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Since the dawn of the Known Space era, sun-diving starships have been a common tool of trade for intergalactic commerce. During this time period, three hundred years of Sun Diving have left a deep imprint on the lifeforms of the Sun. [INTRODUICING SUN DIVERS 3/4] The Sun to whom we owe the existence of both our species and the myriad of lifeforms upon it is a dazzling star, easily the brightest known. The sun is prone to massive solar flares and stellar flares with rapid flaring due to the intense gravity field of its strong star.
The sun is unique in that it is the only star that can be reached by the non-chemical entities of the galaxy. Where other stars have unimaginable distances, the sun has the perfect distance to be accessible to the creatures of the galaxy. However, most other solar bodies have been deliberately ignored by the inhabitants of the galaxy. The sun is too close for its fire to harm the visitors but is too far away to be noticed as a threat. For these reasons, sun-diving starships have a lucrative business. The hazardous solar physics and stellar physics in close proximity to the sun make for a dangerous environment for even the most experienced solar astronauts. [UNDER THE SUN 1/4] This volume of Starfinder RPG — Dawn of Flame Adventure Path continues the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path and includes: «Sun Divers,» a Starfinder adventure for 5th-level characters, by Joe Pasini. «A Survey of Noma, a Bubble-City of Artificial Intelligence within the Sun,» by Joe Pasini. «A Look at a Handful of Nefarious Criminal Organizations Operating Across the Galaxy, and their Equipment of Use to Those Who Engage in Questionable Activities,» by Lacy Pellazar. «An Archive of Elements & A to Z of Elemental Creatures in the Named Planes and the Unique Artificial Life of Noma,» by Joe Pasini, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Linda Zayas-Palmer. «Statistics & Deck Plans for a Solar Diving Starship,» by Joe Pasini, and details of a moon being terraformed by genies from the Plane of Earth, by Judy Bauer.
[INTRODUCTION] The Technology! A sun-diving starships dives into the surface of the Sun for a few hours at a time. During this time the ship is traversing the Sun’s atmosphere to the inner surface, mostly in Boreal or Arcidic clouds.


Hiragana POW! Features Key:

  • Classic JRPG gameplay with statboost and buffs
  • Collect and Customize 100’s of job classes
  • All Job classes have a variety of sub classes
  • Completely reworked battle system with 4 stage attack chains
  • Unique character skills for each job class, increase ATK and stats from item usage
  • Tons of powerful Job abilities for each class
  • Character upgrades with weapon improvements♥


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There was a girl and she had a story to tell
Mothers Diary is a weird and haunting mystery-adventure game. It tells the story of a young girl, who receives an unusual birthday gift from her foster parents: a letter from her real mother. Together with her foster father, she sets out on an adventure to find the truth and finally discover the identity of her real mother.
Haunting and delicious atmosphere, masterfully crafted puzzles, a rich story, something uniquely real, and of course, unexpected twists will leave you with warm and lasting impressions.Q:

string length on iOS

I’m not sure if the string length method gets clobbered by framework or library library or if I’m making some other mistake.
I have this line of code:
NSLog(@»A: %@», A);
NSLog(@»B: %@», B);
NSLog(@»C: %@», C);
NSLog(@»P: %@», AP);
NSLog(@»L: %@», GL);

I’ve also tried this:
NSLog(@»A: %d», [A length]);
NSLog(@»B: %d», [B length]);
NSLog(@»C: %d», [C length]);
NSLog(@»P: %d», [AP length]);
NSLog(@»L: %d», [GL length]);

but both return:
2012-04-02 18:07:13.260 String Checker[4511:a0b] A: (null)
2012-04-02 18:07:13.264 String Checker[4511:a0b] B: (null)
2012-04-02 18:07:13.265 String Checker[4511:a0b] C: (null)
2012-04-02 18:07:13.266 String Checker[4511:a0b] P: (null)
2012-04-02 18:07:13.266 String Checker[4511:a0b] L: (null)

The values are all null. I also tried with the lengthOfBytesUsingEncoding: method and got a similar result.
My only possible guess is that the string A, B, and C are all encapsulated in an NSDictionary.


Hiragana POW!

