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The End of the Sun is a Non-linear point & click detective simulator. The game offers a unique and powerful combination of narrative and gameplay, and unique and intuitive interactions. Our goal was to create a game that would grant a satisfying “mystery-solving experience” while keeping the player engaged. The core of the gameplay is the “time travel” system that allows a user to explore and experience different points of time in a non-linear fashion. The main story begins with an artifact, depicting a stylized sun and a flaming Earth, from which a number of artifacts are being stolen. The player takes the role of an Ethnographic Detective who sets off to bring the artifacts back. Along the way, the player uncovers an epic mystery. The story is written by D.Bogich – author of the smash hit “The Fog of Time.” Game Features: The End of the Sun is a full blown point & click game with non-linear narrative. The game is set at a fictional Slavic village with authentic time periods and costumes. The game offers non-linear adventure and gameplay, free-form exploration and mechanics. The End of the Sun is a seamlessly-integrated non-linear narrative and gameplay experience, with an immersive story and detailed characters. The game is set in a stylized Slavic village, based on realistic landscape, weather and lighting. The game is visually gorgeous and features beautiful Russian music, sound effects and voice. The story is written by D. Bogich – known for the smash hit “The Fog of Time”. Game Store Website: www.the-end-of-the-sun.com Facebook: Facebook.com/theEndOfTheSunGames Twitter: @endofthesungame Enjoy the game! published:29 Oct 2017 views:10970 Deconstructing time travel is a tall order, but if you’re a fan of paradox, edge, and time travel then you’ll love this episode of Bang Zoom! So you wanna go back in time and are familiar with the means of getting around in time. Such as casting a spell that sets you back in time of the spell is thrown. This idea is the basis behind going to a future time or freezing the present in a block of ice. A much more interesting time travel story which could be done in an episodic manner like a game would be to take


OBEY Features Key:

  • The main menu allows character selection and access the key features of the game
  • The character selection screen allows you to choose your character
  • After your character selection it will present you with the Chaquen Missions
  • The missions are comprised of weapon, sabotage, and stealth styles of play
  • Each mission has a variety of objectives and plays to you will have to think on your feet to get the best tactical advantage

NovaMundi: The Spear of Chaquen is a tactical stealth puzzle game set in a futuristic steampunk world. What is Chaquen? Chaquen is a poignantly modelled after the creature designed by Leonardo Da Vinci to be used by the Ptolemy Pharaohs of Egypt as a ceremonial implement. In this game you are tasked with using this extremely rare instrument of war to strike at the heart of Albion… ancient civilisation. «At the Heart of Albion» bonus mission in the game is designed to challenge players to learn their way around every level of the game. Each level has a different set of objectives and gameplay styles that will challenge the player. It is rumoured that this item is buried at some point near the first pyramid in Upper Egypt. Take heed! Challenge unlocks when you clear mission 4.

Key Features:

  • 2D controls
  • Dynamic soundtrack
  • Easy to learn, yet hard to master game play
  • Robust story mode
  • Good AI
  • Assassin missions
  • Objective based gameplay
  • 2 difficulty levels
  • 3D «parallax» map
  • Multiple endings based on choice of weapon and stealth approach


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With high-quality 3D graphics and sound effects, the game is easy to learn, and fun to play. With 20 different actions, you can match pairs of blocks in a variety of combinations. Match pairs of blocks, and keep them from crashing to the bottom. Match pairs of blocks and clock. Match pairs of blocks and get a bonus, then score more time. Choose the level that fits your mood, and play. About This Game: A more challenging version of the popular arcade game that covers 3 screens of «hundreds» of levels. Four different mechanics to chose from. A more streamlined style of game play that allows you to put more focus on timing. 50 different actions, including special actions such as changing block colors, flying a ball off the top of the screen, and much more. About This Game: The Action Disney Family Put-Putt is an arcade-style, action-packed, free-to-play golf puzzle game that plays exactly like the Disney Princess version of the game. And it’s all FREE. Blast away rocks and other obstacles on your way to the cup. Rows and columns protect you from rocks and dirt, and though these barriers will slow you down, they won’t stop you. Each level is given a point value which is determined by the number of seconds remaining on the clock. The higher the point value, the more difficult the level. This is a game that you can enjoy for hours, but is a game that will last for years. It’s a fun, family-friendly, golf game that can be played by all ages. Try it. If you like it, let us know. If you hate it, then let us know. And if you love it, then buy it, and let your friends know about it! About This Game: Come kick the ball around and match pairs of blocks in this soccer-style shooting game! Select a level and try to dodge falling balls from the top of the screen. The higher the level, the more balls will fall, and the more powerful your shots will be. Match pairs of blocks by shooting the balls. It’s that easy! If you don’t match the correct blocks, you won’t be able to shoot the balls or climb the rocks. Score points as quickly as you can by matching blocks in a combo. The more you play, the more points you’ll earn. Select from c9d1549cdd


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Rapid and Challening Gameplay — Tiny Road Interchanges takes you through winding rivers, green valleys, and massive hills. It’s like a road through the forests and deserts in a blender. 30 Gameplays in each level! — Steer your bike carefully, there’s a lot of scenery to admire, like crumbling bridge arches, waterfalls, and lava. You’ll never get bored with 30 different scenarios in each level. — The game runs smoothly even on poor systems. — Use your Keyboard and mouse. What do you think of Tiny Road Interchanges? Let us know! Would you like to know more about the people behind Tiny Road Interchanges? Check the making of video! 1. Making of the video: A full story of road racing 2. Making of the video: «Who’s that?» 3. Interview with Peter Mak, the guy behind Tiny Road Interchanges We are doing this for years. I tried to keep people in the loop when I was working on the first v1 game, but all seemed well so I didn’t bother. Now that I’m playing my game on Steam, I figured I’d write a post about it — as well as the (amazing) reviews we got! Our game got so much love from the players — it’s been kind of a surprise. We are trying to do our best for the game, but we would love to see more reviews! We’re still working on the 2nd version — fixing bugs and adding more features. This time I’m going to add more levels — and maybe even a second game mode! And the third and last version will be the first alpha version of our game! I’m so excited! It will still be a game about a road racer, but the graphics will be way better. That’s why I’m looking for Kickstarter backers — just to see if the game is popular enough to make it full time 🙂 The game has been featured in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC, BBC World. We are really proud of the game, so if you liked it please tell others about it! Read more: —


