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PingHurry Crack (April-2022)

Specifically created for network administrators, PingHurry is a good alternative to the command prompt, enabling them to check the availability of a host and perform various other similar tasks. The intuitive GUI makes it a more user-friendly and handy tool for those who don't prefer working with the command prompt.
Pings IP addresses and generates response graphs
At launch, PingHurry is automatically sent to the system tray, waiting for you to access it whenever needed. The main window can be brought to focus using either the tray menu or the dedicated hotkey.
As its name suggests, the main function of PingHurry is to send ping requests to a specific IP address or host. You are free to customize the command parameters, such as the timeframe and the time interval between two consecutive requests.
The result is displayed just as it would appear in the command line window, enabling you to view the reply time. Additionally, PingHurry also shows a conclusive graph to represent the ping response over time, which can be sent to the clipboard and pasted in other programs.
Tracerouting, reverse lookup, DNS flushing in one tool
The application can execute various tasks aside pinging hosts. It allows you to trace route data packets to identify delay causes, it can perform reverse lookup tasks and enables you to obtain the MAC address of a computer in the network.
With the click of a button you can instruct it to get information about the network configuration of the local workstation (using the 'ipconfig' command), flush DNS data and view all IP connections. The results can be instantly copied to the clipboard or saved as a text file.
An all-in-one toolset for network admins
PingHurry provides a complete toolbox for any network administrator, enabling them to promptly respond to all the connectivity problems that might occur. With its help, you can execute common network diagnostics operations without having to manually type in instructions in the command prompt, which saves you both time and effort.







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PingHurry is an advanced utility for Windows that’s designed to help administrators troubleshoot local and remote network connectivity. It can ping a host, identify its network configuration, traceroute it, and execute a reverse lookup on it. In addition, it can flush DNS cache data, view all the active IP connections, view the workstation’s IP configuration, and display the MAC address of any computer in the network. You can do all these things with just one click of a button.
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PingHurry Crack + [Win/Mac]

The creation of this program was inspired by the need for an easy-to-use toolset for network administrators. The tool is designed to enable anyone who works with computers to easily check the availability of a host and perform various other common networking tasks. It also helps by providing a standard interface and graphical user interface that makes it easier to manage the program.
What’s New in Version
· compatibility with Windows 10
· detection of active connections
· command line parameters for various tools
· many small improvements and fixes
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 1.8 GHz or greater
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Additional Notes:
· The application is not affiliated with a third party except that it is developed by the same developer as the reliable software, the ‘Windows Optimizer’ designed by Cenveo.
· When you install the ‘Windows Optimizer’ it is also automatically installed.
· The application needs a separate installation, and it can not be operated simultaneously with ‘Windows Optimizer’.
· The application is supported only in English.
· The program can be activated using a 7-day trial download.
· The download can be made available from the website:
PingHurry — Windows Homepage
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PingHurry Crack+ Keygen Full Version

Created with a single mission in mind — to provide a comprehensive testing and diagnostics tool to network admins, PingHurry is an easy-to-use application that enables you to execute various tasks such as tracing route data packets, reverse lookup, and retrieving MAC addresses of network computers, among others.
PingHurry’s handy user interface (GUI), placed on the tray, will allow you to use this tool with just a click of a button, making you concentrate on your job and not on the end-user interface.
The unique status bar enables you to view the states of various networking protocols such as FTP, HTTP, SMTP, and POP, along with the status of network diagnostics tests.
If a ping request is successful, the application will generate a response graph, showing the response time and the number of packets sent over time. Additionally, the information can be copied to the clipboard, making it suitable for pasting in other programs.
What’s New in PingHurry 1.2.2:
— Fixed a problem which prevented concurrent ping requests to be executed in some circumstances
— Fixed a problem which could cause «unexpected end of file» exception under some circumstances
— Various minor improvements and bug fixes
How To Install PingHurry 1.2.2:
1. Install PingHurry 1.2.1.
2. Copy and paste your license file into the installation folder.
3. Close the application.
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What’s New in the?

PingHurry is an all-in-one toolset for network administrators, designed to help you quickly identify and fix network connectivity issues.
PingHurry Features:
— Automatically saves your pinging activity to a log file
— Displays ping results in a graph
— Shows the status of the network configuration
— Pings the specified IP address
— Locates computers in the local network with their IP addresses
— Checks the local network for out-of-route error
— Floods DNS data
— Shows MAC addresses on the network
— Frees up memory by freeing the cached DNS queries
— Displays hosts with unreachable IP addresses
— Lists all connected IP addresses
— Shows all open TCP and UDP ports
— Shows all active network connections
— Retrieve a list of IP addresses from a given range
— Pings multiple host at a time
— Floods DNS data
— Pings the specified host
— Shows the state of a host with an IP address
— Returns the error code of the specified host
— Filters results
— Returns all or certain hosts
— Returns all or certain ports
— Filters the number of bytes between repetitions
— Shows the results from the last $TIME
— Pings a range of IP addresses
— Pings a number of hosts at a time
— Lists all hosts on the network
— Locates IP addresses on the network
— Shows the network configuration
— Retrieves a list of hosts on the network
— Pings all hosts in the specified range
— Pings a number of hosts on the network
— Shows the status of your network
— Pings a number of hosts on the network
— Returns the server name
— Pings a number of hosts on the network
— Shows a host’s IP address
— Pings a number of hosts on the network
— Show the host’s MAC address
— Pings a number of hosts on the network
— Shows a host’s IP address
— Shows the ping response time
— Shows the ping reply time
— Shows hostname and IP address
— Pings a number of hosts on the network
— Pings a number of hosts
— Shows the ping response time
— Shows the ping reply time
— Shows the result of a host’s ping
— Shows a host’s IP address
— Shows the MAC address of a host
— Pings a number of hosts on the network
— Pings multiple hosts


System Requirements:

Intel Core i7-3770 or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent
Hard Drive:
8GB available space
Windows 7 or later
Broadband Internet connection
Supported Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or equivalent. ATI HD 7850 or equivalent.
VR Supported Video Card:
NVIDIA Quadro K4200, AMD Radeon HD 69


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