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Photo Mosaics, which are often seen as magazine covers, posters, etc. and are large images made from a collection of smaller images.
JImage Mosaic was created as an attempt to provide a cross-platform, open-source, full-featured Photo Mosaic creation tool to the general public.
Photo Mosaics has been designed to make extensibility as simple as possible for plug-in developers. JImage Mosaic was written entirely in Java, utilizing the IIO and JAI imaging APIs


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JImage Mosaic Crack Free Download is a photo mosaic creation utility, written entirely in Java

JImage Mosaic has been designed to make extensibility as simple as possible for plug-in developers. JImage Mosaic is written entirely in Java, utilizing the IIO and JAI imaging APIs
JImage Mosaic is released as Open Source software, allowing developers to add their own functionality to create photo mosaic creation tools.
JImage Mosaic is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), so source code can be copied and distributed freely
JImage Mosaic can be used as a component for creating photo mosaic creation utilities.


JImage Mosaic’s primary feature is its ability to create fine-to-low level Photo Mosaics using a set of libraries written in Java.
JImage Mosaic can scale source images, allowing it to maintain fidelity for source images that are very large or very small
JImage Mosaic can automatically divide source images into tiles so that they all fit within available space, allowing images to be scaled without losing any fidelity
JImage Mosaic can provide fine-to-low level control over the scale, rotation, position, and coloration of tiles
JImage Mosaic’s libraries provide support for resizing images, saving the image data as a JPEG image, resaving the image data as a GIF image, resaving the image data as a PNG image, saving the image data as an ICO image, and saving the image data as an SGI image
JImage Mosaic’s libraries provide low-level image to image rendering APIs
JImage Mosaic’s libraries provide high-level Java APIs for creating photo mosaics
JImage Mosaic’s libraries allow developers to build their own creative photo mosaic apps
JImage Mosaic’s libraries allow developers to reuse code and improve the quality of software written on a variety of platforms
JImage Mosaic’s libraries allow developers to create plug-ins and add JImage Mosaic functionality to existing Java applications
JImage Mosaic’s libraries can be used with other JAI-compatible libraries

JImage Mosaic can be used to create fine-to-low level photo mosaics. JImage Mosaic allows users to define tile sizes using pixels, and allows the number of pixels in the tile to be set. A square image will have the same number of pixels as the square image itself. For example, a 256×256 tile and a 512×512 tile will both

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Photo Mosaic has a community forum at and the Photo Mosaic group has a group on gmane.org.
The JImage Mosaic issues list has all known bugs and jira-users issues relating to JImage Mosaic, and the bugs list has all issues submitted to JImage Mosaic that have not yet been resolved.


External links
Official website
JImage Mosaic Wiki

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JImage Mosaic Crack With Keygen Download For Windows [Latest] 2022

JImage Mosaic is a Java-based Image Mosaic creation and editing tool. It allows users to combine multiple images into a single mosaic. JImage Mosaic supports general purpose photo editing tools (e.g., hue-rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation) in the creation process. Additionally, JImage Mosaic supports a wide variety of transforms (e.g., radial, shear) to produce interesting mosaics.

The developers of JImage Mosaic have created a plug-in architecture which makes it easy for developers to add new capabilities to JImage Mosaic. Plug-ins are provided with source code and are built into class libraries on the JImage Mosaic development site.

JImage Mosaic Features:

Mosaic content orientation supported — JImage Mosaic supports many common content orientations (portrait, landscape, flip)
Mosaic animation supported — JImage Mosaic allows for the standard radial transform to create mosaic animation. Users can produce custom animations using JPEG compression format and BMP format
Tile size and number of tiles supported. JImage Mosaic — Tile size of 512×512 and Tile number of 256 are the default sizes; users can specify any tile sizes between 512×512 and 2048×2048
Mosaic orientation — Mosaic can be rotated in-place of any existing tile (applies to 512×512 tile size)
Scale image prior to mosaic — Scaling images to a required size prior to mosaic
Origin and center (of rotation) — users can specify offset and center anywhere relative to origin (e.g., top-left, middle, bottom-right) and/or specify a fixed center (e.g., center-top) or a circular center
Rotate image
Transforms — Users can apply each standard (commonly used) transform independently or use a custom transform
Resize/crop image — Users can choose to crop the size of images prior to mosaic (as opposed to mosaic in place — the user always receives a cropped image)
Flip image horizontally — Image will be flipped horizontally. The height of the cropped image will be adjusted to allow for proper content orientation
Flip image vertically — Image will be flipped vertically. The height of the cropped image will be adjusted to allow for proper content orientation
Color transforms — Users can apply each standard color transform independently or use a custom color transform
Hue-rotate image

What’s New in the JImage Mosaic?

JImage Mosaic is a Java based software tool to create and compose Photo Mosaics or Photo Books. It was designed to make sure that it can be used for the «average user» in terms of ease of use, whilst creating Photo Mosaics in the style of «professional» Photo Mosaics in the same user interface.

In use

JImage Mosaic is a Unix/Linux compatible command-line software to create Photo Mosaics from a collection of images. A Java based GUI (GTK+) version has also been created.

JImage Mosaic and GTK+ can be installed on almost any platform that supports Java, including Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

See also


External links
JImage Mosaic Page

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How to correctly convert C# array to C++ array

I have a working c# program with a float array of size 50. I want to call it and pass that same array to a c++ program.
I have tried to pass the array as simply as possible:
float[] array = new float[50];

The c++ code that I use is:
int *data = new int[50];
*data = new float[50];
*data = (float*)array;

And finally it crashes on the line:
*data = (float*)array;

So I tried to convert the c# array to a c++ array:
int* temp = new int[size];
for(int i = 0; i < size; i++)
temp[i] = array[i];

But then I get the following error:
Unhandled exception at 0x00b9a06b in cpp: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xcdcdcdc0.

I guess the problem is that the size of the C++ array needs to match the number of elements in the c# array but they do not.


Firstly, you need to allocate space in your C++ allocation for the array.
//int* data = new int[50];
int *data = new int[50 * sizeof(float

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Playing on 3GS and 2G GS will require iOS 5.0 or later, 64-bit devices.
If your device is not compatible with iOS 5, you can download it from this link.
Please check the iOS System Requirements before downloading the app.
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