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Keylogger are not the most moral of tools out there, especially if they are used in corporate environments to spy on unsuspecting employees' activity. There are better ways to verify one's productivity, without invading its privacy. Still, there are situations where keyloggers would come in handy, and that's protecting one's machine. Indo Logger is a tool designed to ensure that your own computer is not tampered with, and if it does, you'll be promptly notified. Easy to deploy Indo Logger is delivered as a portable utility. Most monitoring tools are implemented via an installer. That leaves race all over the system. Even if keyloggers are stealthy, a computer-savvy user can easily detect these. Indo Logger doesn't have many hoops to jump through. Unzip the archive, launch the app, memorize the hotkey, and you're set. Uses Gmail for reports The application saves keystrokes every five minutes into the log file. That information will be sent to your email address at one-hour intervals. It's important to use only Gmail accounts for receiving the logs, as the tool is not compatible with other mail services, as per the developer's description. Also, to ensure the logs make it to your mailbox, go to your Gmail client and turn on the "Allows less secure apps" function. Because we're talking about a keylogger here, Gmail might block any incoming traffic. To sum it up Indo Logger is a simple monitoring software designed not for mass use, but for individual machine monitoring. If you have suspicions that somebody else is accessing your PC and wish to know what about, this little portable tool can take care of business. If you want to have more flexibility and options in customizing the logger, the Private version might be of interest.


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Indo Logger [Mac/Win]

Indo Logger is a lightweight monitoring utility for PCs designed to check out one-off activities on your computer. The software works in stealth mode, that is, without being noticed and without crashing your desktop. Besides, it may be set to give you SMS notification if specific activity is detected. The software uses your native «Enter» key to execute its functions. It saves all keystrokes going on from any application on your PC, even when the focus is not on the keyboard (like while watching a movie or browsing the web). Indo Logger captures keyboard activity including mouse movement and scrolling. It relies on very minimal system components and requires almost no resources. That makes it stealthy, not to mention a very attractive tool for people concerned about sensitive data being leaked by installing unauthorized keyloggers. Indo Logger Features: — Stealth monitoring — SMS monitoring — One-off email notification — Desktop activity capture including hotkeys — Desktop/Automation activity — POP3/IMAP/SMTP email notifications — Silent watching of screen and keyboard activity — Up to 1 GB of compressed activity data — Option to start your computer in stealth mode — Start PC in stealth mode automatically (can be disabled) — Only works on Windows platform Indo Logger — Advanced Features: — Email notification — Email filtering — Desktop analysis including profiler and custom reports — Hotkeys (Start, End, Pause, Refresh, Back) — Option to stop PC automatically if in stealth mode — 1 GB of compressed analysis data — Unlimited email logs for the price of monthly subscription — Activity, browsing, and pop/smtp/imap (POP3, IMAP) logs Indo Logger — Private Features: — Unlimited monitoring for the price of yearly subscription — Customized sender and recipient email addresses — SMS reporting — Desktop monitoring (firewall evasion is enabled by default) — Hidden desktop icon — Detailed reports Indo Logger — Supported Operating Systems: — Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 — Mac OSX 10.4 or higher Indo Logger — Supported Languages: — English Indo Logger — Supported Languages: — English Indo Logger — Unsolicited Availability: — Free Trial Platform: Windows (tested on Windows 10)

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Indo Logger is a simple monitoring software designed not for mass use, but for individual machine monitoring. If you have suspicions that somebody else is accessing your PC and wish to know what about, this little portable tool can take care of business. If you want to have more flexibility and options in customizing the logger, the Private version might be of interest. IndoLogger is a portable monitoring app that captures everything that the user types in the program and sends it to a Gmail account. Just like a phone spyware, IndoLogger hooks into the system and captures all of the keystrokes typed within the program, and sends them to a Gmail account. IndoLogger does not use any active monitoring tools, instead, it relies on a known secret keystroke to monitor and automatically saves the keystrokes before they are typed. This is the result of a well-hidden secret key (create it any moment at any computer) and the ability to activate a normal clipboard which now uses the second secret key in its program, no matter if you are using on a USB 2.0 port or on a USB 3.0 port. If the user is typing a lot of passwords, IndoLogger can catch even the most noob ones with the help of its own dictionary database or a dictionary from internet. In addition to that, IndoLogger can detect every program that asks for the user password, or if a file was double-clicked on the (general) clipboard or any other copy-paste operation. Note: If your user is typing your company’s sensitive keys (Password, login for instance), IndoLogger is not a tool that you need. Our goal is to prevent identity theft through online-session login, and also to avoid non-authorized actions through copy-paste operations (e.g. copy in an spreadsheet the second secret key on his PC, or use a factory partition with an alternate boot system, etc…). Some of these elements that protect your PC are covered by the ‘Private’ license, in which you pay for keystroke logging but this PC will never be connected to a network. This is an ad-supported (and also free) application. Therefore, please respect the following rules. How does IndoLogger work? IndoLogger is the concept of a secretly hidden keystroke logger software that reads and then sends as many keystrokes into your Gmail account to reveal all of the information typed b7e8fdf5c8

