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The sewing machine is in great condition. I can see the serial number of the sewing machine. However, the serial number is missing and I am wondering if it is worth the trouble of having it re-sawed.

Hello, I have a daughter who is studying to be a teacher and has been putting together some exhibits for a school project. She was looking for a way to show the utility of a sewing machine in the past and I provided her with a serial number for the 1955 model my mom had. Unfortunately, the only serial number I could locate was for the 1999 machine that came with the modern adapter (the adapter for the old Singer equipped machines for the new electronic touch screen machines). I looked online and have found a few machines in the old serial number; however, they have the old fashioned dial type model. I have a sewing machine in my shop that is serial number AG35188, and a old machine in the basement that is number AB91781 which shows the serial number before the last 4 digits. I know the AG number is the one I want, but I’m not sure what the AB numbers are for.

I bought a Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine in 1996. I had to replace the broken light bulb. I found the serial number on the machine on my first run with the manual (the machine was in the basement when I bought it). It was 1001205 (AA to AA without the to). How can I get the (AA to BB numbers) for the «new machine». I had the old adapter, but it is not the adapter of the «new machine». I mean the new adapter is for the «new» machines with the white screen. What are the BB numbers for?

I have a japanese sewing machine, serial number 2B946AB. I don’t know which year it was built but it has 6 stitch modes (1,2,3,4,0, and 1-0). I want to trade for another japanese sewing machine. Anyone know the name of this brand and the serial number for the old machine? It’s the sewing machine that prints out the material it cuts and sews.

Hi, i would like to know if anyone has any information on the value of a 1985 Moongarden model 8603 sitting in storage. it’s code is 5518 but i cannot find it on the manufacturers chart. but i can find anywhere with serial no. 5585 which is the older model, i believe may also be moongarden if anyone could help me out.
I have a vintage Singer MK 7 that I’d like to sell or trade. It has been sitting in the garage for about 10 years and needs a good cleaning. It is an MK7 and the serial # is 18793A. It’s used but not in good condition. It is mostly for parts if someone wants it for parts
I have an old Singer Sewing Machine, model 1573, and serial number 3184J. I know it is a model 1573, not 1574, 1575, or 1578. I am trying to figure out how to get the serial number on this sewing machine. There is no labels on the sewing machine at all.
Greetings, I have an old Singer Sewing machine, model 1573, serial number 3184J. I know it is a model 1573, not 1574, 1575, or 1578. I am trying to figure out how to get the serial number on this sewing machine. There is no labels on the sewing machine at all.
I have an old sewing machine which is in very bad condition. It was fixed by a friend who is a professional mechanic. It has an old serial number: 481-71382. Unfortunately I do not know what the machine is called and what model it is. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is the link to the USB driver that I downloaded. Thats the one I used on the Windows 7 machines. On Windows 10 you will need an older version of the USB driver to be able to download this program. You can get the older version on their website by going to the link in the footer of the page. The file I need is called Piccure_v3.1.0.0.zip


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