-Collide with any object with Impact, Bounce or RollCollide with the terrain with Impact, Bounce or Slide.Land on Platforms with impact or Jump over them.Jump over water with inReactivejump.Jump over lava with reactivejump.Jump over ground with inReactivejump.Jump over fire with inReactivejump.Avoid falling off the platforms by attempting to jump and inReactivejump at the right time.Jump over bumpy terrain with inReactivejump.In Reactivejump we will pause the game and when you land on the ground it will resume as soon as the ball touches down on a ground.All balls are affected by gravity.You can use inReactivejump to the right if you land on an obstacle that’s not a platform and jump over it. And when you land on a platform jump immediately or the ball will lose ground and fall down.
The longer you stay on the ground the slower the game becomes.In Reactivejump you will increase the speed of the ball as you jump on obstacles and the faster you jump the further you will go.If you fall off a platform you will fall towards the direction the ball is facing before you landed.The longer you fall, the slower you’ll react and slide the ball downwards.The ball can also roll downhill if you land on an object of the correct type.The collision detection works automatically so you don’t have to worry about timing.In Reactivejump the collision detection is different. If you jump over an obstacle with inReactivejump it will be detected as a collision and you will jump over it.If you have any tips or tricks to help you beat the levels and complete the challenges feel free to share with us!
Key Game Features:Intuitive Control SystemNo input or gear setting needed, you will naturally learn how to control the ball.Built in high speed demos, to help you learn how to control the ball and jump.High replayability by adding new mazes and map changes.Dynamic in-game music that reacts to the game state.24 Different types of maze shapes, each with their own challenges.Unlimited number of Balls and an innovative AI that tries different strategies to beat you and challenge you.High score tables. Many leaderboards. Story Mode to see how high you can climb the ladder!
Challenge Mode:Story Mode:You will begin the game with 10 lives.Your goal is to try and beat the high score of the game.You can still play the game with 10 lives


What’s new:

I’ve been playing with a new game at work. For this article, I’m going to discuss the process of balancing a game, since it’s at an early stage.

A few quick notes before we begin:

I can’t seem to break my habit of winging pitches at stuff that I know I won’t get a good answer to. This will involve me making stuff up – hopefully I’ll call out specific areas in the game that need to be improved when a question is asked.

As with most games in development, the end result is not going to look like anything.

We have two exceptions to the game – a super secret prototype and a demo to a bunch of publishers. I can’t talk about either of these until we’re closer to being ready to show them off.

Argh. This is going to be long. But it’s going to be informative. If you’ve made a game in the past, go read something else, I don’t have any unique insights.

And now… on to the meaty part.

Why did you make this?

Hard to be concise with this one.

I started this game because I decided that I need some games to play with friends that didn’t require me to be sitting down for an RPG or shooter or stealth-action game.

I just want to sit around and play card games, people. Not trying to set in on myself or anything.

A good old RPG with a ‘board’ was probably going to be the best bet, so why not pick up Splendor?

Splendor is an asymmetric card game with components, which you yourself have to balance. Since it’s a really good online game, I also chose to write this game for it, so we can still play when the game is released next year.

“But why did you choose this as the route?”

I consider myself to be a pretty competitive person (In a calm-before-the-storm kind of way) and I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy various different sorts of games, so I don’t think that the game is as complex as it could be. I almost went with doing a top-down shooter, because I’d had some ideas for that, but when


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The Epic RPG from 505 Games, which was originally called Kami No Psi.
Inspired by dating simulators and style of Telltale Games, which was designed in a way that would make it both story and gameplay driven.
The gameplay was built around series of decisions that would affect the outcome of the game for better or worse.
The game turned out to be a huge success, and the success created a seed for new directions and games ideas.
Sisterhood is the next step in storytelling in RPGs, focused on intimate interactions between player and his or her fellow sisters.

The game will feature a story-driven singleplayer campaign and free-to-play cooperative multiplayer mode.



Sisterhood is set in a fictionalized version of America, which is populated by humans, elves, fairies, fey, and a variety of other creatures. As far as possible, events and characters follow closely the magic of other goddesses and supernatural forces.
The central character of Sisterhood is the player’s sister, a young woman, who lives in a city called Storyville. It is a world of parallel worlds, in which the humans, elves, fairies, fey and other creatures generally keep apart from each other, but by the simple force of magic, it is known that despite their differences, there is a connection between all.

A youth named James who was born into a family of magicians, is arrested because he has been stealing the magic essence that can be used to make powerful weapons.
As the Dark Lord’s minions prepare to send him off to jail, he is saved by a girl who calls herself Aisha and is revealed to be a member of the Church of the Burning Flame. While the Church and its members are usually very feared, and while Aisha and James are the few and the new, they seem to be a group that has love and care for one another.
The Church is also in need of a new leader, so the Church’s founder, Theophilus, gives his blessing to Aisha and James, and sends them to join the order.

As the Church does in order to build a powerful weapon, James and Aisha are sent on a dangerous mission to defeat the Dragons in order to obtain the magical essence they need. With that essence, they build a portal, and their goal is to create a weapon strong enough to defeat the Dark Lord, using the magic of


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Downloads (Complete Edition)



System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Vista, or XP (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz or better)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 10
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 5 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: The game requires an Internet connection to access any content after installation.
OS: Windows 7, Vista, or XP (64-bit


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