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Intelligent Movement «Intelligent Movement» allows you to adapt your style of play to each match-up. This is when we shine. «Over the past 2 years of research and development, the FIFA development team has introduced increased pass complexity for experienced FIFA players, and reduced complexity for those new to the game,» said William Bracewell, Head of FIFA technology. «In FIFA 21, we spent a lot of time perfecting our gameplay systems, and when it comes to the match engine, we’ve spent over 3 years developing the new ball physics, and we’re going to need all of this work when we roll out the long-awaited CFB features. Fortunately we have an incredibly talented development team at our disposal, and they’ve developed a workflow which seamlessly integrates all the aspects of gameplay research and development. In addition, we have 10 EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup clubs on-site, to ensure that when we look at the data from the in-game competitions, we are looking at thousands of match-related events and feedback loops,» Bracewell continued. FIFA has over 20 years of experience delivering game physics. We have seen a phenomenal leap since FIFA 17 — some of these improvements have been made using our experience from FIFA 18, and we continue to improve our best-of-breed physics. FIFA’s in-house engine, DICE, is a highly scalable engine — we manage to build 4—5 times as many objects on a single GPU than FIFA 18, and this has allowed us to make further improvements to the realism of physics in the new game. Additionally, we have integrated the new game balance and simulation core, and this has enabled us to make noticeable improvements to the gameplay. We’ve undertaken a major amount of work to improve the efficiency of our simulation engine, and in doing so, we have been able to make improvements to the overall game balance, while also increasing the number of playable match types (from the previous FIFA 16’s 9 to Fifa 22 Serial Key’s 13). Our goal is to ensure that you have the best possible gaming experience, and that the game feels and behaves the way that you’d expect it to. This is why we look at all feedback from players, clubs and developers to incorporate these into gameplay systems. It is also why we won’t be rushing FIFA 22 — we are confident that we will be able to deliver the best game that we can, and we are prepared


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Groundbreaking “HyperMotion Technology” allows player movements and actions to react more realistically when in-game motion captured data in real-life matches is applied to the game
  • Revolutionary “True Player Control” renders the ball like it would actually behave in the air. The action in the air now feels fluid and natural
  • Ultimate squads of 22 real-life players are now created in career modes. Players have unparalleled character thanks to more emotions, such as «rage» and «sadness».
  • The pass moving forward is much more convincing and more forgiving
  • “Fully customizable” players – More than 1.3 million visuals combinations from over 100 kits. Players can design their own kits to match their favourite clubs in Create a Club mode
  • Brand-new commentary system. Huge commentary team is assembled to bring multi-tasking commentary
  • Real-world playable stadiums
  • Tournaments and Leagues in Career Mode – the depth of each title on the way
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – build and manage your dream team made up of our predicted FUT 22 Ultimate XI
  • Blending the best simulation and all-round game-play experience
  • More ways to improve your game: Player My Club includes interactive training, this seasons FUT, video analysis and transfer market

Please Note:

  • This item is pre-order only. Will not ship until early 2017.
  • The recent addition of, is only a virtual representation of friction and therefore cannot be portrayed accurately. If you hit a wall, the ball will roll. However, the in-game ball works with real-world physics, just as it would in a real soccer match.


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Champion your club across Europe in 32-team single and multiplayer modes. Attack vs. Attack and Team vs. Team Fantasy Draft mode lets you build your dream team. Transform your best moves into new skills. You can even launch a shot from the back of your opponent’s head. Play on all 9 FIFA Ultimate Team modes. Get to the heart of the game with The Journey. Play with a friend online on split screen. Play offline against the AI in three-game tournaments. “These are the two moments in a game where all a player has to do is turn around and play. Both are incredibly similar,” says Andy Brown, Senior Producer at EA SPORTS. “You have to get a little luck involved but the players mostly rely on tactics and positioning. It’s exciting when it works well, and gives players a feel for what it would be like to play in the real game.” Players can create and play online with friends in FIFA Ultimate Team, dominated by the ultimate squad rivalries and epic matches. New features include unique Weekly Cups and expanded Free Agent pool, highlighting players who have returned to football. Introducing FIFA Mobile! FIFA Mobile is a brand new mode for mobile that lets you play as your favorite player in the most authentic soccer action. As a member of your club’s FIFA Ultimate Team, a world where club rivalries are at their most intense, you play soccer like never before with authentic features, controls and responsiveness. Throughout the game you’ll find your skills, tactics and items at your fingertips. The ability to own and control your player’s position on the pitch is part of what makes FIFA Mobile your home. Create and play offline in 3-player trials on multiple single-season FIFA Ultimate Team mode challenges, featuring new twist and intensity levels. Teams are expanding in Ultimate Team mode and free agents are set to hit the market. When they join your team and play against your rival club, you’ll discover which player gives you the upper hand. The more your club challenges and wins, the more free agents become available for purchase. Play your friend in Custom Games. Create your own custom game mode and challenge your friend in a race or competition. Set up 3 teams, including the CPU team, and play in bc9d6d6daa


Fifa 22 [Mac/Win]

