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You play as a young girl who has stumbled on an ancient document of spells, called the Clutch. When she accidentally uses the spells, she feels like she’s died and become a ghost. She’s thrust into an unfamiliar world, where she meets a strong-willed young man, known as the Beast. He claims to be the only one in the world with the Clutch. After she sees the worst of him in battle, however, she is forced to see the true Beast, and she suspects that he might be her only hope for making her life with the Beast better. Features: Psychedelia of the Ashen Hawk brings Otomate’s pedigree and brand of classic storytelling to mobile. The beautiful screenwriting and character designs of Otomate are back on your mobile device, and with the responsive touch controls, it’s the best way to enjoy a storybook experience. An intimate ending and responsive controls on all Android phones make Psychedelica a great mobile experience for a truly immersive interactive story. A gorgeous and immersive experience filled with complex emotions and a compelling storyline. Share your story with anyone in your circle – even with your friends. I’ve seen many question about if you can share the Game on Facebook or other social Media. You can’t share the Game’s Story, but you can change your Story without having to restart the Game. In this Game, I will show you a workaround to access to the Developer’s Site by developer for the Game. By using this, you can access the Developer’s site to buy the Game, and if you have already bought the Game, you can access to the developer’s site to update the Game. Note, this can still be used as you need to access it, but you have to log in for Facebook. You will be able to log in Facebook automatically for a while. Download the FB Login Apk to use this method. (Updated May 2, 2017) How to Login as Official Facebook Page (Official Facebook Page Customer Support) To login as Official Facebook Page, • Enter Developer’s Site and Click on 3D Platform. • Click on Team > Team Support > Facebook. • Select Your Facebook Account and Login. How to login as Official Facebook Page manually from Outside (Outside Facebook Customer Support) (This isn’t official method. But I’ve worked with this) • Enter Developer’s


Features Key:

  • 7 beautifully drawn non-linear stories that will keep you laughing and crying
  • 18 unique art style implementations for a more personal touch
  • Take different paths to overcome your problems and finally reach your goals
  • Innovative death encounter system where you can collect a set of «goat souls» that will allow you to revive after falling into the water
  • 7 styles (San Lorenzo, England, Zenith, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan) for each story
  • Postal-inspired concept full of cute art, unexpected short scenes and subliminal messages


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Starblazers is an original sci-fi adventure set in outer space. Discover 6 planets, explore them all and discover ancient ruins, secret vaults and control tactical robots. You are one of the last survivors of the Starblazers, a fleet of starships long ago destroyed. You have lost contact with your friends and companions, and now you must find the cause and recover the secrets of the enigmatic Starblazers. But before you can find them, you must first survive countless monsters and adventures in the most dangerous environment in the universe. Storyline: The Starblazers are an elite military unit that was created to protect the whole human race from the threat of evil. This mission was achieved, but the Starblazers soon disappeared, and nobody knows what happened to them. Now, you are one of the last survivors of the Starblazers, and your friends and comrades are your last hope. You will embark on an incredible adventure in 6 planets, discovering the secrets of the Starblazers. Starblazers was written by a famous Spanish writer, Baltazar del Campo, with the help of Luis Trillo de Arcos and Doris Alvarez de las Heras. Features: Diverse environments: the game includes 6 planets. You can choose your objectives, and what to do depending on what planet you are on. Tactical combat robots: in addition to using your primary weapon, you can also control a small robot to crush your enemies. Equipment and Skills: Equip yourself with different weapons and skills to face the challenges of the different planets. Fast Puzzle Action: the puzzles are very challenging and fully animated to get you out of them. Original Soundtrack: the music is good and the variations between the various planets are effective. Local Multiplayer: you can play against your friends locally, or play to get points and unlock new objectives and gadgets. Unlockable features: you can unlock all gadgets and customize your character to help you in your quest. Key Features -Select 6 planets: Play through the game on 6 different planets, each with their own atmosphere and ambiance. -Tactical Combat Robot: Equip yourself with a small robot to crush your enemies. -Challenging Puzzles: The puzzles are very challenging and you will have a hard time solving them, but this is the reason why the game is so great. -Different Equipment: In addition to your primary weapon, you will be able to equip c9d1549cdd


Horace:First Trip Free Download

* 720p HD Video with Interactive Headlines * Engage in head to head 3D action using both weapons * Team match-ups and special new gameplay modes * Fight your way to the top and become the ultimate DJ! * Run and gun with the ultimate action combat system * Choose from 5 different playstyles * 8 new worlds * 11 different classes, including 3 new characters * More than 50 additional enemies, characters and bosses * New cross hair system * Online leaderboards Nightmare: Arena of the Damned An unknown presence has awakened, a force of evil set loose upon the land, and only you stand in its way. Put on your night vision goggles and step into the Nightmare. In this fast-paced run & gun, zombie-slaying game, play as one of three new characters in an all-new story. Your mission: rescue families, save the president, and destroy evil in all its forms. A 3rd person perspective. Run, jump and shoot your way through 28 levels in 4 environments. New game engine. Reimagined gameplay engine allows for a different type of game. Character progression. Unlock new characters to take on new missions. Improve your character with experience points. Unlock new skills. A diverse cast of enemies. Use various weapons to kill them. Unlockables: New game features. Character progression. More weapons. Greater monsters. Livestream: The game will be livestreamed on the 8th of February. Be sure to tune in to the official Facebook page! Download links for Nightmare: Arena of the Damned are available in the assets section of the website. (Game + Images + Wallpapers) If you are interested in being included in future streams, please send an email to: feedback@unrealsgame.com Homefront 2: The Revolution Unreal engine game Homefront 2: The Revolution takes place a year after the events of the first game. The US is now a fascist state, brutally suppressing the population and taking their land. The people struggle for their rights and freedom. The resistance movement calls on the help of an international coalition of civil rights groups to fight for human rights and bring down the military government. The game will tell the story of the fight for freedom in a compelling, visceral way. Homefront 2 The Revolution features over 70 major and minor characters


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