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This article presents some basic concepts that should be covered in any Photoshop tutorial. Understanding layers in Photoshop Photoshop layers let you arrange images, edit text, and combine color, image size, and appearance into a unified whole. Layers allow you to construct your digital images from a multitude of parts, similar to building a house. You can lay down one layer on top of another and modify them all at once with special effects. For example, you can resize a photo on a layer, resize a font on a layer, or create a picture on a layer using a photograph and other parts of the photo. You can even take it a step further by modifying the entire image through a layer—for example, mirroring, warping, or tinting it. Layers are also the basis for the complex special effects you can create, such as nested layers, layer masks, and transparency. When you open Photoshop, the «Files,» «Window,» and «Image» panels are displayed. The «Image» panel (Image > Image Size) provides options for creating and editing the size of an image. The «Window» panel (Window > Workspace) can be used to open dialog boxes that help you organize your images. The «Layers» panel (Window > Layers) is the main workspace for all your layer-based editing. Photoshop lets you save, open, and work on a multitude of layers in the same image. You can add, move, and edit them easily and quickly. To view a layer’s properties, select the layer in the Layers panel. To open the layer’s associated file or modify the layer’s effects, use a tool such as the Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation tool, the Brush tool, or the Marquee tool. Each layer has an icon that is available in the Layers panel, and many layers are also assigned a color to denote the type of layer that it is. For example, top layers are most likely to be working and visible in the image. Photoshop can help you organize your layers by grouping them into a «layers panel folder.» Opening up the layers panel folder enables you to modify all the layers contained within it at once. You can also lock or unlock layers using the Layers panel’s Lock & Unlock command. You can lock or unlock layers, groups, and even the whole image. Select a Layer or Lock option on the Layers panel menu (Figure 1

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Adobe Photoshop is a professional and versatile image editing tool used for photography, graphic design and web design purposes. PS is a complete package that offers many features, including importing, editing, printing, and web-publishing. PS is a huge tool that takes a lot of time to master, but it is one of the most powerful and capable tools in the modern digital world. So, you’ve come to the right place if you are a Photoshop fan. Here, we will cover the best Photoshop tutorials for you to make your journey in Photoshop easier and smoother. First, let’s take a look at a few of the most prominent tasks on the newbie menu. Vector, Raster, and Bitmap Draw These three tools allow you to draw vectors and raster images, although they may be combined. You can use either to create different effects, such as fill, transformations, and gradients. Vector (Vec) Vector (Vec) is a type of graphical image, used to create free-form shapes, graphics, patterns, shapes, and three-dimensional objects. Vector images are not fixed. They can easily expand or shrink to fit a specific shape, and you can adjust the position of elements within a shape if needed. You can create and place the elements of a shape over different positions of the artboard. But, the biggest benefit of vector art is that it is scalable. Raster (Rst) Raster is a type of graphical image that represents a scene or an object. Rasters are composed of bitmap pixels. They have an information-dense structure, and usually contain gradients, objects, and borders. Raster images also have an assigned width and height. There are several reasons for which you use raster images: Unable to use only vectors. Rasters can scale your designs automatically. Types of Raster Raster is different in its placement in the application than in other media editing programs. In photoshop, you must make raster images in the place where you want to use them to save important changes, but a good image editor such as Photoshop, allows you to rotate them or make other geometric transformations. The Raster type is the general category of files that these editor save, and you can use the many different options and settings to produce different kinds of graphics. The file type type and the size you 05a79cecff

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