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Npust Email List Manager [Win/Mac]

Whether you use it for your job, socializing, or just to have one, emails are a common communication method, and a lot of services are at your disposal. With individuals having more than one email addresses, it can be tough to manage all of them. In this regard, Npbust Email List Manager wants to help you out in performing several email management operations.
Wizard-driven process makes it easy to use
A neat advantage is that you don’t need any desktop email client installed, or even an email address of your own for that matter. It’s because the core function is to look up specific items or entire lists, find email addresses, and perform a series of processes you define along the way.
The whole application consists of a wizard-driven task that sequentially asks for filters or properties, depending on the choices you make. First you get a brief introduction so you know just about what you’re about to get yourself into.
Multiple actions to perform
As it comes to show, the application can either process one file, or multiple ones, with the result being one big list. This last operation is a bit easier to perform, because it only requires you to select a few lists that contain emails, and define a name for the new one that holds all of them.
Single list file operations mostly refer to filtering. As such, the application lets you define several ways either to grab or exclude specific emails, rearrange or randomize, inject emails into a list, extract random items, or split the list into multiple files.
The process mostly goes the same, with only little differences in options or filters. The task is carried out flawlessly, and it takes only a little while. The only inconvenience here is that the application can only process TXT files, and when exporting you need to manually write down the extension as well.
On an ending note
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Npust Email List Manager is a lightweight email management utility that’s a little bit left behind. It comes with good intentions, offers a decent variety of operations, but all your items need to be stored in a single file format, which has an impact on overall practicality.









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With Npbust Email List Manager, you can easily manage lists of email addresses in just a couple of minutes.
It’s free to download, easy to use and provides lots of options to fine-tune the process.
Key features include:
— Clean and easy UI: simple tasks of listing and filters
— Manage multiple files at once
— Email address extraction from files
— Export email lists to several file formats
— Configurable icons
— Lots of options to customize your experience
— Built-in email address search
Free to download and try

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Npust Email List Manager Free Download

This easy-to-use software tool uses a wizard-driven process to enable you to manage emails in a single file. It also has the possibility to process multiple files at once. It allows to use different actions to manipulate the file, such as filter them, randomize or extract values, etc. Moreover, this application can create and edit text files.

Npust Email List Manager is offered to users for a free of charge. However, if you need to create an account, the cost is $15. But this is a little bit more than average, still, it is fairly good for what the app does. It is not available for all platforms, and sadly the app has not been updated for a long time.

Npust Email List Manager is a good utility that allows you to process lists, create new ones, and generate random emails based on your list. It comes with a lot of features as its primary function is to perform operations on email lists, and it also has a browser, or an e-mail client.

We received a free license so that we could review the software and decided to give the product a definite recommendation.

Why Npbust Email List Manager?

The app features multiple functions and all of them can be found right within its interface. It can use a neat wizard-driven procedure and it allows you to perform a lot of actions on email lists, such as filter them, extract values, find email addresses, insert emails or resend emails to multiple recipients, etc. The app mainly aims at providing results and it comes with a fairly robust set of features.

Supported file formats

Npbust Email List Manager supports all sorts of file formats, such as: TXT, HTML and other file types.

Browser features

This app comes with a browser that lets you search through your email lists and perform a variety of actions. So, for example, it can show you the first 100 emails in a list or the last 100 ones. It can also let you know email content, or display a list of titles. The list results can be filtered by several criteria, such as the sender or the subject. The app also supports multiple views as well.

Quick search

The search function is quite easy, and that’s mainly because it comes with a few fields and you just enter keywords accordingly. You can use categories, remove them and add as many as you want. The keyword list is comprehensive, and so

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What’s New in the?

The Npbust Email List Manager performs as an advanced email management operation tool for people who use several email addresses. There’s a set of operations that the application can perform that is quite diverse. It features a built-in Wizard-driven process and a set of filter lists. There are also options for sorting email lists, randomizing, extracting random items, and splitting as well.
Take advantage of the application’s split option that can result in files as small as 500 or as large as 1,000,000. Every list can be exported as a TXT email address file.
Main features
Built-in Wizard-driven process
Adds items in the list
Sorts email lists alphabetically
Excludes email addresses from the list
Randomize email list
Extract random email addresses
Split email lists
Can only process TXT files
Cannot process any other file format
Npbust Email List Manager Category:
Email Management
Npbust Email List Manager Price:
Visit official website

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Main features:
Synchronize RSS

System Requirements:

Operating System:
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Intel Pentium 4 or later processor (2 GHz or faster)
4 GB or more RAM
2 GB of VRAM
Hard Drive:
5 GB or more available space
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