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The latest in the √Letter “Root Letter” series, which has recorded over 400,000 sales worldwide!
The drama set on the stage of the beautiful townscape in Shimane, Japan was reproduced more realistically by adopting a «Drama Mode» which is a live-action version produced with a cast of 90 people. A highly immersive story experience as if watching a TV drama was made possible due to this feature.
In the four “Answer” scenarios depicting the “The story” after the previous series, the surprising truth surrounding the legendary girl “Aya Fumino” and a heart-warming sequel of the main character, Max and his classmates are shown with breathtaking sceneries.
Features and Contents
・Utilize game elements such as searching for clues, presenting evidence and exploring environments to uncover the truth of this 15-year-old mystery.
・Switch from the original illustration mode to the new Live-Action mode to realistically experience the entire story.
・“Max Mode” for players to interact with the characters in the game
・5 different endings with wildly different routes for the player to enjoy, and
・4 additional epilogues to portray the story after the previous one.
■ Official Art Book Included
・ A Special release of the art works from “Root Letter Last Answer”
・ An exquisite art book drawn by character designer Taro Minoboshi. You can fully enjoy the fascinating world of «Root Letter Last Answer» in this art book which includes original character, background and scenery artworks, art materials for the settings and more.

About The Game ②Root Letter Last Answer
「The story continues in this series!
■Main character: Max
He is a boy who leaves his hometown to lead his friends in their efforts to uncover the truth surrounding the “Root Letter”.
■Host: Director Satoshi Amagi
He is the director of the TV drama, the Root Letter series.
■Novelist: Chieko Nakamura
She is one of the authors of the novels in the Root Letter series.
■Makeuseof Team
Their games and articles are widely known as a fusion of action games and novels.
■Voice Actor
Hiroshi Azuma
He voices the protagonist Max, as well as his friends Hibiki Fumino, and Yuki.
The Tokyo Music Garden Classical Orchestra


Features Key:

  • City development over time.
  • Various building stages and resource management:
  • Appearance management: objects and graphics have different levels of quality; building more often/being built more often changes the appearance of the city.
  • City planning is ready: In between and after the building stages at different times, resources and money are added and buildings change their appearance and effect.
  • A zoom effect on the whole map.
  • City movement.
  • Dormitory of neighboring cities.
  • Piracy: You can attack neighboring players and steal your competitor’s cities.
  • Trade: Players can trade particular goods, skills and technologies.
  • Coal resources.
  • Earthquake probability.
  • Duration: you can make games last for any amount of time you want.
  • Dangers and Death: Global disasters like wildfires and earthquakes may lead to epic destructions.
  • Cloud saves and iCloud.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Fast Local connection.
  • Facebook support.
  • Doesn’t use IAPs.
  • No ads.
  • Now save game progress, achievements and coins to those devices with iCloud support.
  • Random cities.
  • Unique players.
  • Full control over your own cities.
  • Hourglass: Rather than shuffling around the whole arena and picking a move again and again, you can carefully place your units over hours, letting the computer do the work for you.
  • Unmatched gameplay.
  • Real time has no priority.
  • Various time periods, like the roman era or the industrial age.
  • Unconditional gameplay.
  • Whether online, via LAN or a WiFi network.
  • Unlimited map size.
  • No COX (Chick-O-Matic).
  • Unlimited lives in battles.
  • World-wide maps


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    BlamBox is an award-winning old school shooter where you’ll shoot and dodge your way through an arcade beat ’em up.
    BlamBox was conceptualized as a “melee game”.
    Without the screen shake from the old school 2D Beat ‘em ups, BlamBox features low-impact, fluid shots to each of the enemies. But, in addition to that, the enemies consist of various types, like crabs, turtles, and birds that really put the stress on your Dodge Bonus.
    The gameplay is a lot of fun, but it’s not always easy. Besides the adrenaline pumping bullets that come your way there’s a lot of stuff trying to kill you.
    The gameplay is reminiscent of the early beat ’em ups from the 80’s, but this time you have the ability to dodge. The genre is older, but the gameplay is a little more intense and a lot more fun.
    Appropriate for the young and old.
    The music is fantastic. I really love the soundtrack and feel it’s really fit BlamBox. The art work is cute, fun, and also very much fits the theme of the game.
    This is my passion.
    It’s clear that I’ve put a lot of time and effort into developing BlamBox and I would love for people to enjoy it.
    I hope you’ll all check it out and if you have any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.
    Hope you enjoy!
    Remember to like, rate, and share.
    Thanks for the support so far,
    — Hiroyuki Inagaki

    GOG.com Review BlamBox
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    GOG.com Review BlamBox
    If you’re a fan of classic arcade games, then BlamBox is the definition of what makes a game “old school.” The game is a retro-inspired, 2D beat ‘em up that will have the absolute classics fans lined up at the arcade.
    BlamBox was released on Steam this week after a long development period, but if you’re a fan of classic beat ‘em ups, or even just awesome puzzles, then you should pick up a copy.
    We’ve reviewed the game here at GOG.com, but to sum it up, the gameplay revolves around one question: how fast can you dodge a bullet? BlamBox features


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    The game features more than 1020 interiors which provide you with a huge variety. All the buses, trains and busses are available in Germany, UK, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Australia, Italy and Spain. You will be able to drive any kind of vehicle on any kind of route in all the current 27 countries of the world.
    The game features more than 1200 routes and 60+ destinations, all the vehicles are fully moddable, which means you can change the interiors in any way you want. In your vehicles you will find different equipment such as wireless systems for drivers, a speedometer, a fuel indicator, meters for the battery and the engine, an air conditioning system and many more.
    In order to make your routes profitable you must plan your own working hours and implement the right connections for your buses. You will have to worry about traffic jams, accidents, technical faults and many more. Therefore your goal is to drive as much as you can and earn as much money as you can. There are many interesting things to find: achievements, unlockable characters, special characters, daily bonuses, monuments, landmarks and more.
    To teach you in a funny way how the economy works you will find information panels telling you how much money you earn for every working hour, every kilometer or every mile. Every time you hit the brakes, complete a route, exceed a route or reach a goal you will earn more money. Make a smart use of the available time and don’t be surprised when you reach a new level of driving experience.
    In case you are unsure about something or you need some help with your driving skills you can switch to simulation mode in which you drive on a track without traffic.
    -11 different countries with all their vehicles, routes and destinations
    -Original soundtrack by Kassem Mosse
    -More than 11.000 interiors and more than 1200 routes and destinations
    -Over 50.000 kilometers of roads
    -Full modding potential:
    -Rework all properties of vehicles, routes and destinations
    -Rework all possible transitions between countries and cities
    -Create your own routes, cities and destinations
    -Configure your own working hours, working days and holidays
    -Share routes and destinations with other users
    -Improvements and bug fixes according to player feedback
    -Dark mode available
    -Both fullscreen and widescreen resolutions are supported
    -Multiplayer available with friends or random matches
    -Borderless window feature supported


    What’s new:

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