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In This Chapter

Setting up a software system

Deciding what type of software to use

Setting up a graphics program

Starting simple: Choosing a computer program

Trying out some good graphics-editing software packages

If you’re about to buy your first graphics program — or if you just want to do some light image editing for fun — there are a few essential things to consider when making your choice.

This chapter tells you what you need to know about preparing a computer for image-editing software and what software you need to get an array of options. It walks you through the process of selecting the right program and showing you what’s available. Finally, we show you what’s hot in the graphics world and some of the best programs to pick up a copy of.

## Checking Out What’s Out There

You can use a variety of computer programs to work with your digital pictures. So what should you use? The answer comes down to what you want to use your image-editing program for — do you want to draw? Make color corrections? Manipulate an image?

Some programs are great at a particular task (most image-editing programs, for example, are really intended for the purpose of retouching), while others excel at more.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for The Quick Edit Interface

Quick edit mode allows you to work with images on a creative level quickly. It offers a lightweight interface and is meant for temporary use.

Mac users have the same shortcuts as PC users.

Mac users can press the Space bar to access additional keyboard shortcuts from a window-based or full-screen-based options.

Option+Shift+C= Copies the active layer (or more) to a new layer

N= Puts a new layer beneath the active layer

A= Toggles whether the active layer is visible or not

Del= Undo the most recently performed action

D= Duplicates the current active layer

I= Inverts the active layer’s color

Ctrl+= Reduces the active layer’s opacity by a specific amount

Ctrl+= Scrolling and Panning

Panning is a drag-based method that lets you navigate your image (similar to how Microsoft Word moves text in a document).

To zoom in, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse in the direction you want the image to expand.

To zoom out, hold down the right mouse button and drag the mouse in the direction you want the image to contract.

Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to scroll the image. Drag it past the edges to zoom in or out.

To scroll back and forth, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse.

To keep moving the mouse, just keep holding down the left mouse button.

To continue panning, release the left mouse button.


Double-clicking is an easy way to manipulate a layer or create a new layer.

To edit an individual layer (or some layers), double-click the layer name to activate the tool.

To make changes to the selected area, triple-click the layer. You can also access more advanced editing options like the Horizontal and Vertical Guides by holding down the Alt key while double-clicking.

It is recommended that you press the Alt key before double-clicking.

Use the Delete key instead.

Ctrl-D and Ctrl-E

Can be used as shortcuts to duplicate a layer or create a new layer.

F= Freezes the current active

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What does the keyword `ret` in a `dec`’d expression mean?

I noticed that in the response of a Call object to verify_response, a keyword ret in the returned data of a dec’d expression is used, as shown below:

What does the ret=None mean? I have not been able to find a good explanation online, so far.


In Decimal.dumps(number), it’s the initial value of ret that determines the return value of Decimal.dumps. The dictionary returned by Decimal.dumps can be transformed back into a Decimal object with a call to Decimal.loads(diction).
You can find a more thorough explanation in the docs here.

Cardiff Town Council under fire over ‘racist’ tweet

Cardiff Town Council has come under fire for a tweet which critics say is racist and offensive.

Social media users said the council had breached the Equality Act 2010 by using a clip from the film Black Panther — which was released in 2018 — in a tweet that had been shared by the Welsh Assembly Government.

In the short clip, Black Panther’s heroine, T’Challa, Princess Shuri, asks why only black people carry vibranium in one episode.

It follows a line delivered by her father, King T’Challa, who says: “Blackness is not a costume, it’s not a fashion trend. It’s who you are.”

In a tweet, Cardiff Council said: “This is not ‘wokeness’ or ‘preaching to the converted’.

«We share a wide range of views within our community & this issue is particularly relevant to the black community in Wales

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multiple jquery toggle on single div

I have a simple toggle script below that I use to hide and show content from a DIV with the class «productitem». The content I’m trying to hide is loaded with AJAX and the content that is toggled in is loaded with AJAX.
The code works, but only one div can be open at any time. How would I make this code toggle multiple divs when the button is clicked.
For example, div 1 is open, then when you click the button, both divs 1 and 2 should close.

$(function() {
$(«.button»).click(function() {


You can create an array containing multiple objects that are all toggled with the same class. So, for example, you have an array named items, and it has the following structure:
var items = [
id: 1,
name: «item one»
id: 2,
name: «item two»

If you loop through each item in that array, toggle that item with the same class, and then append the next one to the slideToggle, this will show/hide all items in sequence. I’m not sure what the structure of your data is, but the code would probably look something like this:
$(function() {
$(«.button»).click(function() {
var activeItem = this.className == «active»;
var nextItem = activeItem? items.shift() : items.pop

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