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Hurrah! We’re in the process of moving to a new site. While the new WordPress theme is nowhere near completion, we do have a static site with content, and we’re ready to migrate.

WordPress is great and we love it. As powerful as it is though, it’s been a long-time dream of ours to move our site to a static site generator. And, we found a great tool.

For those of you curious about the tool, it’s called GeekTool. We created a geeky on the static site with options for help in moving, and did our best at explaining what it does and how it works. You can use it too!

We hope this is useful, and can help others who also want to move their sites into static (or know somebody who does!).

Thanks as always for reading!

– David and AshleyThe present invention relates to a hand gripper for gripping an object such as a toothbrush or a toothpick in order to facilitate replacement of the object, which is assembled by a coupling mechanism.
For example, an electric toothbrush holds a toothbrush body in a manner so as to cause the toothbrush body to protrude out of the electric toothbrush, and grips the toothbrush with a hand gripper of the electric toothbrush in order to replace the toothbrush with a new toothbrush. The hand gripper for gripping the toothbrush is fixed

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in the expert report. No one raised any objections to the expert report which failed to explain what was meant by «low fat diets.» The court said:
«The report states that obese persons lose weight more quickly when they follow a low fat diet than when they follow a diet containing, `high carbohydrate,’ `high fat,’ or `low carbohydrate’ diets. It explains that `high fat’ diets cause more loss of energy and `low fat’ diets cause more loss of body water. It does not state that the diet of a `severely obese’ person would require a `high’ or a `low’ fat diet.» 42 Ill.App.3d at 397, 355 N.E.2d at 925.
As in the case before us, the court in Eversole granted the defendant’s motion to bar the testimony by the plaintiffs expert as to the percent of the low fat diets prescribed for the severe obese class.
We hold that this court erred when it failed to grant defendant’s motion to bar the expert testimony on the issue of whether the Pims normal diet falls within the AMA guidelines. The court in Melton v. American Hospital Supply, Inc. (1988), 176 Ill. App.3d 637, 531 N.E.2d 1169, cited with approval by the court in Eversole, held that a decedent was not an AMA «outlier» and the decedent would have been included in the AMA guidelines. The Melton court also held that the Pims normal diet is probably within the guidelines because the guidelines state that diet is a matter for personal choice.

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571 So.2d 479 (1990)
Barbara A. HOWARD
Andrew Joe HOWARD.
No. 90-CA-0611.
Court of Appeal of Louisiana, Fourth Circuit.
December 11, 1990.
*480 Barbara A. Howard, in pro per.
Lawrence A. Myers, Myers & Matheny, New Orleans, for defendant-appellee.
Before SCHOTT, C.J., and BARRY and PLOTKIN, JJ.
BARRY, Judge.
This appeal stems from an October 17, 1989 child custody hearing and ruling. The trial court’s findings were based on evidence that the mother was living with a boyfriend and not the father. The trial court found that the mother was living with the boyfriend without the father’s consent. The father was granted custody.
The mother appeals, alleging the trial court erred in not granting custody to the mother and that the trial court erred in signing the judgment after the recordation of the judgment had occurred.
The parties were divorced on October 11, 1987. Custody was granted to the father. The mother also remarried and is presently residing with a boyfriend. She has been living with the boyfriend for two months.
The mother argues that LSA-C.C. art. 136 was violated because the action of the trial court deprived her of custody of the child. The trial court, relying on its belief that the father had not been entitled to visitation privileges because the father had been found to be a non-supporting father, determined that the mother was without any fault in abandoning the child. We find no merit in these arguments.
The trial court’s reasons for judgment are not written, but a transcript was made of the proceeding. The court concluded that the mother had abandoned the child and was not entitled to custody. LSA-C.C. art. 157 provides:
«The father and


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