Indo Logger [Updated-2022]

Advanced utility that can be used to monitor and record your computer activity, including what you type, what you view and how you navigate the Web. The software runs as a portable application, completely independent from the monitor or operating system. Features: — Works on almost any windows-based PC — Can be put to work instantly after installation. No configuration or setup necessary — Captures keystrokes typed by the monitor, record them in a log file for later review — Supports almost all popular browsers — Captures the actual URLs visited by you, not only the page titles, and some other Firefox-specific data — Supports gmail accounts for easy, remote monitoring of your PC activity — Reports sent to your gmail account are complete and ready to be used to document, verify, and publish your computer activity, received with or without the original report message — Highlights visited URLs, activities and user names. — Can be used to capture and log events in the following areas: — Preinstallation — Keyboard input — Malware (Spybot’s Search & Destroy) — SMB (NetBIOS) — Hotmail — Googlemail — Internet Explorer — Firefox — MSN — Google — ActiveX — Java — Viewers — Applications and such — Google Maps — RSS — Yahoo! — The Logs are stored locally and automatically sent to your Gmail account via POP3. The system sends the logs at regular intervals. To change the frequency, click on the interface icon which is located on the top right corner of the interface. You can specify how often to send the logs to your Gmail account. — The entry length is not limited. Each log entry is displayed on the interface so that you can see what has been recorded. — The dialogs containing the details of the executed actions are automatically displayed on the monitor so that you can examine them if you need to know further details. — No confirmation dialogs or messages are displayed when recording actions. — A new application window will be opened with the log report. All the details are automatically sent to your Gmail account. — Log reports can be customized and separated into separate lists so that you can selectively display, copy and take printouts of the most important information contained within the log report. — There is a help menu which will enable you to know more information about the tool, to access the source code and find more information about the use of

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Indo Logger is a unique program that allows you to keep track of any activity that happens on your computer, without the user’s knowledge. It creates a new log file and saves information about keyboard activities (keystrokes, sequences of keys, and mouse movements). The information is stored for every five minutes and can be emailed to a Gmail account. You can also add the item on the desktop, so the information is always available in one place. What Is A Keylogger, How Does It Work And Where To Get One? Many people who own computers have no idea that their hard drives are being monitored and spied on by strangers that have their computer program installed. If they did, they’d probably not allow strangers to access their personal information to look over their shoulder at what they are doing online. A keylogger is a small software application that allows for logging of keystrokes, mouse movements, passwords, chats, IM chats and even the screen content. The most common uses of keyloggers are for security purposes. For example, you may wish to keep tabs on family members who may be doing things they should not be doing online. They could be looking at adult material, exchanging personal information or even performing personal banking. This would allow you to act if you find out that they are doing any of this. There is a very good reason why keyloggers are the preferred spying tool used by spammers. By being able to read your passwords they can easily gain access to your email accounts and post your personal information online. They are often installed by sneaky people who want to log your passwords and passwords for others. Most major computer software companies like Microsoft and Norton supply anti-spyware programs that can remove keyloggers from your computer. However, anti-spyware programs do not run in the background so they do not always get rid of them. You can buy the keylogger software for your own use from spyware removal software. This software is specifically designed to remove spyware software from your computer without affecting your system files. It will not delete or remove legitimate anti-spyware programs. How To Install a Keylogger On Your Computer There are three different ways to install a keylogger on your computer. One option is to find a keylogger that already has its own installer and install it on your computer, this is the simplest and fastest method. If you are not the type

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