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New Technical Directors have been chosen by FIFA, so they’ll guide teams in their new roles. They’ll oversee the direction of technical development and they’ll oversee all of the above. They’ll sit next to the new Head of Youth.

Technical Director: Dimitri Seluk

Dimitri Seluk is a veteran of the game. He’s worked at FIFA since 1998 as a game designer, technical director, executive producer, content director, senior producer, and esports manager. He’s also been a professional FIFA player. Seluk is the latest example of how, at FIFA, success and relevance are measured not just by winning new world championships or the Premier League – but how many people play FIFA to have the kinds of careers and create the kind of impact that Seluk has.

Among his technical contributions to FIFA you’ll find the control scheme for the first-person-shooter-style tweaks to the design of the game. His “hybrid control” is based on the two-stick-pad control scheme that’s been used from previous versions. As the “clay pipes” for the game are changed, he’s also improved team awareness, created a new best-of-three system for FIFA Ultimate Team, and managed the esports side of things.

Head of Youth: Nikolay Gaitsev

The Head of Youth is the first new game feature introduced since the creation of the FIFA World Cup in 1998.

World Cups were introduced to FIFA in 1998. We’ve added to them since then, including the increased importance of that world championship in the gameplay. Now with FIFA 22 we’re taking the next step of developing the FIFA World Cup as an entirely new game feature.

The Head of Youth will ensure that the wellbeing of the youth market is taken into account. It will be led by Nikolay Gaitsev. While we’re introducing a new feature, he’ll be busy ensuring that it’s introduced in the most efficient way possible for fans.

FIFA 18 was known for its highly competitive career mode, but FIFA 22 will introduce a new mode called The Journey, which allows players to start at any point in their story and retrace their career path. The game will reward players at each stage of their career for their achievements and it will offer them the chance to reach special milestones and goals like


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New Career Mode: Enhance your club or Player Career mode experience by creating the new club in FIFA, or start your Pro career from the bottom in the lower divisions.
  • Quick play: Play with only those skills and strengths you can easily manage.
  • Pro Player Pathway: Customise your progression by answering in-game questions to unlock dozens of new kits, boosts, and contracts.
  • FIFA 22 Live Wallpapers – Design your ideal FIFA wallpaper.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • FIFA 22 Create-a-Player / Academy: Create the newest club in the most authentic way possible.


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FIFA is the world’s leading videogame brand that sends fans on a global adventure to manage their very own club.

FIFA Ultimate Team is a fun and social way to build and play your own dream team from more than 20,000 real players in authentic leagues around the world.

FIFA Soccer is the official videogame of the FIFA World CupTM and gives gamers the opportunity to play through the host nation’s qualification campaigns and the finals itself, as well as create and play in a variety of different modes.

FIFA The Journey brings unprecedented access to over 500 real-world stadiums and soccer teams to create and play your own unique, personalised and globally connected story.

FIFA Mobile is an exciting, social experience where players can manage players, clubs, and stadiums to build a football empire and become a football hero.

Learn more about FIFA on:

www.FIFA.com FIFA on the web

www.fifa.com/mobile FIFA on mobile






If you are a fan of FIFA and have an EA Account:

► Check out the EA Store with savings up to 75% on EA digital content

► Go to FIFA Ultimate Team and build your dream team in a variety of different ways

► Play online multiplayer with friends and compete against them in various modes

If you do not have an EA Account:

► Sign up for the EA Account

► Check out the EA Store with savings up to 75% on EA digital content

► Go to FIFA Ultimate Team and build your dream team in a variety of different ways

► Play online multiplayer with friends and compete against them in various modes

► Go to the EA Store and shop for products on the iPad

► Play online multiplayer in quick matches and create custom leagues with friends

► Play online multiplayer in Player Matches (up to 8 players in an interactive match)


FIFA THE JOURNEY is the official videogame of the FIFA World CupTM.

Starting with Germany 2018, fans will be able to experience the excitement and the emotion of the tournament in augmented reality.


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Play with real Pro’s, not just your friends – build your own Ultimate Team of the world’s best players, earning and trading elite new players through gameplay. Unlock badges to commemorate historic greats, match the kits of real world teams, and enhance your skills with more than 1,000 individual cards – including every edition of FIFA.

The Journey –
Take charge of your FIFA Ultimate Team, compete with other players around the world on the new Global Competitions, get to the coveted top of the Pro’s Peak, and earn your place in the annals of history on The Journey.

There are of course many more modes and enhancements in FIFA 22, including:

Giant Killer 4 –
Make use of the unique motion controller grip and adjust your player’s individual attributes to take control of the game like never before.

Real Deal Revo –
Enjoy 20 all-new game modes from the new feature-rich Trainer.

Be A Pro –
Test your skills as both a manager and a player in the FIFA 22 Be A Pro mode.

Be The Coach –
Open your first club and experience more than just scoring goals and winning games – take charge of your training sessions, improve your players’ individual attributes, and achieve your ultimate FIFA 22 Be A Pro.

We will continue to provide more information about FIFA 22 as development continues. A multi-platform release for the FIFA Interactive World Cup will be announced at a later time.A great outcome from LEGO for one of the best fanmade Batman’s LEGO’s. I remember how I built a LEGO display with two LEGO Batman’s a while back and the final product wasn’t great. But, this time I’m proud of my outcome and it also showed the talents of master builder & LEGO lover Timo on the Batman Tumbler. It’s also one of my favorite Batman’s of all time.

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Improved Player Intelligence
  • Enhanced Trainer Mode   Improvements!
  • Quake Champions Multiplayer Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas


Download Fifa 22

FIFA is the world’s most popular sports video game franchise, and FIFA 22 will not only re-ignite your love for football, but also offer you a more realistic experience than ever before. FIFA 22 will introduce things like Real Player Motion Technology and will bring to life the unpredictability of real-world football in many different new ways.

This video shows what you’ll get in FIFA 22.





Product Type

console game

Release Date

28 February 2016


PS4, Xbox One, PC


Electronic Arts


EA Canada, EA Tiburon


E: Teen (12+)




FIFA is all about the ball — deciding who controls it, where it goes, how they pass it, what they do with it. There’s an obvious ‘get up and get involved’ quality to the game, which is perhaps the reason that FIFA is the most popular video game franchise. FIFA 22 has evolved that’simulation of real football’ and broken it down, and has made it easier and more accessible than ever before, delivering a game that’s both beautiful and brilliant.

Key Features

Real Player Motion Technology

Powered by real-world physics, Real Player Motion Technology (RPMT) means that your opponent actually moves in real time, so it’s all about predicting where they are going and moving accordingly. Real Player Motion Technology changes the way your opponents move and interact with the game around them, making it far more enjoyable and realistic to play.

Premier League Player Ratings

Premier League Player Ratings are back — and better than ever. Thanks to FIFA’s new handling model, you’ll finally feel the impact of a ball coming to you in the right direction, as well as instinctively know who is open, and who is out of position.

Next Gen Gameplay Engine

EA SPORTS FIFA is powered by the latest in gaming technology. The game engine has undergone a revamp, with the game now looking and feeling more like a modern game, and delivering a far better experience.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Make-shift stadium managers


How To Crack Fifa 22:

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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OS: Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher
CPU: Dual core 2GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo) or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Disk Space: 250 MB available space
Video Card: Intel HD 4000 required for full frame rate
Additional Notes:
This game is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.
There are no plans to add additional languages at this time.
The English client requires


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