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In the book «Dunno on the Moon» N.N. Nosov tells an entertaining story with elements of fantasy about the adventures of the heroes of the book in the Moon.
Nosov N. Dunno in the Sunny City.
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In the book «The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends» N.N. Nosov tells an entertaining story with elements of fantasy about the adventures of the heroes of the book in the Moon.
Volume 3. Read more


Carlos Celdran

Carlos Celdran Acosta (January 22, 1944 – February 15, 2012) was a Mexican economist, politician, diplomat, television host and the Secretary of Education of Mexico from 2009 to 2012.

Carlos Celdran was born in Lleida, Spain to a prominent Spanish engineering family. His father, José Manuel Celdran, was a professor of urban planning at the Universidad de Sevilla. His mother, Angeline Acosta, was the granddaughter of Tomas de Gallegos y Anaya, a Basque priest who was the founder of the Bilbao Academy, and she was the aunt of the journalist and politician Ángel Ávila. He was the youngest of four siblings, two of whom are physicians: Abelardo and Enrique.

Celdran graduated from the prestigious King Juan Carlos University, Madrid with a degree in economic sciences and received a scholarship from the Fulbright program to attend George Washington University, in the United States, for his graduate studies. Celdran’s parents died during his time at the university and he decided to immigrate to Mexico. At the age of 25, he was among the founders of Laboratorio de Educación Económica (Laboratory of Economic Education), a think tank which promotes the implementation of free and public education in the Mexican republic.

He represented Nuevo León in the Federal Chamber of Deputies during the six years of the administration of Ernesto Zedillo (1994–2000) and was a candidate for the presidency of Mexico in the 1998 elections. He was a member of the left-of-center MORENA party and the secretary general of the PRD. He was the most vocal opponent of Luis Walton’s insurgency in México.

Celdran was the Secretary of Education of Mexico and he previously served as President of the Mexican Council of Economic Advisors. On December 10, 2009, Carlos Celdran succeeded Jesus Lopez Quadra as Secretary of Education. He died from heart failure in Cuernavaca, Morelos, on February 15, 2012.

Other positions
Celdran was a director of the think tank Proceso and was the owner of the newspaper Novedades de Economía. He was also active in the creation of the Democracy 2000 movement that brought together students, academics, entrepreneurs, businessmen and left-wing groups who opposed the Zedillo administration. Celdran was


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