What’s new:

Softspace is a New Zealand company that provides design, development, installation and commissioning of air-conditioning and ventilation systems in buildings. Their network of over 80 offices throughout the country provides a wide range of value-adding engineering and project management services. With an annual revenue of $76.5 million, Softspace is ranked 5th largest New Zealand engineering and construction firm and the 7th largest AEC Network company in New Zealand. Business and products Softspace’s portfolio of services includes mechanical and plumbing design, contract administration, electro-mechanical and PVT (paint spray vehicles) painting, air-conditioning engineering, ventilating systems engineering, product specification and supply, design build construction, and commissioning. Softspace’s mechanical and air conditioning engineering work generally focuses on commercial, healthcare and educational facilities, apartment complexes, and industrial or commercial complexes. Air-conditioning engineering practices span a variety of commercial, public service, and private organisations, including the owners of the New Zealand Super Rugby franchise the Blues, the Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Auckland Airport Ltd., ASB Bank, Ministry for Justice & Corrections, Ministry for Primary Industries, Ministry for the Environment and conservation organisations, such as the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand and the KiwiRail. In addition to residential complexes, they are able to help a number of other clients in New Zealand including Tourism New Zealand, Morgan Properties and a number of the Big Four auditors. Softspace’s services are also sought after by architectural and interior design firms. Their products are available through hundreds of distributors in New Zealand including established distributors Beveridge Mitsui and Garth Enders. They are also available through a number of New Zealand and international distributors including ABDO, Bureau van Dijk, Dualit, Harrisons Air Conditioning, NuTone, Norms, Pacific Robert, Raydier, and TASCO. History Competition issues The air-conditioning industry is highly competitive. The winner in each New Zealand region of the Air-Conditioning Contractors Award was awarded the «Award of Safety and Competence». Softspace was the winner for the North Island, and the Western Region, and runner up in the South Island, and the Southland Region. Softspace was also the winner in the National Award for Engineering Excellence in 2008 and 2009. Leading up to the change of ownership in 2006,


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Command your mercenary team through intense training and combat in brutal, cyberpunk simulations. Only the fittest mercenaries survive. In a world constantly inundated by technology, only the most ruthless and bold survive. In the city of Tirano, hirelings can be bought and sold, while the wealthy can purchase elite military-industrial symbiots to better train their elite units. Only the finest mercenaries are offered contracts. Prefer your flesh to bleed red? In the ruthless mercenary city of Fie, only the most practiced can earn the right to live and work. Scavengers of the inner city practice cut-throat business, and those skilled at the trade take any position, even life itself. Only the most capable mercenaries are recruited, and they are trained as part of a sophisticated underground network of support and alliances. In the underground, civilians are prey, mercenaries are beasts. Soldiers are trained at Albern and Karnegi. Karnegi is a special facility that provides living simulants to high-ranking military officers. The wealthy elite can also purchase elite training in advanced tactical combat with the symbiots Karnegi purchased. The symbiot’s functions, such as arms and armor, are enhanced by the symbiotic AI. Over two years of training, the symbiot will have undergone conversion from a human brain into a digital copy. «Thors Academy: The Executive Training School for Mercenaries» is the 1st Virtual Reality (VR) Training Factory, launched by Netgame, the world’s largest VR game service provider in Asia. The Academy is designed to accelerate the learning of the real time game character in the VR world, as well as to develop the abilities and expertise to deal with various kinds of actions in various situations. The features of the Academy include: ● Learning from professional game designer professionals● Every scenario is designed with real-time gameplay characteristics● Real-time combat action based on the characteristics of a VR game● VR game features including walking motion, hand motion, head movement● Text and audio dialogue that fit the characteristics of a VR game● 16 playable character classes are available● Each character has unique fighting modes, various skills, and abilities Item of Interest 1. All classes will be available in around three hours after its release. 2. The latest version will be available after a one month trial period. 3. The starting date for the version update is in March 2019. Features of the official website: ● Official


How To Crack:

  • Install Day of Dragons Original Soundtrack on your computer.
  • Double click on setup.exe
  • Run the crack program and click on next
  • Select the folder where you have saved the unlock key
  • You’ll be asked to sign in to your Wing10 Games user account,
  • enter your official username and password and then create a new session key.
  • On the final screen select the backup option and then use the back-up key to enter the original DLC key,
  • you’ll be prompted to reinstall the game and patch then press enter.
  • Install will complete and you’ll be able to start enjoying the game and listen to the original game soundtrack.

  • Day of Dragons original soundtrack provided for review purposes only. All music and scores are composed, arranged, and performed by Aura Noir

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    System Requirements For OBEY:

    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 bit) Processor: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz, or above; AMD Athlon 64 or higher Memory: 128 MB RAM; for the low memory system, 512 MB RAM is recommended Hard disk space: 1 GB available space Graphics: Matrox G450/G550 or equivalent, or Intel GMA with a resolution of 1280×1024 or higher Additional: 1 GB available space for video editor software 1.


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