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Your problem is you have no whitespace around your lines, so they’re being treated as one long line when you’re using —join. You have to indent your lines so that the whitespace between the lines is part of the string.
$ cat input

$ cat -t input

$ grep —text-only —line-number test_f.txt Q:

Need a filter that will allow Users to search for only one term (word) in a particular column value (cell or row) from a table

I have a huge table with more than 35 million rows and a column which has numbers (but no other text). Now what I want is to find from this huge table those who have only one specific term in a particular cell.
For example in the table, I may have «304» in a column.
How can I create a SQL expression to search the whole table for who has only «304» in a cell.
And when I have found such a record, how can I pass just that record to some stored procedure or a PL/SQL block which simply replaces the cell’s text with «0» or something. And now how can I join that modified table again to find out all records that have 0?


This should do the trick.
select * from yourtable
where col1 = ‘304’
and (select count(*) from yourtable where col1 = ‘304’) = 1;

The double-check comes in from the subquery.
I suppose you can set up an index on col1.
I cannot recall how Oracle handles integer comparisons, but I think it will work.
Unfortunately it will not do full table scans, as you requested. But that’s not very efficient anyway.

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