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Without denying that moving to a new PC is exciting, since you get to enjoy new hardware and a snappy operating system, there is still the problem of your data transfer to account for. FastMove is a tool designed to make the migration as smooth as possible and transfer your important data – file, folders, software and even settings – without too much hassle.
Simply connect the two computers to the network and let the app do the rest
Following an uneventful installation, you are welcomed by an intuitive interface that is designed as a wizard and can guide you through the process. As indicated in the main window, the first step entails connecting both computers to the same network. The utility allows you to prepare any of the computers, but also supports offline migration via importing or exporting to or from disk.
A noteworthy advantage of the tool stems from the fact that you can also move installed software from one location to another. Therefore, instead of re-downloading, installing and configuring all programs you had on the old computer, you can simply select the ones that you want to transfer and they are going to be moved with all your custom settings.
Includes lossless data migration and supports folder synchronization
While it is true that you can use a USB drive to move files and folders, transferring drivers, apps and settings is not as straightforward. Migrating data using this tool ensures that you also move user accounts and settings along with user passwords, desktop settings and other data, so you save a lot of time and effort.
At the same time, if you feel that you cannot keep track of all the files and folders and you skipped something, you can use FastMove to fix things. Thanks to the program, you can scan folders from two various locations and cope or overwrite the ones that are missing or are different.







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FastMove is a non-invasive utility that moves all your settings, files, folders and programs from your old PC to your new one. The software supports synchronizing files, folders, software and user accounts, letting you avoid doing any prior configuration.

Getting driver updates is one of those side effects that you don’t expect to encounter while you’re trying to do something else, but unfortunately, it will happen. Whether it is for audio drivers, video drivers, or software, there is always a need to install new drivers. However, while you do that, you are entrusting your data to your operating system, and it can make things even more complicated. To have a fresh start on your new computer, the data you have there is required, and fast. This is where Datavista comes in, a tool that is based on your needs.

Datavista Description:

Datavista is a data backup software that is based on your needs. The utility supports an intuitive and easy-to-use wizard that is designed to make the process as quick and as simple as possible.

The program also includes a comprehensive collection of options that will ensure the security of your data, eliminating all the risks that come along with the process. These include an encryption tool that gives you the chance to put data into a layer that would make it virtually impossible to retrieve.

Apart from the encryption process, Datavista also supports the creation of a new encrypted partition for yourself. This will enable you to use the secondary partition to store data that is not critical. Moreover, you can merge this partition and the one you use to store regular data into one file, giving you space to insert documents, photos, videos and more.

Apart from the backup utility, the data-swapping tool supports copying and moving files, folders, printers, email accounts and more. Moreover, the software can create a bootable partition, allowing you to quickly set up the operating system on the hard drive of your new device.

Datavista Features:

Datavista is a free data backup tool that is based on your needs. It supports various options for backup, like rsync, backup at user-configurable intervals, incremental backup, and data compression. The latter option allows you to ensure data storage without affecting the size of your backup. You can also choose from different file formats, including fv, fvs, avi, m2ts, mts,

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FastMove is a new simple software for migration between different computers on your network.
Its advantages:
1. supports network computers and user accounts, desktop settings, all kinds of user data and settings.
2. move multiple users: you do not have to migrate the whole system of one user.
3. very fast and secure migration.
3. many details on moving the program can be found in the help files, please refer to the help documents first.
4. transfer data with zero obstacles. The software makes sure to move all files whether normal, backup, compressed, encrypted, you name it. To save you as much pain as possible we also offer 5-Folder Migrate.
You can request the full version on the application web page by selecting the corresponding button.»Campamento» lecciones

«Campamento» lecciones

«Campamento» lecciones

«Campamento» lecciones

«Campamento» lecciones

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What’s New in the?

FastMove is a free PC migration software that offers great features for your migrating data. It offers migrations from 1 PC to another, fast backups, and can be used to migrate full backup copies for PCs and laptops.

FastMove is an easy-to-use computer migration software application. It offers great features for your migrating data. Additionally, it can be used to migrate full backup copies for PCs and laptops.

The following are the different features of FastMove:

Single PC or Multiple PC
• It supports migration from 1 PC to another, fast backups
• Supports Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Detective Mode
• It can provide dynamic feedback on the migration progress and let you know where and what to do next.
• It can detect some errors on the migration: wrong save path and file-not-found exceptions.

Hot Backup
• There are two types: scheduled and manual backups. You can choose any of them.
• You can check or monitor the progress of the backup using the View menu.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems
• It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems

Handles Windows operating system configuration
• It supports Windows-based operating systems and can be used on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Support connection with any network and data can be transferred with it, both with a local network or the Internet.

Easy to use and supports one-click operation, you can download and install it in a few easy steps.

The program’s options and settings
• You can choose the location where the backup is going to be saved (no limit to the number of folders that you can add).
• It supports importing backup folder from FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) network servers.
• It can be connected with the computer via any network and with various types of network drives.

Let’s have a look at the detailed features of the application:
• It offers great features for your migrating data.
• It offers migrations from 1 PC to another, fast backups.
• Additionally, it can be used to migrate full backup copies for PCs and laptops.
• It can provide dynamic feedback on the migration progress and let you know where and what to do next.
• It can detect some errors on the migration: wrong save path and file-not-found exceptions.
• Handles

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP1)
Processor: Intel Core i3-380M 2.2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
DirectX: DirectX 10
Storage: 4 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz
Memory: 4


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