review:

Win32 and Mac OS X Apps:
This is a useful utility for Mac OS X and Windows. It takes advantage of Mac OS X’s ping command and the Windows TCP/IP stack.
This version of fast ping is only available on Mac OS X Yosemite and later. It is not available on previous OS versions.

v1.2/20-Oct-2016: See release notes for more details.


How does Fast Ping know the ping replies length (is it measured in bytes or bits)?

The replies length is measured in bits and Fast Ping displays this value (after the host status) in the second line of the information table: Host Status: 0, Reply: 9 bytes (4.0 bits)

The timeout (or ping

System Requirements For Fast Ping:

Mac OS X 10.9 or above
Intel or AMD processors
3 GB of RAM
64-bit OS
Bluetooth controller with ANT+ Dongle Required
The tablet runs on your Mac
Connects via Bluetooth to your computer
Native support for your keyboard
ChromeOS supports Bluetooth keyboards and mice natively. Use your Mac to control your Chromecast. Requires a Bluetooth controller such as the Apple Magic Trackpad.Note: There is no option to buy a Chromecast


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