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Smoots Golf is a golf platformer that was created in the summer of 2015. It was introduced to the community after a successful round of IndieCade 2015. While the game was made during summer, the winter of 2015 saw the game come to life into the alpha version. Since then, Smoots Golf has been steadily progressing as a title. The alpha version was released last January in which the majority of features, namely the mode progression, were completed. Some remaining features, namely the UI, animation, and the scoring mechanic were completed in the Summer of 2016.
While the game is in alpha, there are a ton of features that are yet to be added. The playable characters are limitless as new features are implemented. As the game goes into beta, all feature progressions will be completed and the game will be fully playable. Of note, all new features will be implemented one at a time. The progression of the game will be completed in an order that maximizes player enjoyment. Adding extra features and modes in the future will be the final piece to completion.
The idea behind the title is simple — it’s golf, you’re the golf. You play the game of golf and you play like it. You play to be the greatest golfer of all time. To be the best player of all time, you’ll have to hone your skills and improve as a player. You’ll have to work on your swing, improve your strategy, and perfect your putting. It’s a game that is based on deep strategy and polished animation. The game isn’t about a simple one-hit-one-kill mechanic. It’s a game that takes strategy and will teach you all the lessons of golf while having fun.
This version adds new characters and menus for the players to interact with. More features are in the pipelines, and more characters are to be implemented. We’re also in the middle of a round of alpha testing, adding new features and new playable characters. We’ve added more than 20 playable characters as of this posting. The game will continue to grow with more additions.

There are 5 characters total, with 4 playable. You play through the story of Ian Murton, a young golfer who works the 6th hole as he sits on his high chair. He has a reputation as a rough golfer. After challenging him to a game of golf, you discover he has a secret weapon. You can play as a number


Features Key:

  • Explore an updated and improved version of the map for Co-op and Survival Games!
  • Four unique classes with a total of 25 abilities.
  • No loading times.
  • Tier 3 class and level cap advancements increase throughout game play.
  • Endless sky, planet, night, and day gameplay!


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Summon the enemies you kill to solve puzzles, including a horse, a tree, a miner and a dragon. Some areas are unreachable without the right summon so you must find out how to get one it to advance to the next area. some can get places you cant, some you can ride to enhance mobility and some can defeat enemies you cant. If a summon kills an enemy, it wont drop its soul so you have to find a way to kill it yourself if you want to summon it. some enemies you cant defeat and just have to find a way to get past.

This is the definitive version of Minecraft, the full version of Minecraft: Java Edition, the full version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the full version of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. Before downloading the game make sure you have (at least) the version you need to play on your platform. We don’t provide (nor can we confirm) patching services for this game.
This game requires a relatively stable internet connection for play (such as xbox live, Wi-Fi or mobile data).

How to download?

Download and start Minecraft™ from your browser!

Download & start Minecraft™ from your mobile phone or tablet!

Download & start Minecraft™ from your Windows® PC!

This is the definitive version of Minecraft, the full version of Minecraft: Java Edition, the full version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the full version of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. Before downloading the game make sure you have (at least) the version you need to play on your platform. We don’t provide (nor can we confirm) patching services for this game.

You must be at least 13 years old to play this game. The game contains cartoon violence and addictive game play. This game contains in-game advertising. In-game advertising is disabled if you are under 13 years old or don’t wish to accept any advertising. Not all downloadable content is free. Read the description for more information.


Minecraft™ Pocket Edition is a small standalone version of Minecraft™, designed to make the world of Minecraft more accessible and friendly for everyone, young and old, new and experienced, on the move and at home, on consoles and on mobile phones and tablets.

Built from the ground up with touch screen controls and designed to be played with the tiny screen of your tablet or phone, Minecraft™ Pocket Edition lets you build anything you can imagine right


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At last! This game is available on both the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Marketplace!
What can you expect from this game?
The following new features have been added to Botanica: Into the Unknown:Scientists have made a living blueprint for how to effectively engineer bones to heal better. They can now make human bone that becomes softer and tougher when it is exposed to specific drugs. The process is a new step toward personalized medicine for regenerative medicine, the basic science of regenerating and restoring tissues and organs.

On October 10, 2018, the journal Nature Communications published a paper in which researchers at Case Western Reserve University describe how they have made human bone that heals better when exposed to drugs called bisphosphonates. These drugs, which are used to help treat osteoporosis, are commonly given to cancer patients to inhibit the effects of bone-seeking cells called cancer cells.

«We’ve shown that it is possible to make bone that heals better in response to bisphosphonate drugs and that this can be done in ways that would not be obvious from looking at the bone itself,» said Dr. Q. David Laub, professor in the School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University and senior author of the study.

Fibrous bone is one of the hardest, hardest, hardest natural materials that exists. It is typically rigid, strong and durable. Its rigidity helps it hold together and its strength helps it resist fracture. But the brittle, brittle, brittle nature of bone also limits its ability to do more than simply hold together.


«In contrast, bone that heals after injury or disease would be softer, more flexible, and able to heal and regrow into a stronger structure,» said Dr. Laub, who is also a professor in the Center for Biomedical Engineering.

Dr. Laub and his colleagues engineered the new synthetic bone based on a natural phenomenon called biomimetic mineralization, a process by which living cells use a hard, rigid structure like bone to draw calcium out of their surroundings to make their own bone. They created this new biomimetic bone by simply creating a structure made of rigid fibers and adding calcium-binding, phosphate-releasing compounds to the rigid structure. The cells from the patient’s bone turn these rigid fibers into a solid, rigid, mineralized structure that mimics the stiffness and strength of natural bone. They used the synthetic bone to grow human tissues and implant them back into the patient’s body.


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