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д. 6, кор. 217, офис 606



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Prachant Manor

Prachant Manor () is a manor house in the Kuopio area of Southern Savonia, Finland. It is located near the village of Ruskeala. The current building is an almost complete result of a renovation begun in 2006.

The manor derives its name from the lord and lady of this area, Filipp of Prachant and Otilia of Hasselkop (Hietanpoika and Paatelo) who established a real estate in the western part of the Savonlinna region in the 13th century. Filipp began constructing a manor house in Kuusankoski in the 13th century, and continued to expand it through the centuries. In the 18th century the manor was the property of the so-called Heretauni family.


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HPV-16 E7 oncoprotein plays a critical role in the development of cervical cancer. Studies have shown that E7 can interact with numerous cellular proteins including hnRNP and p53. This paper is to report on the identification of a novel E7-interacting protein, named SGSC1, using a yeast two-hybrid screening approach. The SGSC1 gene is one of a family of six genes at 3p21.2, which encodes proteins of the SH3-like domain. The SGSC1 gene is arranged in an inverted orientation to the genes for transforming growth factor alpha and its receptors. The SGSC1 protein is a cytoplasmic protein and contains two distinct domains: the amino-terminal 20% that contains the SH3 domain and the carboxy-terminal 20% that is rich in proline residues. An E7-binding domain in SGSC1 was mapped between residues 343 and 370, and recombinant wild type and mutant E7 proteins confirmed binding to SGSC1 protein by co-transfection. The interaction between SGSC1 and E7 is specific, since SGSC1 does not associate with E6. E7 mutant CT, which lacks E7’s ability to interact with p53, failed to bind to SGSC1. Since the interaction between SGSC1 and E7 was found in the cytoplasm, SGSC1 may function as a scaffold to facilitate E7-p53 interaction.Data from a NASA-led study using the Cassini spacecraft reveal the presence of a huge, glowing glow on the night side of the planet Saturn and a ring-shaped area around the planet’s equator where some of the debris from the 2015 Phoebe Ring storm must be concentrated.

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Botrytis cinerea is a major pathogen affecting mainly crops and fruits. The fungus employs several hydrophobic compounds to infect the plant and cause lesions. The biosynthesis of these compounds, including the mycotoxins botrydial and botcinone A, is a multistep process that requires the activity of monooxygenases. In this study, we identified two genes (BcB087 and BcB088) encoding homologues of fungal cytochrome P450 monooxygenase (PCM) and two genes (BcB110 and BcB111) encoding homologues of cytochrome b5 (PCB), the electron transfer partner of cytochrome P450, involved in Botrytis sesquiterpene biosynthesis. BcB087 and BcB088 are homologues of cytochrome P450 monooxygenase 17 (PCM17) and this is the first report of an essential fungal PCM in B. cinerea. BcB110 and BcB111 are homologues of cytochrome b5 (PCB1), and are grouped in one phylogenetic cluster

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