Create the ultimate team of players to fit your style. Take your favorite team’s tactics, formations and even physiques, and level up your club with goals, coins, packs and players to earn the ultimate badge. The best clubs in the world are a click away. The Journey – Play hundreds of global tournaments to take your favorite player to the top of the world as they perform in front of audiences on four continents. The Journey rewards you for every competition you play, from friendly matches and local qualifiers, to the biennial FIFA tournaments and the ultimate club prize. FIFA Ultimate Team Available in FIFA 22 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. FIFA Ultimate Team Become the ultimate player in the most immersive FIFA mobile game to date. Kick it into over-drive with stunning new gameplay mechanics including; first touch shooting, dribbling and breathing control, skills, a revamped build mode that lets you start from the ground up, and the ability to take the reins of any player from around the world with the new create-a-player system. FIFA Ultimate Team Play solo, split screen or online in FIFA Ultimate Team. Choose one of 32 licensed leagues to play in, or take on the world with the different game modes and teams. Manage your club’s squad and strategy across five different gameplay modes, from the familiar Club, Cup and League modes, to the all-new FA Cup and new 3 Vs 3 Open Play modes. Build your Ultimate Team on the battle-tested Pitch Engine and train your players in FIFA Trainer. FIFA Ultimate Team Available in FIFA 22 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Arcade Mode In addition to five global leagues, including the UEFA Champions League™, CONCACAF Champions League™, English Football League and Major League Soccer, players can now compete in a series of existing FIFA mobile titles that pit them against the leagues’ best. FIFA Ultimate Team Available in FIFA 22 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Live Streaming Watch live content in three different ways. The first is through the new Live Streaming feature that provides fans with the most authentic experience possible. Whether you are following your favorite team, or FIFA tournaments, the Live Streaming feature puts you in the heart of the action. Take part in the action with players and coaches, celebrate goals, help your team to victory and


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA 22: A brand-new ‘Replay Improvement’ system brings you new ways to rewind the game and discover more about it. The new post match menu gives you an even deeper look at the details of your match. Ranking is a new system for FIFA 22. It’s an all-new way of tracking which players your team is most successful against. Rank each player in 30 Minutes Matches, 15 minute Matches, 10 minute Matches or 5 minute Matches.
  • AI TEAM TRAINING: The new ‘Player Intelligence’, or P.I., in the AI players will choose the setup that matches the player, conditions and skill level you’re playing in. It can prepare attacks and make adjustments to match those of live opponents. You will also notice the new included ‘Intelligence Pattern (I.P.)’ feature. As you score, the I.P. can select attacks dependent on the position and circumstances. AI intelligence will change as you play, not be stuck to predetermined patterns of play.
  • GAME CONTROLS: This year FIFA 22 is more immersive with advanced and intuitive controls. Access to the new “Control Panel” with these settings: – Player 1: Indicates which player is in control. – Player 2: Indicates the second control position. – Player 3: Indicates the third control position. – Player 4: Indicates the fourth control position. – Player 5: Indicates the fifth control position. – Player 6: Indicates the sixth control position.
  • BREAKING CHANGES: A new footpassing system allows you to pass the ball forward more quickly by quickly bending your knees when approaching the ball. This will help you move the ball forward. In addition to the new direction changing of the ball, you’ll notice this year’s 3D, Ball Sense. The inclusion of Ball Sense will make passes feel more natural on the pitch and it’s more responsive and accurate.
  • WEAK INITIALS: Players with weak initial control have been given new animations that improve their kicking. Additionally, when players lose the ball, they will attempt to control the ball at different locations in order to break free without knocking it out of play


    Download Fifa 22 [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

    FIFA is a global phenomenon and the most popular sports videogame franchise in the world. FIFA 15 promises to be the best football game ever made. Whether you’re playing with friends on the same console, or competing online with players around the world on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC, FIFA 15 allows you to play in a variety of authentic football environments. Whether you like to play as a striker or defender, or work your magic from the midfield, FIFA 15 will let you play like the pros. FIFA Manager Introducing FIFA Manager, the all-new take on FIFA that continues to push the boundaries of what fans have come to expect in a football game. Taking the best of what fans loved about the popular FIFA series and combining it with the strategic depth of sports management titles, FIFA Manager combines tactical elements with a real-world environment to create a football experience that fans won’t want to miss. FIFA Ultimate Team Powered by FIFA Ultimate Team, the all-new mode which allows fans to play and manage their very own team of players. With over 300 FIFA Legend players already available, you can develop a squad of real stars and take them into countless matches, starting from free-to-play matches on a weekly basis, or go head-to-head in the FIFA Manager Challenge. All-New Career Mode EA SPORTS FIFA is known for putting fans at the heart of the sport, and with the introduction of the all-new Career Mode, you can relive your greatest football moments in a different but equally engaging way. Combined with the new Condition system for better match control and an updated In-Game Transfer Market, it offers all of the ingredients for a more realistic and enjoyable FIFA experience. New Matchday Atmospheres Experience the matchday atmosphere in a new way with the immersive atmosphere for customised play. You can experience it all from your favourite seat in the stadium, or from home, using your console or PC. For a truly immersive matchday experience, choose your stadium, manage your players, and then listen in to the crowd as they roar their support. Dual Platform Play Play on your Xbox One and Xbox 360 at the same time, or continue on your PS4 for a seamless experience. Play on your old system and receive updates to the new platform and vice versa. For this FIFA, we’re pushing the boundaries on consoles, with all matchday elements,


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    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

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