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* The **Photoshop Express** website () offers detailed beginner tutorials. * Select the **Help** function on the **Photoshop** menu and then select **Photoshop Help Index** for a complete listing of manuals. * To create and save your own manual, navigate to **File** | **Save/Save As**, and select the **Create a New Document** option.

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Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are respectively the flagship for the two main bodies of Adobe’s imaging software – the Creative Cloud collection and the standalone collections that come bundled in other forms of the Adobe software suite. See also: Learn to use Photoshop and become a professional The following article will outline all the important functions of Photoshop Elements so you can learn how to edit images, how to make interesting and funny memes, how to create your own artwork, how to create web content from images or how to simply use the Photoshop Elements toolbox to create different style photo effects. At the end of the article, there’s a Photoshop tutorial video that will walk you through how to perform some of the more complex tasks. Finding the tools to edit your images Once you’ve installed Photoshop Elements, you will be able to find the tools to make your own digital edits, from the toolbox. The tools you need are selected on the following image (click to enlarge): A much more detailed step-by-step explanation is available for installing Photoshop Elements. You can find the tools in the following locations: Open dialogs: When you create an image from scratch or edit an existing image, the Open dialog will appear, offering you the ability to open a variety of different types of image – whether they’re scanned images, photos from your camera, photos on your computer, or photos from other sources. You can also use the Open dialog to select a file to open. Edit: You can also use the Edit dialog to open a range of image types. Photoshop tools: Selecting the tools you require. Effects: When you select an image you can then apply different effects to your images. You can do this with a variety of filters, burn effects, distortions, adjustments, transitions, styles, and color schemes. For example, you can add a new layer in the Layers panel, apply a filter, burn or haze an image, or use layers to paint on an image. The effects you choose will depend on what you want to do with your image. You can also drag the tool from the Effects list to create your own effect. Pixel Art: When you create an image from scratch or edit an existing image, a Pixel Art window will appear and offer you the ability to make your own pixel art. For example, you can create a QR code or convert an image into a pixel image with a preset format. 05a79cecff

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Super-hydrophobic surfaces with nanoscale roughness created on transparent substrates by a laser-assisted self-thermal sweeping route. Ultra-smooth surfaces in the micron scale are needed in optical and microfluidic applications. However, it is very difficult to construct such surfaces with ultra-smooth surfaces in the nanoscale due to the surface energy. Here, we report a robust route to realize smooth surface with roughness on the nanoscale in a broad wavelength range from visible to near-infrared (NIR) by using a single pulsed laser beam under ambient environment. We employ a heating-induced capillary flow which provides a stable thermal energy on the sample surface to prevent the formation of clusters and nanogrooves that could potentially be problematic for super-hydrophobic surfaces. In addition, the surface roughness can be controllably tuned to be the desired value by controlling the power of the laser pulses and the scanning speed. The method is also simple and fast, which can realize the formation of the super-hydrophobic surfaces in ∼15 s. We also discuss the effect of the laser beam-induced substrate heating on the surface morphology and the optical properties of the surfaces.Q: Getting data from a file using Perl I’m trying to use perl to read the data in a file. It is formatted as such: 9 6 55 5 12 9 I’m still learning perl, however, I’ve got most of the way there. I can successfully take everything between the first two colons and save it to a variable, however, I want to get the data after the last colon. Here is what I have: use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; my $file = ‘name.txt’; my $lines = ; chomp $lines; print Dumper($lines); A: my $last; my $file = ‘name.txt’; my $lines = ; chomp $lines; $last = $lines =~ /(\d+)\s+(\d+)/; print «$1 $2 «; After the chomp, you have $lines. The lines contains newlines ( ) if a line with a number has a newline, or just two numbers if the line is in the format you have, that is

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Air India Express, the new low-cost carrier, is to start operations as part of a new strategic alliance with Air India. The tie-up is slated to start flying this October and is expected to start operations with 10 aircraft and a capacity of 12,000 seats. The new operation will operate on the Tirupati-Madurai and Vijayawada-Chennai routes. It is understood that Air India Express will operate within the Air India family and will be flying on the ILFC GOSE lease fleet with its own branding and operating from airports in India. “It will also be leasing aircraft from the vast ILFC fleet,” an airline official said. “It is clear that it is a joint venture and that Air India will not be a majority partner. The fuel hedge is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2016,” the official said, adding that Air India’s shareholders will receive 6.5% stake in the new airline. Air India Express is expected to launch three aircraft starting from October. The planes will be in addition to the existing fleet of 14 wide-body Boeing 787s and two Airbus A320ceos. The alliance will also include a management consultancy service to help Air India Express integrate with Air India. The companies have already identified the cargo facilities for the new fleet. “The cargo facilities in India are generally very good. They are the best in the world for intra-continental haulage. With the opening up of the international sector, inbound and outbound cargo is growing. We are just waiting for the last files (regulatory approval) to start operating,” the official said. The alliance is expected to start flying in October with 10 aircraft, but it will open to a larger fleet in time. The airline has also sought government permission to fly to Chennai and other southern Indian cities from Hyderabad.The invention relates to an apparatus for improving the internal atmosphere of a furnace (or oven) in which is being heat-treated a composition comprising a metal and a metal compound. Bake furnaces and ovens are used for heat-treating a variety of substrates, both ceramic and metal. In the past such bake furnaces and ovens have been provided with an atmosphere-enlarging means and an agitator associated with the atmosphere-enlarging means, and these components have taken a variety

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Supported Display Resolutions: The game displays the hero’s personal history by selecting which personal history from the available set you’d like to learn. Please note that the selected personal history may differ in view and layout depending on your screen resolution. 1080p 720p 640×480 Developer Notes: For a more detailed list of all the supported resolutions, see the Support Guide on the official website. Keyboard and Mouse Controls: The left mouse button and keyboard keys can be used to select personal


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